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Amidst hundreds of "system" novels, an anti-meta champion of a story is born. It relies on said meta to function, bit this story isn't totally one-note either. It's just that the basis for the story is reliant on the system genre existing. Systems are sentient, and very evil, cool concept really. Why are "system" protags always one-dimensional? Because they're the easiest for the systems to control. So our hero readies himself to combat the systems using their own power source, after being condemned by his own system. The first "other world" he enters is actually a fairly interesting setting, not just "medieval" or "cultivation" which has become so broad as to be meaningless. Author has a kinda weird naming sense but at least it's not just "Mike" and the gang. It's pretty early to tell, but if the author keeps this momentum we're looking at a pretty sick story here.

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Hello everyone, Author here. After more than four months into serialisation, I decided to tell you what this story is about. Of course, as a webnovel reader, you would have read tens to hundreds of system novels. How many tropes have you seen in them? And, suppose, hypothetically speaking, if you gave a deeper thought to such stories, you'll be met with a question... [Why do Systems always select a trash and help them for no reason?] If you had this question, congrats, then you are a bonafide human and not a chimpanzee. Now, if you were of the superior hooman species, you might also get this question... [From where do the Systems come from? How do they create OP Skills, Techniques, Items, etc. seemingly out of nowhere and give them to the MC?] If you also had this question, then you have earned the curiosity to read this story. The MC here was once a System Host. And, when he reached the peak of his life, he was betrayed by the System. This is where the truth about the Systems would come to light and you'll understand as to why they behave as such in every System Novel you have ever read. And, to achieve his purpose, the MC begins a quest to hunt Systems. But, Systems are cheats, fre*king plot armours. So, it's not possible for a mortal to kill them. And, achieving a method to do so and making it a reality is what this story is about. PS: The MC here has a brain and uses it...a lot. Also, he schemes a lot which needs some understanding to read. So, if you are a reader that loves intelligent stuff, you'll have a blast with this story. But, if you have less than two braincells, please don't read this story. That's all. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up here. I'll be answering them as soon as I see them.


I am the bone of my exp, Webnovel is my body,and exp is my blood, I've created over thousand useless reviews, Unknown to death, nor known to life, Have withstood my pain to write many comments, Yet those hands will never hold anything, Thus, as I pray... Unlimited Exp Works


Tbf this could have been decent, because the idea of being an enemy of all the op system users sounds interesting. Unfortunately, it kinda flopped on landing. Or it raised my expectation too high from the idea so it inevitably ended up disappointing.


Reveal spoiler


The questions I had while reading many System Novels have all been answered here. Why does Systems help the MCs obtain powerful abilities, items, etc. no cost? And, why do they have to complete Quests or are forced by the System to do so? Everything made sense once I read 'I Hate Systems'


Why are half these reviews just people spamming for exp or just goodgoodgoodgood? Some people might want to read an actual review to get a grasp of the story. Author, you should really remove those spam reviews, unless, are you scared the overall rating is going to drop? Do you delete bad reviews? Author, don’t be irresponsible. 1 star just as an effort to cancel out all the spam 5 stars. But author, don’t forget to delete this once you see it because there’s already about fake reviews.


it's quiet good I like the logic about the system Etc but im not fan of lovely family or good mc so I only give you 4 star let's say that im a guy who like a loner and selfish mc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like fff-class trash hero..........................................................................................................................


Writing quality is great, I love the style. saw a few typos, but it's come to be expected. Story development is looking good, first 3 chaps of course so I'm limited in foresight. Character development is set to be looking deep, and I fully agree I'm starting to hate systems too, just from how many there are. can't give an accurate on stability yet, but I'm enjoying the world that's being built already, might need some more detaily bits, but I'm looking forward to getting them :) cheers Auth, full 5 from me.


The best system/anti-system novel I ever read. As always, Venus has stellar writing and an engaging premise. I'm looking forward to how you deal with the System lore in the given settings.


YOOO U REACHED NO.135(or 176 it’s not loading properly for me) IN THE POWER RANKING, LETS GOO NEXT TARGET IS TOP 100 Anyone who wants to read the novel, try it trust me


Systems are a plague. The MC hunts systems. He doesn't have a system. The writing is fabulous. I'll recommend you check it out. This is written by overlord venus. So just dive in. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too


Welp doesn't recommend this to a newbie. The logic makes the reader antagonize system novels.


Drop whatever you’re reading and start this god-tier novel. It’s one of my favourites, and it is absolutely wonderful. It’s only on the first world, but author has managed to make such an unlikable(think classic japanese beta mc) ‘protagonist’ of the world that we all are waiting for compass to kill him(or maybe just me idk)


This is a really unique novel the story plot is well thought out and actually makes sense. The main charter actually has a goal to accomplish and the way he is supposed to reach that goal is not simple. Good novel so far looking forward to furture chapters


Good grammar, few to no mistakes, unique setting, still the way for the MC to gain power appears kinda limited something that I hope will change. Worth the read!


lets start this off by disclaiming i am exposing my thoughts in this review and not trying to undermine the authors work. Now with that out of the way here are my thoughts, first the writing quality of the author he has a very active and creative mind which we can see through reading his novel. although he has this weird kink in his writing that most authors get caught up with which is showing instead of telling a story, through the novel it will become apparent that every characters inner thoughts become written out and shown to you (im not talking about the mental energy) although the author does do better on this in the later parts it is still prevalent. furthermore the conversations sometimes feel like their on rail tracks with it consisting of mc being explained something grasping it then the characters showing surprise at him grasping it rinse and repeat. Althought not from experience i have also seen complaints of info dumping as well aside from those three nuances the writing is superb and the author has alot of talent for writing and envisioning a novel. Next story development now this is slightly tricky however i can say without doubt the story overalls development is divine starting on earth then hunting systems across other planes is an uncommon thing in a novel i dont have any qualms about it. Next character design the wide array of characters does provide a feel of individuality the problem i mentioned earlier exists with the characters almost feel like their having pre planned and rehearsed conversations and in rare cases having unhumanlike reactions. along with the mc feeling a bit too omnipotent being able to dive into something and understand it getting a surprised reaction rinse and repeat.Next updating stability its completely fine no qualms. Last and final one world background the author manages to blend the story and world info together seamlessly allowing the reader to envision the subject while also having a large degree of freedom to customise the envisioned concept. all in all while not the best definitely up there in the top %


This novel is very good. The author has written my thoughts so far and has answered my questions. I think that the author lived this life himself.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]😊👏👏👏👏😊😊😊


Observe the marki-pog


if you are bored from similar novels and searching about a new excellent plot, you will find it here. A new idea with good writing and good story telling. I can't help thinking a new epic is about to be born.