825 Hero Vs Villain

"This is a warning from the City State Nampur Police, criminal Pink Jail, surrender! I repeat. Criminal Pink Jail, surrender!"

A helicopter rushed through a metropolis, using its head beam to highlight a humanoid figure dashing through the streets like a lizard, casually running across the walls of the skyscrapers alongside.

A cop chased after the humanoid figure through car, skidding around a corner before leaping out of the door with expert movements, pulling out his gun to empty the clip in a matter of seconds.

"Kyahahaha! You hypocrites are damn funny as usual. Why don't you leave behind your stoic faces and have some fun?" The humanoid figure spun around as the bullets slammed into their cape, losing all their momentum to fall like pelted stones.


But suddenly, the moment they impacted the ground, it was as if each bullet was a meteor weighing hundreds of kilograms, creating large craters.


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