I Farm Demons : Unholy Necromancer In the Apocalypse

In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war with demonic forces, civilization as it once existed is all but gone.  In its place, a new order had emerged, with humans developing magical abilities as each generation passed.  To ensure the survival of their species, society had been divided into Circles, with each member guaranteed a specific job once they reached the age of eighteen. Xylon Sinclair was an orphan with a limited affinity for magic, and he had been reincarnated as a punishment for his past deeds.  In a former life, he was Zephyr, a powerful demon who served the mighty Balthyrov, the Lord of Demons, until he became a perceived threat. He got killed mercilessly and got forced to reincarnate as a fragile human being as a punishment. Upon reaching the age of eighteen, Xylon was told that he will become a Soul Keeper, a role that he knew nothing about. Despite his confusion, he had no choice but to accept this position.  However, rather than following the status quo, Xylon experimented with the system, using his formal knowledge about the demon realm to resurrect demons from thousands of years ago.  What had started as a mere curiosity soon turned into an obsession for Xylon.  He was fascinated by the power that he could wield by bringing the ancient demons back from the dead.  It was as if he had discovered a new realm of possibilities that he had never imagined before. And then, he started to dream bigger... Xylon Sinclair wanted to rule over both realms, human and demon realm... //////////////// For those who wanted to contact me, here is my discord : Yoonaas#3976 p.s: the cover is purely mine , and it is made solely for this webnovel, it shows Zephyr. Well, i don't allow anyone to use it, it is purely made for "i farm demons" . + all the art you see in the comments is original and purely made for this book. my server :https://discord.gg/2X4kTvDUSu

Yonaas · Fantasy
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435 Chs

Very skeptical

As Xylon grew older, he found it increasingly difficult to adapt to life in the orphanage. 

He preferred to stay all by himself not caring about  feeling isolated and alone. 

Eva, on the other hand, was always eager to make new friends and form close relationships with the other children.


And being older than him by 5 years she always sounded like a mother taking care of him even when he never asked her to do such a thing .

Xylon never quite understood his sister's need for social interaction. It was really stupid of her to think that acting like that was going to let her survive in this world .

  Instead, he just  viewed her as someone who could help him gain knowledge and skills that he could use to better his own life.


  He would often ask her questions about the subjects she was learning in school and use her notes to study for his own lectures .


Magic was all they learned, after what happened to humanity when the gates opened the only thing that seemed worthy was magic , science just disappeared with the years and all that stayed with them was that precious gift .

For the next eight years, Xylon's relationship with his sister Eva grew increasingly distant. She had left the orphanage at the age of 18, while he remained behind struggling to learn magic.

  Despite her best efforts to connect with him, Xylon remained cold and aloof when it came to human relationships. He was despised by his peers, and even the caretakers and guardians of the orphanage avoided interacting with him.

  The children were too frightened to even approach him..

There was something undeniably sinister about Xylon's character that made him unpleasant to be around. His dark aura seemed to radiate a palpable sense of malevolence, causing people to feel uneasy in his presence. 

Even Eva, who was his only living relative, struggled to get close to him, yet he didn't seem to care about that .

As the years went by, Xylon began to realize that his family had a severe lack of magical energy, which made them the target of constant bullying and ridicule. Their affinity for magic  was also the lowest of all families, further cementing their place at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Despite Eva's attempts to connect with him and bridge the growing divide between them, Xylon found it difficult to adapt to human relationships.

  He became increasingly withdrawn, pushing people away with his cold demeanor and abrasive personality.

It was clear that Xylon was deeply troubled and in need of help, but no one seemed to know how to deal with. 

He knew that being there was limited so he just waited patiently for his time to go outside of that place .


And years later, As Xylon walked out of the orphanage gates, he couldn't help but feel a sense of relief wash over him.

  He had spent thirteen long years of his life there, and he was finally free. But as he looked back at the place that had been his home for so long, he felt cold and distant.


He didn't care about  all the hardships he had faced within those walls, the orphanage was just one step towards his revenge.

At eighteen years old, Xylon had grown taller and his once youthful face had matured, giving him a more serious and stoic appearance.

  His voice had grown stronger and deeper, reflecting his increased confidence and authority. 

He had worked tirelessly to hone his magical abilities, but even with his progress, he still felt a great distance from his peers.





"Of course, he is going to end up as a caregiver in a the haven or in the orphanage " one of his peers said .

" No …no …this is ridiculous …with his powers , he will not even get that " another said .

" Is there even a job that is worse than that? '' another said ..

Of course he was not strong with magic but when he heard those words he just jumped on those guys and punched them in the face, he didn't stop until he got stopped by some caregivers .

Xylon walked away from the orphanage, his peers' words echoing in his mind. They had always underestimated him, believing that he would end up as a lowly caregiver or worse. But they never had the audacity to say it in his face except for this time .

But Xylon knew better. He knew that he was destined for something greater than that.

For thirteen years, he had been trapped in that place, learning magic that he believed to be useless. 

The elders had always spoken of a greater cause, of demons to be defeated and a world to be saved. 

But Xylon couldn't help but be skeptical. How could their spells, which seemed so weak and ineffectual, possibly stand up against the might of the demons?



Xylon couldn't help but roll his eyes at the thought of killing demons. The idea seemed utterly ridiculous to him. 

He knew all too well that the spells they were learning at the orphanage were completely useless when it came to actual demon hunting. 

Yet, he never spoke up about it. He watched as his peers continued to train in vain, convinced that they were preparing themselves for the ultimate showdown against the dark forces that threatened their world.


Deep down, Xylon knew that if a demon ever showed up, their spells would be as effective as throwing pebbles at a boulder. 

He couldn't help but smirk at the thought of watching them use their useless spells in front of a demon, relishing the moment when their bravado would turn into sheer terror.


But despite the futility of their training, Xylon understood that it was still necessary. In a world where technology was non-existent, magic was the only means of survival for humans. 

They needed to learn the basics, the spells that would help them perform their daily chores and keep their homes safe from magical pests.

  It was just that the idea of demon hunting seemed like a farce to him

" Kill demons ? With spells like that ? They are just delusional…however , I know demons who  fought with humans before and I know that there is more to it… there is more complicated spells that we are not learning here ..."