1 A yandere wants to cuddle with her husband!

An unknown light flashed.

Then a young man called Kyoya just appeared in an unknown world. There were many mysteries behind it, but as someone from The Earth, Kyoya was simply astounded and dumbstruck by the event that happened in a flash.

He found himself in an unknown cave surrounded by nothing but darkness.

However, in front of his eyes, there was a beauty whose charm was indescribable.

Her hair was darker than the darkness around them, and those violet eyes were the only thing Kyoya could look into. He felt as if sucked by those; then, his eyes noticed those violet jewels narrowing slightly.

It was as if happiness overtook the lady's heart.

At this point, Kyoya didn't know what the hell was going on, but one thing was sure. His stupid gazing caused him to get a woman falling straight onto his body! She just jumped at him and pushed down; then, the beauty finally opened up her lips.

"I am Xaya, husband."


"Yes, you are my husband from now on!"

She took his hand and then put a golden ring on his finger, a marriage ring! There was even an oath going on, but Kyoya was too astonished to hear the content. It was only after Xaya added the last words did Kyoya gasp and spoke.

"I will kill everyone."


"I will kill everyone who dares to step between us... You are the only mine!"


"What is this language?"

Kyoya was so shocked that he broke the new world's rules and spoke in his own language! He instantly recognized the beauty's personality after her words! Now, even her eyes were looking quite deadly but still held a lovely little charm...

Her body was all over him out of sudden then!

But yanderes were no good! No one knows what might pop off in their heads! Kyoya knew that he was too weak even to control this woman and teach her common sense! She was grasping him so strongly that all he could do was lie on the ground.

Other than that, he could speak, but it was also a mere privilege that was soon going to be taken away too.

It was all because Xaya was leaning down.

She had very strong proportions. It was also exposed a lot, so Kyoya's eyes widened as he saw her chest going down for him! He also could feel her knee caressing his crotch!

'This woman!'

There was no way for Kyoya to fight back. He was pinned down thoroughly; his exposed lips could only wait to be taken by Xaya. The moment he got kissed, his ring shone brightly, then another light came out from Xaya's hand.

She naturally had the other ring, and so their lives became connected.

It was a stupid marriage with a woman dominating him!

"Take this ring off me!"

"No! If you take it off, then we will die!"

"Y-you... Those rings have such ability?"

"No, I will kill us both."

Kyoya felt like dying already! He was in another world, had a woman whose strength was so powerful he couldn't do anything, barely any information was at his disposal! Then, he just married in the worst way without anyone... wishing him...

'No one would wish me the best life here, fuck!'

Xaya just ignored Kyoya, and then her cheeks rubbed his own as she went for affection. But her man was still pinned down and couldn't even touch her! This mistake had been realized belatedly, but Kyoya had no plans of touching her...

He was so weak...

"You aren't an h-human... Right?"

"I am not, husband. My race is one of many wolf races~~ Now, forget about it, husband... Our honeymoon starts now! Touch me..."

Not many ladies could be labeled as beauties in Kyoya's world except for those celebrities and idols. So when he called Xaya 'beauty' out of nowhere, it was clear that she was a top beauty that tops over everyone from his world.

But his mind wasn't even telling him to touch her!

Even if she whispered those words with the utmost fondness, Kyoya knew it would just make things worse for him!

It was their first meeting, and she kept dominating him! Even death threats already happened, but it was all because she was a yandere! It would only turn his life into chaos, so Kyoya just wanted to ask for his summoning information.

If she explains that, then maybe some ability will awaken within his body!

It would give him strength! A strength to fight against a wolf lady!

"Honeymoon in a cave? This is not a honeymoon I want!"

"Ah! I am so sorry! Let's go outside then! I will take you wherever you want, husband!"

"Don't mind it! Better tell me about that summoning! You should know that I am not from here!"

"Yes! I am the one who summoned you, husband!"

"Tell me more!"

The husband was shouting while speaking to sound more decisive! As for Xaya, she has been in cheerful mode ever since her husband appeared.

Regardless, it seemed like Xaya was willing always to explain and listen to Kyoya, so he began asking questions with more decisiveness. He was weak, but even people stronger than ordinary humans couldn't go against wolfs, so it was fine for him to lose against a lady whose race was wolf-like!

She has magic or whatever it was!

One thing was sure, she wasn't a normal woman, so it was acceptable to lose!

It was also fine to learn about his summoning, but information that entered his mind was not the one that Kyoya has been searching for... His 'wife' was just explaining more about her reasons as to why she would summon someone from another world.

She truly explained everything, though.

This 'everything' was what Xaya had been thinking about while coming here.

"I wanted a weak male who would be without any energy so that I can cuddle and be with Him for eternity! And since the husband is weak, there is no way other women would take an interest in you, so you won't even search for others! Fuck harem!"

And Xaya then explained even more. She spoke about her preparations and dreams for love and marriage that reached the far past, but Kyoya focused on the thing that caught up his attention the most!

"Y-you... Why would I go for a harem?! I don't even have a job or any powerful strength!"

"Exactly! Husband is all mine!"

"No, no! I need strength! Give me strength!"


Xaya ignored her husband's wish, then hugged him tighter. Her hug was firm, but lovely as she just kept rubbing her cheeks against his chest! A sexy and fragrant fragrance began assaulting Kyoya, but he was yet again awestruck!

[You have awakened All Creation System!]



"It's nothing..."


And so, it was the first day of a newly-wed couple!

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