I got kidnapped into the game and is forced to become the Governor

Thrown into an unexpected role, our protagonist finds themselves kidnapped and thrust into the position of Governor in a war-torn gaming region. Their mission is clear: win the Hearts and Minds of the people to garner support for the fledgling government. But as they delve deeper into the intricacies of governance, they soon realize that rebuilding requires more than just bricks and mortar. Facing opposition from both insurgents and his own Ministers intent on derailing progress, our protagonist must also employ Counterinsurgency (COIN) tactics and must navigate the complex landscape of politics and power struggles.

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Budget Allocation

POV - Darrien Mal, Minister of Finance

[Day 1, March 2002, 12pm]

As the Governor's gaze fell upon me, a bead of sweat trickled down my forehead, betraying my nervousness. "Minister of Finance," he addressed me, his tone firm yet expectant, "could you please provide an overview of the spending allocations for the current fiscal year?"

"Ah, yes, of course," I stammered, my fingers fumbling as I searched for the pertinent file amidst the anxious silence of the room. The weight of everyone's expectant gaze only added to my unease.

Suddenly, a resounding slam on the table jolted me from my task. I looked up to see the Minister of Agriculture glaring at me, his impatience palpable. "Darren!" he urged sharply. "You're wasting the Governor's valuable time! Get a move on!"

Feeling the pressure mounting, I struggled to maintain my composure. A tear threatened to escape my eye as the stress of the moment overwhelmed me. However, before I could fully succumb to the pressure, the Governor's reassuring voice cut through the tension. "Please, take your time, Finance Minister," he said calmly, offering me a moment of reprieve.

Thanks to the Governor's calming demeanor, I focused more intently on quickly finding the file, determined not to disappoint anyone further. As the seconds ticked by, the weight of the room's expectations bore down on me, intensifying with each passing moment.

"Why am I like this?" I berated myself inwardly, feeling the pressure mounting. "Can't I do one thing right?"

Suddenly, a cough of echoing proportions rang throughout the council room, disrupting my thoughts. Shaav was coughing again. His persistent illness had always been a hindrance, often resulting in prolonged medical leaves to his advantage and leaving the work of the Ministry to his deputy.

"Ah, here it is," I said, relieved to finally locate the document amidst the scattered papers on the desk. "Allow me to outline my proposed allocation for the region's Ministries so that everyone may proceed with their responsibilities efficiently."

"Darren," the general interjected at the corner of the room, his voice carrying a weight of authority. "Ensure these funds are allocated appropriately," he warned sternly. "The future of this Region hinges on it."

As I prepared to present the allocation plan, I reminded myself that despite my anxiety, I was well-versed in numbers and capable of handling the task at hand.

"Firstly, for Defense," I began, my voice betraying a hint of anxiety. "It's imperative to prioritize security and stability after the country's ruin. Therefore, I suggest allocating $15 million to the Defense Ministry." Gathering my confidence, I continued, "This will cover essential expenses such as military equipment upgrades, training programs, and the maintenance of existing military infrastructure."

Before I could proceed further, Jordan voiced his concern. "Governor, allocating $15 million to Defense seems excessive," he interjected, his tone carrying a hint of skepticism. "As do I, Governor," echoed Shaav from behind him, adding weight to Jordan's objection.

However, it was evident to me that Shaav's concern might stem more from his desire for additional funding for his own Ministry rather than a genuine worry about the allocation to Defense.

Jordan continued "And perhaps we should reconsider the position of Defense Minister as well, given the need for diversity in leadership roles." A slight smirk played at the corner of his mouth, suggesting a hint of mischief in his suggestion.

The atmosphere in the room grew tense once again following Jordan's overtly sexist remark. "I'm not quite following your point, Jordan," the Governor responded, his tone shifting subtly. "Could you please elaborate on your concerns?"

"As you're aware, Governor, there have been rumors circulating regarding the former Athenian Guard's ability to fulfill her duties, particularly concerning allegations of misconduct during the previous reign," Jordan remarked, his tone laced with insinuation. "Perhaps her capacity to perform effectively may be compromised due to potential unresolved trauma." His words hung in the air, casting a shadow over the room and unsettling the atmosphere with the weight of unfounded speculation.

"Well noted, Minister," the Governor replied tersely, his tone reflecting his disapproval. "Finance Minister, please proceed."

Feeling the weight of the spotlight once more, I nodded in agreement. Clearing my throat to regain my composure, I continued, "Now, moving on to the Finance Ministry: I propose allocating $8 million to Finance for initiatives such as economic stimulus programs, debt servicing, and investments in financial infrastructure. As the custodian of the country's finances, the Finance Ministry must ensure fiscal responsibility."

As I settled into the rhythm of my presentation, hoping for an uninterrupted flow, I pressed on. "Next, for Internal Security: Upholding law and order is fundamental for stability and progress," I stated, trying to maintain my focus despite the discomfort of Jordan's gaze. "Therefore, I recommend allocating $9 million to Internal Security. These funds will support law enforcement agencies, crime prevention initiatives, and the modernization of security equipment."

Taking a moment to compose myself, I adjusted my tie and cleared my throat, half-expecting Sara to interject and put Jordan in his place, or at least offer a knowing smirk at the irony of his comment in light of the generous funding he was provided. Fortunately, no one spoke up, allowing me to continue without interruption.

"Regarding Regional Development," I resumed, steadying my voice and maintaining my focus on the task at hand, "Investing in our regions can foster economic growth and mitigate disparities. Thus, I propose allocating $8 million to Regional Development. This funding will fuel infrastructure projects, job creation programs, and community development initiatives across the country."

As I neared the end of my presentation, a sense of relief washed over me, coupled with a tinge of anxiety. Just one more Ministry to address, and then perhaps a surprise for the Governor to round things off.

"For Agriculture," I continued, my voice steady despite the nerves bubbling beneath the surface, "The agricultural sector is the backbone of our nation, crucial for food security and rural livelihoods. I suggest allocating $10 million to Agriculture for subsidies, irrigation projects, agricultural research, and support programs for our farmers."

With a discreet wipe of sweat from my brow, I concluded, "This allocation ensures that each Ministry receives a proportionate share of the budget to address its specific needs and contribute to the overall development and security of our country."

"And finally," I added, injecting a note of anticipation into my tone, "I have also included $5 million for the Governor's office, designated for General Administration and discretionary spending."

With that, I set my file down, concluding my presentation with a deep breath of relief. Now, it was up to the Governor and his council to deliberate and decide on the proposed allocations.

"Everything seems acceptable to me," the Governor declared. "Are there any further concerns or objections from anyone?" After a moment of silence, he continued, "No? Good. Meeting Adjourned. Dismissed"

As the Governor rose from his seat, everyone followed suit in unison, their eyes trained on him as he prepared to depart. Once he had left the room, a collective sigh of relief seemed to emanate from the assembled Ministers, and the tension that had filled the air began to dissipate.

Hopefully this new POV shows some character of the new ministers. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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