51 Next Level Gravity

Barry can see that the conditions have been met. Without waiting any longer he immediately said "Yes!"

Instantly, the answer from the system came to him.

[Gravity Manipulation (Rare-grade active skill) has been upgraded to Level 2! ]

Barry immediately felt a change within himself. A surge of new power, or rather a power that had grown severalfold, was felt in his every cell.

Barry can't quite describe how it feels. It was as if he was born with a new body.

'Is this what it feels like when one of your skills is upgraded?'

The feeling is extraordinary. Not only that. New understanding also entered his mind after the skill was upgraded.

Barry now knows that he will consume less Magic Power, his range is wider, and the strength of Gravity Manipulation will increased. 

A grin appeared on his face. For an upgrade of this size, the conditions determined by the system are relatively light.

Elaine who was next to him noticed that and asked. "What happened?"

"I managed to upgrade my skills," Barry answered.

Elaine's eyes widened. "So, we killed the shadows when we attacked it? It actually counts?"

"Yes." Barry nodded confirming her question.

"I didn't read the notifications when I was fighting," Elaine said.

She actually gets some text in her vision when she lands her lightning attack. But she was too focused on the battle to bother reading it.

The black tide was coming towards them again. This time it looked fiercer after Danny's attack pushed it back.

Barry walks towards the black tide of shadows instead of backing away.

"What are you doing?!" Elaine who saw that said in panic.

"I will destroy the shadow," Barry said.

Afterwards, without saying anything, Barry launched himself towards the black tide.

Elaine's eyes widened at him. But she knows that she can't stop him.

Biting her lips, Elaine decided to run backwards.

Meanwhile, Barry, who was now floating, stared at the black tide in front of him. It was like staring at a giant dark jaw that was ready to devour him at any moment.

Barry's chest pounded violently. Adrenaline coursed through his every vein. But what Barry felt was not fear but excitement.

With his new stage of power and understanding of it, Barry immediately knew that he could defeat the living shadows despite its size.

Barry stretched his arms forward and focused his mind. He did not intend to push the black tide this time. He intends to collect it into one point.

A vortex suddenly appeared amidst the shadows. The black tide stops reaching Barry and is drawn into the vortex.

It was a vortex created by the strong force of gravity. The black tide couldn't fight it and could only surrender when the vortex gathered it in one place.

Shadows surrounding a whole street are absorbed. Within a few seconds, all the shadows had gathered into a pitch black ball with a diameter of 5 meters.

In front of it, Barry floated with his hands making a movement like holding an invisible ball.

Drops of sweat formed on his forehead, flowing down his face. Even though he is quite struggling to collect all the shadows, he is satisfied.

Barry looked back. "Danny! Shoot it with your light arrow!"

Hearing that, Danny, who had already nocked an arrow in his bow, started to act, activating his Gleaming Aura skill by using a lot of Magic Power to make the light stronger.

He was actually ready to shoot. But what Barry did stunned him so he just stared at it.

As soon as Barry's voice came he finally realized and started to move.

The air hummed as he drew the string back, muscles linked and focused. In an instant, the Magic arrow leaped forward, a streak of Magic Power and light cutting through the air.

As soon as the arrow hits the black ball an explosion of light and shadow occurs. A shockwave spreads around throwing Barry backwards.

Debris that was scattered on the streets was blown away and flew. The shockwave from the explosion was quite large, for several seconds light and shadows continued to spread giving a strangely beautiful and frightening sight.

Barry falls on his butt. Even though his Magic Power is exhausted, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

He already thought that his Gravity Manipulation was an incredible skill. But now, that skill's strength has increased again.

'I actually hold a force of nature in my hand.'

[ You have killed a Level 15 Enhanced-grade Destructive Shadow! ]

[ Obtained: 350 exp, Umbric Coat Level 15 (Rare-grade armor)

Even though it was Danny who gave the finishing blow, it turned out that Barry also got experience and another reward. Another thing that makes him happy.

A black coat fell in front of Barry and he immediately picked it up.

The explosion of light and shadow ended. Leaving a devastating state of the streets.

[ Objective 3: Go to the Library! ]

Another instruction immediately appeared as soon as they succeeded in killing the shadow. As if not letting them catch their breath for even a moment.

Now there was nothing between them and the library in front of them.

"You okay?" Elaine approached him and asked.

"Yeah. Just running out of juice," replied Barry.

After running out of Magic Power many times, he no longer sees that feeling of weakness as a problem.

Victoria came to him and gave him a bottle of Magic Potion which Barry immediately drank.

"I'm up to Level 9 now," Danny said. "But I don't feel like I really deserve it."

"Don't think like that. Anyone who levels up will be a big help to our group," Barry said.

Danny then nodded. "Right."

"Everyone knows about what we have to do now, right?" Barry asked while looking at the other.

Danny, Elaine, Anna, and Victoria nodded.

"Alright, then. How about we head straight there?"

"Yes. Let's not waste time," Elaine said eagerly.

When everyone had agreed they walked to the library. Even though they have just passed a predicament, they know not to let their guard down.

Barry looked at the black coat in his hand and used Insightful Gaze.

[ Name: Umbric Coat. ]

[ Grade: Rare. ]

[ Defense: 250 ]

[ Durability: 350/350 ]

[ "A black coat crafted from a mysterious, shadow-infused material, the Umbric Coat provides both protection and an uncanny connection to the shadows." ]

[Additional attribute: Stealth skill Level +1]

Barry put on his new coat and felt a hum of power surround his body. With this, he felt more confident in what he was about to face.


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