5 Fuck, Saitama

- My Pov -

If you expect me to live a happy life and grow up to be a cheery teenager who will fight for the greater good in this world of One Punch Man, then I think it is really stupid of you to have such expectations.

Even though I am now beginning a new life in a family that loves me and has an infinite future in this world of One Punch Man, which of course, is much different from the miserable life I led before.

However, despite this, it will not alter the true nature of my true self, which has been etched into my very dark and icy soul.

"saving a person is both tedious and troublesome," I muttered under my breath.

You could say I did the perverted thing I did to my mother on purpose, even though I hope to be able to go further in the future.

After that, I followed my mother into the dining room, where I found my father already seated on the chair. At the time, he was tinkering with some instrument or apparatus in front of him.

My father is a brilliant scientist who takes pleasure in making groundbreaking discoveries in the technology field. Even I was taken aback by the wide range of inventions in this field that he made.

"sit down, Kaiser," said my mother as she emerged from the kitchen carrying a pot that appeared to be still hot because I could see steam rising from it and because my mother, who was wearing gloves in order to carry it.

With a hint of irritation, my mother said, "Could you please stop fiddling with that machine? We're at the dinner table now and not in the lab," when she saw that father was still working on his creation.

My father then quickly put away the machine in front of him and looked at my mother with a wry smile, but after that, my father turned his face to me while saying, "How about it, Kaiser? Have you tried the technology of my battle suit yet? Did you like it?"

"I didn't have a chance to test it, but based on what I've seen, I think it has a lot of potentials, particularly in terms of its design," When my father finished listening to my response and the praise that followed it, he immediately broke into a broad smile while repeatedly nodding his head.

My father is currently in his 40s and has black hair with gray hairs that have started to appear due to both his age and the lifestyle he leads, in contrast to my mother, who is still in her 30s with smooth skin and a youthful appearance.

Just like my mother, my father also likes to wear a scientist's long white coat, his face is not very attractive, plus he often shows silly behavior when interacting with other people.

Therefore, you could say that my father is a typical father who is overly focused on his interest in technology, which causes him to forget that he has a very beautiful wife by his side, just like the backstory of a character that is frequently used in anime.

After living with this family for 19 years, I had the impression that there was some sort of scandalous past involving my parents, such as the fact that they never had another sexual encounter after my birth or something along those lines.

My mother said in an irritated tone, "oh, so Kaiser went to the city earlier to test the battle suit you created," and I could tell she was angry just from the look on her face now as she looked at my father.

"Hmm, how should I explain it, I just asked Kaiser to test it in the forest, but I don't know if he went all the way to the city," The explanation was given hastily by my father, and I could even see the sweat beginning to flow from his forehead. In addition, his expression appeared to be nervous.

In the meantime, as though nothing was bothering me, so I helped myself to the soup that was already in the pot and then ate another dish that was already on the table.

I choose to ignore my parents, who are in the midst of a lengthy conversation. As I chew the food in my mouth, I watch my mother as she continues to babble, explaining that what my father did was wrong and could harm me blah blah blah...

In the meantime, my father, who is fundamentally very timid and insensitive, according to the typical character of the scientist I mentioned earlier, can only lower his head nervously and dare not fight back.

Even after I had finished eating, my mother's lengthy ramblings hadn't come to an end, so I went ahead and walked away quietly so that neither of them would notice.

I had the thought, 'I believe absurd occurrences such as this will frequently take place in the future. It is only natural because I am currently in the world of the One Punch Man anime.'

After that, I walked to my room, which was on the second floor, and as soon as I got there, I began dozing off on the bed.

The prompt screen from my system is currently displayed in front of me, displaying the available female characters or, alternatively, my target. This system also has a function that can tell the distance between the woman who is my target and me.

In addition to this, I am able to view all of the information regarding the history, as well as the weaknesses and strengths, of each female character who is my target.

"snatch the heroine from the dense and pathetic main character, huh."

Because of the name, at the very least, I can make an educated guess as to how this system came to be, and I believe it makes perfect sense, given that Saitama is, to tell you the truth, quite dense and pitiful in his interactions with women.

I don't even really know what Saitama is like on the inside, and maybe that's because the plot of One Punch Man is wrapped in comedy and makes me always take what happened lightly. However, if I'm being honest, I'm also a little tired of him.

I'll give you an example: when Saitama kills every monster with a single hit, he looks very annoyed and disappointed, even to the point that he screams until his voice becomes hoarse. However, there are times when he doesn't even care. I can only assume that he's fed up with it all, but it still irritated me when I saw his emotional shifts.

I could give another illustration, but right now, I'm feeling exhausted and just can't keep going because I just can't take it any longer.

"Fuck, Saitama."

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