17 What the fuck are you doing, human!!!

- My Pov -

After I came up with an excuse by making up stories, I thought that if I killed a monster on the way home, my mother would finally be able to calm down a bit. But my father, who already knew the reason, would keep quiet and continue eating.

Somehow today, I feel a little tired. I seem to be more exhausted than usual. As a result, as soon as I finish dinner, I plan to go straight to my room.

As I had just gotten up from the chair and was about to leave. My father suddenly asked me impatiently as I was about to leave the room, "Kaiser, how about your promise earlier?"

I responded in a drowsy tone, "Not now, father. I want to sleep early tonight," and after that, I started walking away without waiting for my father's response.

"Wait, Kaiser, don't go yet," I could sense my father getting out of his chair and making an effort to stop me, but I didn't give a damn about it.

"Stop it. Can't you see that Kaiser is tired, don't bother him anymore..." I can make out my mother's voice in the background as she gives my father a stern lecture, but the sound is getting progressively fainter as I move further away from the room.

"Then let's see how Mosquito Girl is doing now," I whispered to myself.

I broke out into a broad grin as I made my way toward the house's front door. After that, I unlocked the gate and made my way through the middle of the night into the thick forest in this area.

After making my way through the dense bushes and trees, I didn't have to go far before I found myself standing in front of a tiny cave.

Even though it is very dark in this part of the forest, the moonlight shining beautifully in the night sky is enough to illuminate my surroundings, and I press my finger confidently on a point on the cave wall.

The entrance to the cave, which was previously pitch black, has now transformed into a white door that has suddenly appeared in front of me. This door has a very futuristic design, almost identical to the doors found in my home.

I entered the building without further ado, and once I was inside, the door vanished, leaving the building to have the appearance of a cave with a completely dark entrance, as usual.

When I went inside, I was greeted by a very spacious room. This room has a lot of research tools as well as advanced systems and equipment.

However, it appears that none of that concerns me because, after that, I walk nonchalantly to a door that has a sign that reads "specimen 1" above it.

As I fiddled with the drawstrings on my hoodie jacket, I remarked lightheartedly, "I hope she can wait patiently like a good girl."

"lowly human, how dare he treat me like this..."

"damn it... fuck... I'll kill him..."

"I will put him to slow death..."


As I entered the room, I could hear a woman's loud voice, and the words that the woman was saying sounded full of hatred and bloodlust.

Inside, I could see the Mosquito Girl sitting on the white floor in the far corner of the room. As soon as she realized I was coming, she turned around and made an attempt to attack me, but her efforts were in vain...

"What can you do without your insect legs and arms?" I remarked with a wry smile while simultaneously shaking my head.

"arghhh... I want to tear you to pieces..." At this point, Mosquito Girl could not do anything other than crawl on the floor with her arms and legs severed. Her blood even began to drip onto the floor's white surface.

"Are you still not satisfied with what you got earlier?" As soon as I finished speaking, Mosquito Girl's entire body began to violently shake, and she immediately began to keep her mouth tightly closed.

"Good," I moved closer to Mosquito Girl and squatted down next to her. I started rubbing her head while I continued to tell her, "all you have to do is be a good girl, and I won't hurt you, but you keep rebelling, so I don't have any other choices."

After I had previously brought Mosquito Girl home with me, I put her in this cave, or rather, my secret base. Because this base is very spacious and has many rooms, I gave her one of the empty bedrooms.

However, because the Mosquito Girl kept putting up resistance, I had no choice but to amputate her insect's arms and legs. However, because she did not have any blood to drink, her recovery time was significantly lengthened, leaving her in this pitiful position.

The voice of the Mosquito Girl was weak, and her face was pale as she asked the question. "What do you really want from me?"

'looks like she needs blood that bad huh?' I thought to myself.

"As you are already aware, I am a scientist, and I want you to help me with something," what I said was not wrong because I did eventually become a scientist after spending several years in this world, in part because both of my parents are also brilliant scientists.

My dad is the one who taught me about technology, and I used his invention to build this cave hideout that I made.

In addition, for the time being, Mosquito Girl will suffice as a specimen for me to study in connection with the system that resulted in my reincarnation into this world.

Mosquito Girl looked dissatisfied with my response and said with furrowed brows, "No wonder you are so cruel and cold-hearted. I think all scientists in this world are like that."

I understood what she was trying to say, and I refrained from responding. Instead, I began to hold Mosquito Girl's cheek, and without further ado, I moved my head in closer.

After saying, "Then let's begin the experiment right away," I began to kiss Mosquito Girl's soft, alluring lips.

"What the fuck are you doing, human!!!" After appearing startled at first and remaining motionless without making a sound, Mosquito Girl eventually awoke and began turning her head away from me.

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