7 System Fragment

Fourth flashed the tiny disk in its hands, "I refined this by severing the thumb of the Assassination System's Host. This item allows me to mask my presence even in the System World. That's how I was able to approach you without alerting your System and attacked it. Without something like this, it is impossible to approach a System without it detecting you."

"But," Fourth sighed as it watched the tiny disk crumble into powder, "System Fragments are something we create by temporarily stealing the power in a System Host. So, they could only be used once before they shatter. And, there's a limit to the number of System Fragments we can carry with us."

"How do we find out about this limit?" Compass Carburettor inquired.

"Just as what we did all our lives till now." Fourth smiled.

Nodding in realisation, Compass Carburettor uttered, "Status?"

A screen flashed before him immediately. Though, there was a difference this time. There were no longer any accompanying 'dings' that resounded every time the System did something. Moreover, the screen wasn't a user interface like before but was just a simple screen displaying a row of words.

[Name: Compass Carburettor]

[Race: Human]

[Physique: Health (Level 10), Strength (Level 10), Dexterity (Level 8), Stamina (Level 7), Intelligence (Level 7), Cognition (Level 9), Natural Recovery (Level 6), Five Senses (Level 10), Resting (Level 10)]

[Personal Fragment: Anthozoa]

[Arms: 1]

'So, the gun is my Personal Fragment. And, since I named it Anthozoa, the information is displayed as is.' Compass Carburettor nodded. He was already privy to the information from the previous data surge in his mind. The status screen was just a condensed form of his thoughts in a concise manner.

Upon seeing the last row, he inquired, "There's something new called Arms displayed here at the end."

"That should be the number of System Fragments you can refine for the time being. The name is different for everyone, same for the refinement process. You'll have to figure it out yourself." Fourth nodded, "And, you'll have to train and improve your abilities so that you'll be able to refine more System Fragments in the future."

"But I'll tell this to you in advance," It said with a hint of helplessness, "It's hard to raise it. I've been active for almost three decades now, and I'm only able to use five System Fragments. And even this is considered amazing in our circle."

"How many of us…System Slayers are out there?" Compass Carburettor asked.

"I'm not sure myself, probably not many. But in our circle, there are four others from us. Since I am the one who saved you, I'll address you as Sixth from now on. The others too will do the same. It's just a formality in the end." Fourth said.

"I'm fine by that," Compass Carburettor nodded, "Then, if we are present when my System arrives here with my daughter, we'll be able to save her."

"No," Fourth shook its head, "It depends on you entirely from this point forth. I won't be here, and it's not guaranteed if anyone else will be there to help you. All of us are driven by the same hatred against the Systems and feelings of wishing to save our family like you."

"When I returned to the System World in hopes my family member might have arrived here, I encountered you. And, since your System was weak even among Grade 1 Systems, I was able to save you. And I have already figured out that it would take some more time before that blasted System would arrive with my family. So, I'll be entering another world to train myself and obtain one more System Fragment if possible." Fourth sighed and turned around, intending to leave.

"Wait, how do you return from a world to here?" Compass Carburettor asked in a hurry, "And, you mentioned a Grade 1 System. What does that mean?"

Upon hearing his question, Fourth sighed for a moment as it stopped, speaking, "Remember how the world paused around you in the end. That's the sign a System is returning to the System World. During that time, the world itself seems like it had paused, but in actuality, the world would remain in a static state for three seconds. And, we are immune to that effect. So, if you manage to touch its portal using your Personal Fragment, you'll arrive with it back here."

"A three-second window to return," Compass Carburettor nodded, frowning that it was too short of a time. Given that he came across a System Host, he had to tail them until their System plans to return to the System World and would have to aim at its portal in a short window of three seconds, "That is insanely impossible to achieve."

"That will depend on you. Recall your life experience and act based on it. That's my only advice," Fourth sighed as it began to walk away, "No matter the world, time flows the same everywhere. And, there are four Grades among the Systems. And each Grade is subdivided into 100 levels."

"Grade 1 Systems are those functioning in mortal limits. Examples are Monetary System, Dating System, Engineer System, etc. Grade 2 Systems function in a magical limit. Examples are Vampire System, Magical System, Dungeon System, etc. Grade 3 Systems function in the immortal limit. Examples are Cultivation System, Primordial System, Bullshit System, etc. And finally, reigning at the top are Grade 4 Systems that are involved with time itself. Examples are Time System, Reincarnation System, Transmigration System, etc."

"Even killing a Grade 1 System is tremendously difficult. As for Grade 2 and beyond, it's best to never think about them. There are no System Slayers that have survived from being a host to a Grade 2 System and beyond. As for a Grade 4 System, it's best to never encounter them. Otherwise, they can screw up with your past, present, your flow of time, etc. You won't even know what hit you." Fourth shuddered as it talked, "Based on what I felt, your System seemed to be below level 10 as a Grade 1 System."

"That was why I dared to save you in the first place."

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