6 Ah, there she is

- My Pov -

When I woke up in the morning, I had a clear head and a body that was brimming with energy because I had made the decision the night before to approach one of the female characters who would be my target.

The woman happened to be in town A, not far from my house, so I decided to start with her.

If you were to ask me what I intend to do with that woman, you would already be aware of the answer.

During these past 19 years, I have built up my strength and have also become more cautious and careful in my observations of this world. This is because there are many extremely powerful characters in this world, some of whom are capable of killing me with just one blow.

"Kaiser, are you awake," I could hear my mother's voice coming from behind the door, and I was positive that she was trying to get me to wake up so that we could have breakfast together.

"Yeah, just a minute," As soon as I finished saying that, I got out of bed and walked to open the door. When I got there, I saw that my mother was already standing with a warm smile on her face.

Without further ado, my mother grabbed a firm hold of my hand and pulled me close to her chest before saying, "Let's have breakfast."

My father is too busy with his inventions, so he doesn't spend much time with our family. On the other hand, my mother, who is also a brilliant scientist, prioritizes spending time with our family over working on her own inventions.

Especially choosing to spend time with me. Whenever I am at home, my mother will immediately stop whatever she is doing and choose to spend time with me, whether simply chatting or enjoying other activities together.

While we were walking down the hallway, my mother tried to express her displeasure with the situation by saying, "Actually, you don't need to attend such pointless lectures, Kaiser."

My response came as I turned my head to the side to look at my mother: "Isn't seeking knowledge a good thing?"

After I had said that, my mother was still dissatisfied, so she continued. "Of course, but the knowledge taught at your campus is just trash and unimportant."

"Also, didn't you already receive the best education from your mother? I think it's safe to say that you are the youngest genius in this whole world."

As soon as I heard the second sentence that was spoken by my mother, I couldn't help but put on a sarcastic smile, but I quickly covered it up and continued the conversation.

""Besides, I need to get some fresh air. I've also found a wonderful place. In the future, I plan to go there with you."

As usual, after hearing my sweet words, my mother immediately forgot what she was worried about before and now nodded her head with a cheerful smile.

My mother and I then started breakfast without waiting for my father to arrive because he typically doesn't come for breakfast. In fact, my father didn't even come out of his room until dinner was served, which is why I said he really spent very little time with his family.

However, I don't really care about it, and on the bright side, I get all of my mother's love and attention myself, which is a beautiful and enticing experience in and of itself.

After I had finished eating breakfast, I hastened to the bathroom to shower and then got dressed and ready to go.

"I'll see you later, mother. I'll likely be at home until the evening," Then, as I was putting on my shoes, I bid farewell to my mother, who was nearby.

With a suspicious face, my mother asked, "are you going to do anything dangerous again, Kaiser?"

"Of course not, don't worry about it, I just want to spend more time outside," After making that statement, I went over to my mother and, without further ado, I quickly brought my head closer to hers and then, without giving her a chance to guess, I unexpectedly kissed her full, pink lips.

*kiss *kiss

After that, I let go of my mother's lips, and I walked out of the house with a jovial smile on my face. I had even the audacity to lick my mother's lips with my tongue while she was unaware of it.

"what... what happened?"

In the meantime, my mother had finally regained her composure and turned a perplexed gaze toward me after I had already left the house.

However, my mother simply shook her head as she softly caressed her lips, and shortly after that, she walked back to her study to continue her research.

After I had gone a sufficient distance into the forest, I came to a stop. Shortly after that, a white light began to emanate from within it and wrapped itself around my entire body, and with a very bright flash, my body then disappeared.


A white light that was brighter than the sun suddenly materialized on the roof of an abandoned building. Just like its sudden appearance, the light also disappeared in an instant.


While drawing in a slow and steady breath, I started walking away from this location, I noticed that my steps were lighter than usual, and for some reason, my heart was also feeling like it was pounding.

I am currently in city A, which I visited yesterday. At that time, I wanted to see Saitama, who killed the Vaccine man who was wreaking havoc in the city, and Saitama managed to do so with a single punch, so there were no further complications after that.

Even though I also have found a King figure who is not yet an S-class hero, today's primary objective is to make contact with a female character who will serve as the focus of my system target.

And the campus thing I discussed with my mother earlier, I just used it as an excuse. Even if I missed a semester of school, I didn't care about that.

While walking in the middle of the city, which has now been slightly rebuilt, I tried to find the person I was looking for because, according to the system, that person was already very close to me.

"Ah, there she is," I exclaimed.

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