130 I...Don't Know

For once, things had been going surprisingly well for Keith. He was seeing more of his favorite person, Frostine had lightened up and made his hero work much more enjoyable than usual, and his training was coming along. 

He still hadn't figured out what (if anything) to do about his newly realized feelings for Joss but he had time. She wasn't going anywhere anytime soon based on what he had seen so far. 

It was hard to tell if she returned his feelings or not because she acted the same way she had since early in their friendship aside from seeming somewhat distracted and broody when she thought he wasn't looking. He didn't think that had anything to do with him though. 

Keith asked her at one point if everything was okay and she said she had some work stuff going on and couldn't talk about it. He was inclined to believe her due to the nature of her job. 


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