1093 Robin Hood of Secrecy

"Do the lot of you really wish to die?" Technocraft stared at the over dozen Genre Representatives that had converged before him, acting as a line of defence between him and the System World.


"Genre Representatives cannot die," Fluff winked at Technocraft, drooling over his muscles, "You've become hotter than before."


"Of course," Technocraft felt a headache as he didn't even hesitate; the world-devouring beast he had transformed into unleashed a tiny star that exploded, generating energy fields turbulent enough to destroy worlds in the fraction of a second, "I'm a star!"




Technocraft condensed the laws regarding the creation of a Supernova from dozens of worlds and even inserted a minor Concept into it, creating an attack that was effective against all sorts of enemies.


The Supernova vaporised Fluff and most of the Genre Representatives. Only Phantom and Immortal were alive.



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