I Farm Demons : Unholy Necromancer In the Apocalypse

In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war with demonic forces, civilization as it once existed is all but gone.  In its place, a new order had emerged, with humans developing magical abilities as each generation passed.  To ensure the survival of their species, society had been divided into Circles, with each member guaranteed a specific job once they reached the age of eighteen. Xylon Sinclair was an orphan with a limited affinity for magic, and he had been reincarnated as a punishment for his past deeds.  In a former life, he was Zephyr, a powerful demon who served the mighty Balthyrov, the Lord of Demons, until he became a perceived threat. He got killed mercilessly and got forced to reincarnate as a fragile human being as a punishment. Upon reaching the age of eighteen, Xylon was told that he will become a Soul Keeper, a role that he knew nothing about. Despite his confusion, he had no choice but to accept this position.  However, rather than following the status quo, Xylon experimented with the system, using his formal knowledge about the demon realm to resurrect demons from thousands of years ago.  What had started as a mere curiosity soon turned into an obsession for Xylon.  He was fascinated by the power that he could wield by bringing the ancient demons back from the dead.  It was as if he had discovered a new realm of possibilities that he had never imagined before. And then, he started to dream bigger... Xylon Sinclair wanted to rule over both realms, human and demon realm... //////////////// For those who wanted to contact me, here is my discord : Yoonaas#3976 p.s: the cover is purely mine , and it is made solely for this webnovel, it shows Zephyr. Well, i don't allow anyone to use it, it is purely made for "i farm demons" . + all the art you see in the comments is original and purely made for this book. my server :https://discord.gg/2X4kTvDUSu

Yonaas · Fantasy
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435 Chs


As Xylon looked around the room, he saw the other candidates confidently casting magnificent spells in the second test. They effortlessly conjured up bursts of flame, created intricate illusions, and summoned powerful creatures from the beyond.

But as he looked at his own performance, Xylon felt a twinge of frustration deep within him. He had struggled to complete even the most basic of spells, barely managing to conjure up a small flame in his palm.

As the test ended, Xylon found himself resting at the bottom of the list, far behind the other candidates. He could feel their judging stares, their unspoken criticism.

But even as they laughed and mocked him, Xylon refused to give up. He already predicted this .

He threw himself into the next set of tests, pushing his limits and striving to do better. But try as he might, he found himself struggling to keep up with the others, always a few steps behind.

As the third and fourth tests approached, Xylon felt the weight of his previous failures pressing down on him. He knew that the upcoming tests were going to be even more difficult than the previous ones, and he felt a twinge of doubt creep into his mind.

In the third test, Xylon was matched up against other candidates in one-on-one duels. As he stepped up to face his opponent, he already knew the result. He knew that his spells were not as powerful as the others'.

The other candidate started casting spells with ease, their movements fluid and precise. Xylon tried to keep up, but he stumbled and faltered, his spells lacking the power and accuracy of his opponent's despite all of his effort to work on his weak body all of this years, it was not the same setting like demons .

The fourth test was no easier. Xylon was tasked with fighting against magical creatures that the teachers had summoned. He watched as the other candidates confidently faced down the creatures.

But as Xylon stepped forward to face his own creature, he knew that it was not going to work, he didn't lack any courage, the creatures they summouned were nothing like what he fought back in his days as Zephyr , yet  the result were just terrible.

He tried to cast spells with all his might, but they were feeble and weak. The creature easily dodged his spells and lunged at him, knocking him to the ground. Xylon tried to get up, but he felt weak and helpless, unable to match the creature's strength and power.

As he lay on the ground.He knew that he had tried his best, but it wasn't enough. He had failed yet again, and he didn't know how he could go on.

"This is ridiculous," he muttered to himself, his voice barely audible. "I knew that I was weak, but not this much. I feel like a joke right now, like everyone is laughing at me behind my back...fuck this weak body, fuck you, Balthyrov."

He sighed heavily and ran his hands through his dark hair. How had he let this happen? How had he failed so spectacularly in every single test?

"I should have stayed in contact with Eva," he berated himself, "I should have maintained that brotherly relationship we once had, just to stay informed on what was to come. She always aspired to become a member of the healer's circle. I wonder if she ever achieved that dream." He furrowed his brows, deep in thought.

"And to think," he continued, his anger simmering beneath the surface, "was she this bad too, or am I just incredibly awful? Why couldn't I have been stronger, more skilled in the magical arts like the others?" His teeth gnashed together as he gritted them.

Xylon's mind was a never-ending battlefield, a constant struggle to prove himself to himself .

The final test was the ultimate opportunity for Xylon to prove his worth and rise through the ranks of the 150 candidates. However, it was not an individual test, but rather one that demanded teamwork and collaboration.

This meant that Xylon would need to rely on his fellow candidates to succeed, and they in turn would need to depend on him. It was a daunting task, but Xylon knew that he had no other choice but to give it his all.

As the candidates gathered around their teacher John, they knew that the final test would be their toughest yet. Xylon, who had not yet found a group to join, stood alone with a look of determination on his face.

John addressed the candidates, "Teamwork is key in this final test. You will be put into a maze that is filled with traps and monsters. Only by working together can you survive."

John noticed Xylon's isolation and asked, "Xylon, why haven't you joined a group yet?"

Xylon shrugged, "I want to work alone"

John looked at Xylon with a hint of sympathy, he knew that Xylon was not going to admit that he was left out "Well, let's see if we can find you a group then. Does anyone here want to take Xylon into their group?"

The room was silent. Nobody stepped forward to volunteer. Xylon rolled his eyes sarcastically.

He turned to John and asked, "Can I pass the test all by myself?"

John considered Xylon's request for a moment before nodding, "Yes, you can. But I must warn you, you will be at a disadvantage."

Xylon nodded and replied, "I understand. I'll do my best."

John raised his arm in the air, and as he whispered a few arcane words, a sudden burst of energy coursed through his body. The air around him began to shimmer and pulse with an otherworldly power, and before long, the ground shook and trembled beneath their feet.

As the group of 150 candidates watched in awe, a massive maze began to materialize before them, its towering walls looming high into the sky.

The structure was an impressive sight to behold, with intricate patterns etched into its surface and dark shadows lurking in its many corners and twists.

It was clear that this was no ordinary maze; it was designed to challenge even the most skilled and determined of candidates.

John smiled as he surveyed his handiwork, then turned to address the group. "This, my dear students, is your final test," he declared, his voice echoing off the walls of the maze. "To pass, you must work together to navigate this labyrinth, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and defeating the beasts that lurk within. And remember, teamwork is key."