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"Yi Bro, why don't you go in? I'll wait outside."

"What's the point of waiting outside?" Lin Yi said. "The customer is God. There's no God who waits outside."


"Let's go. We can always buy it at home, so let's go to another store for now. Don't they have Armani here?"

Xia Xinyu thanked Lin Yi from the bottom of her heart. To a certain extent, he had protected her dignity.

Although she was a woman, she still had to save face!

They didn't walk far before they reached the Armani store. The men's clothes were pretty good, and they were ready to buy a few pieces.

"Sir, Madam, I'm sorry. There's a rule in the store that forbids streamers from entering."

Before they could enter the store, they were stopped again.

"What's wrong with streamers? Is there a need for this?" Lin Yi was a little confused.

They didn't break the law, so why could they not enter?


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