I got reborn as megumi's older brother

Niko, a regular student, met an untimely end after being struck by a truck. His sole regret was not being able to watch the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen. To his surprise, he was granted the extraordinary opportunity to be reborn in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, but with a twist—he became Megumi's older brother. Moreover, he was given three wishes to help him navigate this new life the MC will be smart and for his appearance he will look like a younger version of toji

ZRUSQA · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
58 Chs


Hey guys Author here, just wants you all to know that after carefully consideration I decided to use chatgpt to further make the story more entertaining, this all happened when I re read my fanfic and I realized, that I suck at writing, so I made up my mind that I'll just use chatgpt, but don't worry I'll be the one to make the story I'll just use chatgpt to make it more detailed and I also be checking it so that the word are as true as I want it to be, let me know what are your thoughts about it, and also the reason why I told you all that I'll be using chatgpt is because I don't like fooling you guys by gaining credit on somebody else's work, so that when you read my fanfic you all remember that it was from chatgpt and I don't take any credits to it thats all