18 Can you at least calm down now

- Mosquito Girl Pov -

"It's no surprise that you're so heartless and cruel because I believe that every scientist in this world is like that," Just like I said, all scientists are like that, and the man in front of me is just like Dr. genus.

They simply treat living things as the subject of their cruel experiments. When Dr. Genus did its evolutionary experiments on me, I didn't want to remember all of those cruel and painful experiments.

Even now, I don't know anymore. I have no idea whether or not I am a monster or a human. Even some of my memories are losing their clarity over time.

"Then let's begin the experiment right away," I thought I could make out the faint sound of the man in front of me speaking, but I chose to ignore it.

I didn't start to fully wake up until he suddenly grabbed my cheek tightly and kissed my lips, which caused me to jerk my head away from him and cover my face.

"What the fuck are you doing, human!!!"


- My Pov -

Since the system I have in mind is related to women, or more specifically, telling me to snatch the heroines in this One Punch Man world, I'm attempting some lewd behavior with Mosquito Girl for the time being in order to see what kind of results I get from it.

'Pervert things like this can also be said to be my favorite part, and maybe this system adapts to my wishes because of that.'

'Who knows...?'

After observing the terrified expression on Mosquito Girl's face, I smiled cynically and said, "I'm asking for your cooperation on this Mosquito Girl."

"How do you know my name?" When I said her name, Mosquito Girl's eyes widened, but I didn't care and started holding her head again, this time with both hands.

"Didn't I ever say that I know the scientist who created you? and of course, I also know everything about you, Mosquito Girl" Upon hearing that, Mosquito Girl could only snort in a chilly manner while looking at me with a hateful expression on her face.

When I saw the appearance of Mosquito Girl now, for some reason, my dick immediately became more hardened. Perhaps this was because she was indeed a beautiful woman with a body that was seductive from the very beginning.

In addition to weakening Mosquito Girl, my original intention when I severed her insect arms and legs was to make her appear more human-like, which would make it simpler for me to do various perverted things with her.

"Stop..." because I have a firm grip on Mosquito Girl's head and because she is in a weak state at the moment, so she can't do anything in this situation.

I said in a harsh tone, "You can't do anything, Mosquito Girl. Just give up," but after that, I kissed Mosquito Girl's soft lips, which I hadn't been satisfied with before.



"Stop... mmmhh... nnhhh..."

I didn't push Mosquito Girl too hard, so I could continue feeling her full red lips even though she made a valiant effort to cover her mouth. However, I've had enough of just feeling her plump red lips for now.

Because Mosquito Girl is essentially a hybrid of a human and a mosquito, with many of her body parts resembling those of an insect, so doing something perverted like this to her makes me more excited than doing it with a normal woman.

After I pulled away from Mosquito Girl during our kiss, I whispered something into her ear, "let's move to a more comfortable place."

Because this room is basically a special bedroom, there must be a mattress, cupboard, bathroom, and any number of other things that are customarily found in bedrooms. After that, I carried Mosquito Girl's body onto the soft bed.

Maybe because Mosquito Girl is now stumped with no arms and legs, making her lighter than I imagined, allowing me to lift her easily.

Mosquito Girl yelled angrily, "How dare you treat me like this human!!! "Even though her eyes became icier as she looked at me, I did not care.

After laying Mosquito Girl down on this rather large bed, I said to her with a broad grin on my face, "My name is Kaiser. You can start calling me Kaiser from now on."


Unexpectedly, Mosquito Girl spat at me, which hit my face, and she started spitting out sharp words, "I don't want to call your disgusting name."

"hahahahaha..." My response was merely a light laugh, but for some reason, Mosquito Girl immediately silent and began trembling as though she had realized something.

"Looks like I have to discipline you again tonight," After saying that, I then climbed onto the bed, and all of a sudden, a piece of a battle suit appeared on each of my arms and legs.

"Ughhh... that hurts..." I immediately prodded Mosquito Girl in the stomach with my knee and pulled the antennae on her head with all of my strength. At that moment, a sound that resembled skin being ripped out was heard, which was caused by the fact that I had ripped out one of her insect antennae.

I threw the insect antennae I was holding as quickly as I could into the far corner of the room as drops of blood began to fall onto this white bed.

"ahhhh... stop..."

"It hurts... I'm sorry... arghhh..."

Mosquito Girl could only look at me with eyes full of terror and tears welling up while begging for mercy, and because I didn't want to break her so soon, I stopped.

As soon as I removed my knee from Mosquito Girl's stomach, the battle suit that had been in my hands and feet vanished as well. Afterward, I sat down next to Mosquito Girl with a jovial grin on my face.

"Can you at least calm down now," hearing that, Mosquito Girl could only nod her head passively.


My mood took a slight turn for the worse as a result of what had just occurred, so I decided to lie down next to the Mosquito Girl and intend sleep in this place for the night.

I let out a long sigh and said, "Sorry if that scares you, but you left me no other choice," after that, I turned to Mosquito Girl and continued saying, "we'll continue tomorrow."

After that, I started to close my eyes and try to sleep. Meanwhile, the Mosquito Girl beside me could only look at me with a confused look and didn't know how to respond after seeing me sleeping beside her without feeling worried.

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