1 Chapter 1: Levi.

In a dark and damp pickled alley.

A rancid smell filled the air.

A skinny thin mouse tremblingly climbed up to an unremarkable log cabin.

Its cracked nose sniffed carefully in the air, discovering a hint of food.

The green luster in the dry eyes of the mouse flickers slightly as it crawls toward the food, following the smell as the green light in the eyes of the mouse becomes brighter and brighter.


"Boss, I killed a mouse!"

"Levi, how many times have I said, keep your hygiene, and get rid of it quickly."


August was sitting in the dark room reading a book, and Levi's exclamation came to his ears.

Looking at the small pitiful spots in front of the window, August felt a little depressed.

Speaking of which, August has been in this world for eight years, counting the year of his birth to this day.

When he came through, he was just an embryo in the stomach of a civilian in the Underground City.

Since birth, he's been living in this dark city.

When he was 7 years old, his mother in this world died of illness.

Later, he, who had no identity at the time, called himself by his true name from his previous life.

As he slowly understood the world, he finally knew where he was reborn.

Attack on Titan World!

The Underground City of Mitras!

This is the place where soldiers grew up in the unrepentant choice in the Attack on Titan sideshow.

After knowing where this world was, August was full of despair about his future.

This is a cannibalistic world!

Not only do titans eat people, but people also 'eat' people!

For eight years, August hasn't even seen the sun in the sky outside.

The only thing he could see was the spot of light penetrating through the crack in the underground waterway in front of him.

Levi, the kid in front of him, is the soldier who later became the world's strongest man in the original book. August and Levi met as they fought over a piece of bread for sustenance.

Later, Levi was convinced by August's various ingenuity and became one of his little fans.

"I know, boss."

"The food is ready. Let's eat."

Hearing August's words, Levi, who was guarding the food in the kitchen, turned back to August mischievously.

"But first, get rid of the mice near the window as soon as possible."

Levi, who is 7, gulped when he smelled the food in the pot.

Picking up the fork in his hand and putting it down again.

Being taken care of by August, Levi at this time is not as strong and rational as the machine he is depicted like in the original book.

At this time, he is still an ordinary child.

Soon it was time to eat, Levi and August were sitting at the edge of the low table, and their plates were filled with food.

August looked at the slightly more food on his plate with a faint smile on his face.

"Boss, there's not much food, just enough for today."

"It's okay; I'll think of a way soon."

"If Boss didn't take me in back then…."

Thinking about it, tears welled up on Levi's tender face as he ate the food on his plate.

If August hadn't taken him in, he might have starved to death outside.

He knew how rare the food in the Underground City was.

August was not from a wealthy family in the first place, so his arrival made things worse.

August felt a little complicated when he saw Levi, who was crying secretly.

To be honest, August believes that he is not a good person in the first place.

After learning that he had crossed into the world of Attack of Titan, August never wanted to be a hero.

He has only one goal, and that is to survive.

And live well in this world.

Therefore, he took in Levi because he knew that the little guy in front of him would definitely be of help to him in the future.

Levi Ackerman is known as the strongest soldier of mankind, known as "the Strongest Soldier".

It is rumoured that his combat power alone is equivalent to a brigade (about 400 people, different from a brigade in the real world)

So he took in Levi for a purpose, so that he could live a better life in the future.

After all, it would be much safer to have the world's most powerful man by his side.

But after spending a year with Levi, he slowly accepted the little guy in front of him.

Thinking of Levi as one of his own, someone he can trust a little bit.

August cut out a third of his food and put it on Levi's plate.

His eyes were firm as he looked at Levi, who was drooping his head, and said lightly:

"Rest assured. I've figured out a good way to get food."

"We won't be hungry again in the future. I'm not very hungry today; eat all of these."

Hearing August's words, Levi raised his head. His small face covered with tears was full of doubts:

"Boss, are you telling the truth?"

"Did you really think of a way?"

"Of course, I'm your boss. I have my ways."

August gave Levi an affirmative answer.

On his confident face, a trace of subtle bitterness was deeply hidden.

August himself is only eight years old, so what can he do being only eight years old?

His words were just to comfort Levi and to comfort himself in a way.

Thinking of this, August raised his fork and finished the food in front of him in a few strokes.

Just after August swallowed the food, a series of electronic sounds sounded in his mind:


"Congratulations to the host, the point of progress has reached 100%, rewarding you with 1 point."

August was stunned, holding his fork.

The moment he heard the electronic sound in his mind, he wondered if he was hallucinating.

As an otaku from his previous life who has read countless novels and fanfics, things like the system have long been commonplace as a golden finger!


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