19 Mizuki

- My Pov -

The next morning, when I woke up, I was more excited than usual because I realized that at least my life in this world of One Punch Man wasn't just made up of the practice and research I had done over the previous few years.

"Good morning," I said as I looked to my side and noticed Mosquito Girl, who had woken up not too far away from me and was glancing warily in my direction.

I thought to myself, "she at least tried to roll her body away from me huh."

I can be so calm sleeping with people who want to kill me because I'm confident I won't be hurt or put my life in danger because I'm confident in my abilities.

Besides that, I also believe that Mosquito Girl won't try to do something reckless like that because she looks paler now than yesterday, and even her antennae have not regenerated and are still bleeding.

I told Mosquito Girl, "It seems like you're really hungry," because she hadn't said anything, I started a conversation with her, and after that, I got out of bed.

"Do you want blood?" I can see Mosquito Girl's eyes light up when I mention blood.

After much hesitation, Mosquito Girl started slowly nodding her head. Upon noticing this, I approached her, put my hand on her head, and complimented her by saying, "good girl."

When Mosquito Girl realized that I only wanted to pet her head, she couldn't help but be quiet and didn't try to act aggressively like she had done before.

After that, I once more brought the body of the Mosquito Girl, who still lost her insect arms and legs, with me, and I then walked out of the cave where my covert hideout was.

Because this forest is so vast and has an abundance of natural resources, a great number of animals can successfully inhabit it. Soon, I noticed a deer ambling slowly toward me from a distance not too far away.

When I felt the body of the Mosquito Girl shaking violently in my arms, I couldn't help but crack a grin. The deer appeared alert while staring at me intently.

"Then you can enjoy it, Mosquito Girl!" after that, without further ado, I threw Mosquito Girl's body at the deer, and she didn't seem to mind it either.

Because I can see Mosquito Girl smiling broadly and drooling as she is thrown at the deer, and because the deer cannot possibly react in time to save itself, the deer can only serve as a source of blood for Mosquito Girl.

"blood... I want it..."

"blood... blood... ahhhh..."

The two of us did this a few more times while walking around in this forest. During this time, the Mosquito Girl's body also began to slowly regenerate, albeit at a much slower rate.

We had been hunting in this forest since early this morning, and now a few hours had passed, so I decided to put an end to it by taking Mosquito Girl back to the cave.

I intended to go home and leave Mosquito Girl for a while, and the fact that the blood she had sucked up just now wasn't enough to satisfy her didn't bother me in the least.


When I got back to my house, my mother asked me right away where I had been all morning, but I could only give her the excuse that I had been doing morning exercises in the woods.

My mother sighed and said, "Then you should at least have breakfast next time," after that, I began to take a shower and change into clean clothes.

I hastily said goodbye one more time in order to leave, and because my mother was aware that she was powerless to prevent me from leaving, she didn't say much to me this time but simply cautioned me to be careful.


I started by putting on my battle suit and then flew away at an extremely high speed. After I was no longer close to my house, I began to make use of my abilities once more.

"Let's see what happens next," a white light once again engulfed me, and shortly after that, with a flash of blinding light, my body vanished without a trace.


I made my way to City Z, and the reason I came here was simply to assess the situation following the incident that occurred with the Mosquito Girl the day before, as well as to verify something.

I casually flew to a neighborhood in Z city while dressed in my battle suit, and without any concern that I might be discovered, I landed on top of a tall building.

I heaved a sigh as I looked at the apartment where Saitama lived and said with a smile, "It seems as though things are still calm here." I didn't even find any monsters around this area.

"If my guess is not wrong, in the next few days, then Dr. Genus will send his evolved creature to Saitama's place. Of course, this assumes that the plot is still developing as it should."

After making sure one last time, I took off, and in an instant, my body vanished into thin air, along with a flash of bright white light.

Because I am aware that there will be no major events that will significantly affect the main story for the next few days. I made the decision to go meet the female characters in this One Punch Man story who are the targets of my system.

"For the time being, I'm just going to take a look around city Z and the surrounding cities to see what I can find."

When I was flying over the city Y, I noticed someone that drew my attention. The person was a woman who appeared to be familiar to me from my memory.

"If I'm not mistaken, she is Mizuki, a class B hero," I said with a big smile, and after that, I tried to find out information about her through the system.

And sure enough...

[ Mizuki, also known by her hero name aka, Captain Mizuki, is the B-Class Rank 71 professional hero of the Hero Association ]

[ Captain Mizuki is an extremely tall woman with a muscular yet curvy body type and purple eyes. Her long, dark orange hair is pulled back into a high ponytail with the help of a scrunchie, and she is also wearing earrings and has a band-aid on the side of her face. She wears a tight blue spandex top with a single stripe on each side, tight blue track shorts decorated with the initials "MZK" on it, and adorns her attire by wearing three medals around her neck ]

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