55 Chapter 55: Mikasa's anger.

Mikasa was also watching, her hand was already on the dagger at her waist.

For Mikasa, who had long regarded the hunter group as her home, the many refugees in front of her were like robbers.

Therefore, Mikasa has no sympathy for these refugees.

Krista and Mikasa were standing next to each other, and Krista was a little nervous.

She was trapped in the manor since she was a child, and it was the first time she saw so many strangers.

Especially the greedy and green eyes of the many refugees in front of her made her particularly uneasy.

Although Krista was very nervous, but when she looked at Mikasa's petite but still upright beside her,

Krista felt a burst of courage in her heart and immediately took a step forward.

Looking at the refugees in front of them madly rushing towards the farm.

She had a cold face, trying to be fierce. [Tl/n: I don't know why but when I think of the scene, the only thought that comes to mind is *Kawaii~ lol .]

Hunter farm gate.

More than 20 members of the burly hunter group formed a human wall, and they were stubbornly facing the many refugees who were crowded outside.

They are the first orphans who grew up with August in the Underground City of the capital.

For them, the safety of the hunter group and August is something they would protect with their lives.

However, despite their burly stature, in front of thousands of refugees, they were like a lonely boat floating in the sea.

It was shaky from the shock of being squeezed.

If not waiting for the order of August who is still sleeping, bringing unnecessary trouble to August, the swords in their waists have long been pulled out.

"We have a lot of people, don't be afraid, they can't finish their food."

"Stampede through them and rush in, the farm has delicious bread, milk, and even meat!"

"The Lord of the hunter farm is a black-hearted businessman. Everyone go in and kill him, kill these bad people, and distributes gold coins!"


In the crowd, people who had the same idea as Nobilin began to push and shove the crowd while stirring up the crowd.

Their words released the devil in the hearts of the irrational refugees who were already hungry.

The crowd frantically ran toward the farm.

Some, even, grabbed rocks from the ground and threw them at members of the hunters who resisted them.

Raising their fists, they started attacking the members of the hunter group who were standing in front of everyone.

Bang! Bang bang...

The frontmost member of the hunter group, in the chaos, was hit on the body by the fist of the refugee and hit on the forehead by the rock.

Some people's heads were even broken by the refugees, and blood was flowing from their heads.

The scene became more and more chaotic.

"Captain Herman, they're too much, I'm going to kill them!"

"Be patient, no one is allowed to do anything without the command of the head of the group!"

"Don't cause trouble to the head of the group! Killing them will cause trouble."

The burly hunter group member Gilbert just pulled out his sword and was held down by the team leader Herman who was next to him.

Hearing Herman's words and seeing the blood on Herman's face, Gilbert reluctantly took the sword back into the scabbard.

Gilbert's anger was suppressed, and he continued to resist the thousands of refugees who threw stones at them.

Everyone felt the same as Gilbert but Herman's words dispelled the idea of killing these refugees in front of them, they didn't want to cause trouble for August.

August and the Hunter Group already bear the names of wanted criminals. They know how much hard work August has paid for the hunter group to get to where they are today.

As people who grew up with August, they know it the best. Although August was training them, he was as harsh as a devil. But in private, August even clearly remembered the birthdays of all of them and what hobbies they had.

So after hearing Herman's words, they know how August usually performed tasks outside, killing the titans, as if he were like a silent demon.

For August, they can endure anything, even if they lose their lives.

"Woooooo! How can they do this?!"

Krista looked at Mikasa, who was smashed to the head with blood, and her tears flowed instantly.

Mikasa, as her only friend, besides August, is the closest person to Krista in this world.

"I'm going to kill them!"

Mikasa held a dagger in her hand and was hugged tightly by Isabel, her feet kicking wildly.

It wasn't because she was hit in the head, but because she heard that the refugees slandered August as a black-hearted businessman, and wanted to kill August.

This made Mikasa, who had always been calm, go berserk in an instant.

If it wasn't for her being held by Isabel, she would have already rushed at them.

In front of the hunter group farm, members of the hunter group were struggling to support more and more refugees, their bodies were shaken by the shock.

It looked like it was going to be unbearable.

"Let them in!"

Suddenly, a loud voice resounded in everyone's ears.

On the hunter group farm, a tall, tough-faced boy slowly walked out.

When they heard August's words, everyone was stunned. They didn't expect that August would choose to let these refugees enter the farm.

However, although everyone in the hunter group had doubts and unwillingness in their hearts, they still obeyed August's orders without hesitation.

"Go ahead! The black-hearted farmer surrenders!"

"The food on the farm, the animals are ours!"


As soon as thousands of refugees poured in, they frantically rushed towards the fog-shrouded hunter farm.

In the fog, these people seemed to have become demons, and the ugliness of human nature was vividly interpreted.

"Why are you hurt again?"

August walked to Mikasa's side and frowned slightly when he looked at Mikasa's broken forehead.

He looked at Mikasa's forehead, carefully checked the injury, and didn't care about the refugees who rushed into the farm.


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