1094 Slapping the Fate System Out of Commission

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Error messages resounded continuously through Fate as the Fate System was in a state of fluster, unable to determine just what was happening anymore. It was as if he was blinded suddenly. Not just a loss of sight, but every single sense he possessed.


Even connecting to the Astral Network was difficult as it constantly fluctuated due to the attacks on the System World. The universe shift started by Mystique only worsened the situation, putting everything in a state of jeopardy.


"I should return to the System World first." Thinking as such, the Fate System focused on one of his spatial powers, intending to use it to arrive at a stabler universe first before employing the Astral Network there to return to the System World.


Travelling from unstable regions carried a certain risk where he could be thrown off into some far-reaching part of the multiverse.



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