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Meow there!, dear reader! Allow me to introduce myself—I am Neko-sama, the God of the World, and I have quite the tale to share with you. My story kicks off on what seemed to be an ordinary day, but little did we know, extraordinary things were about to unfold.

I, Kawasaki Kazuma, a 22-year-old unemployed individual, found myself facing the wrath of my mother for my lazy ways. She insisted I find a job and contribute to society. Well, it's not that I can't find a job—I just prefer an easy, comfortable one that pays well. You could say I have all the knowledge, but I'm just too lazy to apply myself.

Frustrated by the constant scolding, I decided to take a walk to clear my mind. A simple stroll proved to be a significant effort for me, and I couldn't help but exclaim, "Fuu! Just walking is hard work, nya!"

As I strolled along, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, But then, amidst my walk, fate intervened. I spotted a plump, Black kitten trotting across the road.It was adorable! Without thinking, I rushed forward to save it from any potential danger.

"Phew! I managed to grab the little kitten just in time, and we escaped the looming threat of an oncoming truck-kun."

But, alas, my heroic act didn't go quite as planned.

"Honkkk...!! Honkk...!" "Oh no, my mouth got me into trouble once again"...

And that's how the chain of events was set in motion. Welcome to the world of isekai, where things are about to get much more interesting than your typical story.Well, ta-ta from Neko-sama. I'm in the story so ill hand the narration to the author now but I'll come from time to time, so watch closely from now.




"Hi I'm the author sorry for Kazuma's disturbance, now let's continue the story."


As the scene unfolds, kazuma finds himself in quite the predicament. "My head is pounding! Did I nap in the park again?" he wonders, only to realize that it wasn't a nap but something much stranger.

"Noo! Truck-kun paid me a visit. But where am I, anyway?"

Suddenly, he found himself in a strange place, awakening from what seemed like a deep slumber. Confusion washed over him as he realized that he was no longer in the park but surrounded by the lush greenery of a forest. And then he noticed something peculiar.

"What is these black things—a tail? Oh my, my hands, my feet. I need to see my face. What happened to me?"

A tail! In a state of shock, Kazuma rushes to a nearby lake to get a better look at his transformation. And there, staring back at him, is none other than a cat version of himself. The realization hits him like a ton of bricks—he's become the very kitten he set out to rescue. Still dazed from this transformation, he blinks his mismatched eyes—half blue, half red.

"Guuurrr... man!...i'm so... hungry! But what can I find in a forest?"

Now, in unfamiliar territory and plagued by confusion and hunger, Kazuma must find sustenance.

As kazuma cautiously took his first steps in this new world, a soft, ethereal voice echoed in his mind.

[Welcome to the Cat-leas world, little one,]

it whispers.

["I am the Cat-System,

Here to guide you on your journey as a cat in a Cat-less world. You possess special skills and abilities that will aid your survival."]

Curiosity and confusion piqued, as kazuma listened intently as the Cat-System continued. "Your keen senses enable you to navigate the environment effectively. Your sharp claws and teeth grant you formidable weapons for hunting and defending yourself. And don't forget your innate agility, allowing you to traverse even the most treacherous terrain effortlessly."

As the Cat-System, a voice within kazuma's mind, spoke, it explained that his skills were simply manifestations of a cat's natural abilities. But as he navigates in this new world and gained experience, he would unlock even more immensely powerful skills. It also informed him that as a starting bonus, he would receive three random skills. Eager to see his progress, kazuma requested his status, as it instructed him.

"Status Window." as kazuka said the words a window materialized before him, displaying his information:

[Status Window

Name: Kawasaki Kazuma

Level: 1


Title: Cat in a Cat-less World

HP: 25

MP: 50

Strength: 1

Agility: 3

Sense: 5

Intelligence (iQ): 152

Wisdom: 5050 ]

" Ok so these are my stats but how strong am I ?"

Examining his status, kazuam couldn't help but wonder how his strength compared to an average human. "hay cat-sysstem how strong am j compare to an average man" kazuma inquired with the Cat-System.

[Cat System

"An average man has a status of around Strength: 3, Agility: 2, and Sense: 2, while a truly strong individual like mages excels in intelligence, MP, and wisdom, and warriors focus on strength, agility, and sense, but this only applies to level 1 as they level up there stats can go above 100 to 1,000 points and as some species live a long life in this world their level is also high"]

"so it's just like a game it's that to simple. Ok so what about my skill that you are supposed to give me? "

The realization dawned on Kazuama's—it was like being in a game. Excitedly, he asked the Cat-System about his skills. The cat-system instructed him to press the box icon on his status screen's right corner and open the random box.

With anticipation bubbling inside, Kazuama followed the instructions. A screen materialized, presenting Kazuma's first skill: "Cat Reflexe."


Skill: Cat Reflexe

Type: Passive

Rank: Unique

Proficiency: 0/100 (Skill can further evolve)

Description: A sixth sense skill that is a must for all cats.

Effect: Your body moves on its own in dangerous situations for defence and attack.]

And then the second skill emerged before Kazuma's eyes: "9 Lives."


Skill: 9 Lives

Type: Passive

Rank: Unique

Description: As cats have nine lives, you will come back to life once you die.

Effect: Resurrection from death, Every time you resurrect you gain a ability.

Uses: 9/9]

A surge of excitement washed over Kazuma. 2 unique rank skill—what incredible luck!

"hay cat-system can you tell me the skill ranking order "


"Here is the skill rank order

1: Common ( Any regular item or skill with Zero mana. Eg: item=Pen, skill=writing)

2: Magic ( Any item or skill containing tiny bits of mana . Eg: item=Pen with endless ink, skill= writing magic circle)

3: Rare ( item or skill containing a certain amount of Mana. Eg: item= magic sword, skill= Aura manifest )

4: Epic ( item or skill capable of channelling and amplifying mana from surrounding. Eg: item= Magic Staff, skill= high-class mana breathing technic)

5: Heroic ( item or skill capable of changing fate)

6: Legendary ( only info is that it can change the law of Nature not much is know )

7: Mystic ( No info believed to be a myth)]

" where is the unique rank skill that I got it's not in the list? "


Besides this there is one more that is known as


It's a skill that is unique to the user and no other user can have it unless it is passed on to a new user and this is the only skill that can be pass down to one user to another user.

it is not in the ranking as it can be as weak as a magic rank or as powerful as a heroic or Legendary depending on the Ability use-case and the user.]

" so my skill can be trash or legendary. By the description they look good only after using them will I know"


As you are the one and only cat in this cat-less world it a given that cat based skill will be unique rank as they do not exist in this world, people struggle in creating 1 unique skill of there own and here you are getting 2 out of the box it is your luck]

" is it just me or are you nagging me?"


"Guu~~rrrrrrr~~~." just then kazuma hears a familiar noise

"Ohh, but I couldn't forget the rumbling hunger in my stomach." kazuam turned to the Cat-System and inquired about finding something to eat.

The Cat-System informed kazuam that he could hunt in the forest, suggesting that he eat while doing so to increase my experience. Hungry and determined, kazuma set off into the depths of the lush woodland, kazuma's feline instincts guiding him towards potential prey.

Run! Run! Run!

The instinctual urge to chase after his prey consumed him. The sound of kazuma's rapid footsteps echoed through the forest as he closed in on his quarry. "Chip. Chip. Chip." The anticipation of a satisfying meal coursed through kazuma's veins, driving him forward.

And there they were—adorable baby chicken looking birds, innocently pecking at the ground. "Guu~uuuurr~~r." The hunger gnawed at my belly, but their cuteness tugged at my heartstrings.

" oh! I'm hungry but how can I eat such little cuties"

Kazuma had always been weak to cute little things,

This very weakness caused his death and get isekaied in this new world.

"Kazuma, you must make a choice: to eat or to leave them? Chip! Chip! Oh, the struggle within me is real."

"But wait, what was that sound?"


Just then a giant snake slithered into view, its size and menace undeniable. Panic surged through Kazuma as he realized that he had to protect the baby chickens. Kazuma pleaded for help from the Cat-System, desperately seeking a solution.

[Cat System


"oh! Come on! There must be something I can do"

But kazuma couldn't abandon the defenceless chicks. He implored the Cat-System once more, seeking a way to save them.

[Cat System

You can't defeat the snake in your current state.

But you still have a random box remaining in your inventory, try your luck if something useful comes out only then you have a chance]

As the chickens scattered in fear, hope flickered in kazuma's heart. The Cat-System reminded him that he still had a random box remaining—a last chance to gain a powerful attack skill to defeat the snake. Eagerly, kazuma opened the box, hoping for a miracle.

And there it was, the skill that might just turn the tide: "Transformation."


Skill: Transformation

Type: Active

Rank: Legendary

Proficiency: 0/100 (cooldown decreases & duration increases as proficiency increases)

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 24 hours

Description: You can transform into any cat species that you desire, and your HP, Strength, Agility, and Sense increase by 10 times.




The possibilities unfolded before kazuma, and he couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement. This skill had the potential to be his saving grace. With its activation, he would not only gain the power to confront the snake but also safeguard the baby chickens.

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