I found you in hell Book

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I found you in hell


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Jonghyong's life was not a role model. He's been through things, that others can't even understand. He lost everyone, he loved. Had the universe been so unfair to him, that it had dared to take away the most precious thing, he had left? The anchor, that holds him in this world. A kindred spirit, which he managed to find in a thousand crazy faces. Can he survive the loss of a person, who literally meant everything to him! A few words from the author: This is a translation of my own work, which I am currently writing in my native Russian. English is not my native language, and I do not speak it professionally, so I apologize, if there are spelling or syntax errors. The main line of the text is based on the plot of the feature film «Where dreams may come» 1998. Warning: AU, slash, hurt/comfort, drama, mystic, soulmates, aged up, kinks/fetishes, profanity, psychological trauma, rating for sex, rating for violence, corporal punishment, BDSM, anal sex, PTSD, panic attacks, sadism, masochism, sexual phobias, erotic punishment, blowjob, rimming, masturbation, sex with foreign objects, rough sex, hands stimulation, fetish on the underwear, fetish on the praise, fetish on the force, knife-play, doggy-style, BDSM-Aftercare, subspace, subdrop, asphyxiation, erotic overstimulation, orgasm control, sex toys, anal orgasm, control/submission, drug mentions, selfharm mentions, antisocial personality disorder, fear of touch, fear of men, antisociality, psychological masochism, pain, obsession, afterlife, wedding, character death, happy ending.


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