I Fabricated the Techniques, but my disciple really mastered them?

Li Xuan found himself in a predicament after transmigrating without the luxury of a system or plug-ins. To evade notice, he took refuge in a small mountain village. However, one day, he was mistaken for a reclusive expert, he was forcefully adopted as a master by an eager disciple who refused to take no for an answer. Struggling with his moral compass, Li Xuan initially rejected the disciple's proposal due to his commitment to honesty. Yet, faced with persistent insistence and tempting offers, he reluctantly crafted fictional cultivation techniques. Much to his astonishment, the disciple not only embraced these fabricated teachings but successfully cultivated with remarkable prowess. Witnessing his disciple's thunderous muscles, resilient bones, and potent vital force, Li Xuan couldn't fathom the inexplicable success. Bewildered, he exclaimed, "I fabricated it all! How did you manage to cultivate so successfully? What kind of monster are you?" To add to the perplexity, a mysterious Golden Finger manifested: "Your disciple mastered the technique you invented from scratch. Your flawless completion of the technique has enhanced your strength a hundredfold compared to others at the same level!"

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Chapter 16: They are too weak, one punch could kill one_1

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"My lord, it has been a month without any news from Yan'er, I'm really worried."

Mother Xu said with a worried expression.

Xu Junhe, the richest man in the Donghe County, nearly forty, still held his youthful good looks, was also looking rather troubled at the moment.

"My lady, Yan'er must be disciplined strictly, we can't continue to indulge him, you...you can't spoil him like this!"

"Where did that come from? He is my only child, if not him, who do I dote on?"

Mother Xu said with displeasure.


Xu Junhe sighed deeply.

At this moment, a maid rushed in, "Master, madam, young master is back!"

"Yan'er is back?"

Mother Xu expressed joy, hurriedly walking outside, murmuring to herself, "Has he lost weight, or turned darker? Is he hurt?"

Xu Junhe let out a sigh, following closely behind, wearing a stern expression.

"Where's Pharmacist Pan? You guys be careful, move this tiger inside, I will personally perform the dissection."

Xu Yan was commanding the house servants to move the Red-eyed Tiger to the slaughterhouse, preparing to skin the tiger himself.

Simultaneously, he ordered the house servants to fetch Pharmacist Pan, the family's respected herbalist.

"What kind of tiger is this? Why is it so huge?"

"Even though it's dead, I'm still trembling standing in front of it!"

A few Protectors and house servants of the Xu Family were in utter astonishment at the sight of the body of the Red-eyed Tiger.

Even though the beast was already dead, the fear and the shaky sensation remained strong when standing before the Red-eyed Tiger.

Even a few battle-hardened Protectors who had experienced hunting other ferocious tigers, felt significant restlessness in their hearts standing before the carcass of this enormous tiger.

A few Protectors lifted the stretcher, heading towards the slaughterhouse with the Red-eyed Tiger.

"Yan'er, come here, let Mother see, have you lost weight?"

Mother Xu called out with affection in her voice.


Upon seeing his own mother, Xu Yan instantly became obedient.


Xu Junhe, poker-faced, "You still remember the way home, huh?"

As soon as he began to scold, Mother Xu immediately disapproved, saying, "My lord, Yan'er just got home, could you at least curb your temper?"


Xu Junhe held his breath in, not able to utter a single word.

He could only use a harsh gaze to scold Xu Yan.

Mother Xu inspected Xu Yan from head to toe, he had not lost weight or become darker, in fact, he seemed healthier, knowing her son did not suffer outside, she felt a weight lifting from her heart.

"Yan'er, you...."

Her sentence was cut off by sudden shock on seeing the Red-eyed Tiger on the stretcher, she exclaimed, "Yan'er, did you hunt this enormous tiger?"

Mother Xu looked very worried at this moment.

"Mother, I bought this!"

To prevent his mother from worrying, Xu Yan had to lie.

He dared not admit that it was him who had personally killed this Red-eyed Tiger.

"You bought it, that's good, that's good!"

Mother Xu heaved a sigh of relief.

Any problem that can be solved with money was not dangerous, sparing her precious son from any dangers, regardless of the money spent, was always worth it.

Xu Junhe, looking at the Red-eyed Tiger, was frightened, this enormous tiger was too terrifying, even though it was dead, it still invoked a feeling of oppression.

It wasn't his first time seeing a ferocious tiger!

He had even gone on hunts before.

However, this particular tiger was extraordinary, even in death it held a kind of intimidating presence.

"What kind of breed is this tiger? I've never seen it before!"

Xu Junhe asked, looking confused.

"Master, we have never seen it either!"

The Protectors also shook their heads.

"Father, this is the king of tigers, the Crimson-eyed Tiger!"

Xu Yan said.

"Crimson-eyed Tiger?"

Xu Junhe was puzzled. He had never heard of it.

Looking at several Protectors, they shook their heads as well.

A house servant opened his mouth to speak: "Master, the Crimson-eyed Tiger is a creature from folklore. It is said to be the king among tigers mentioned in legends!"

Xu Junhe's face turned gloomy, and he glared angrily at Xu Yan. "Folklore stuff, you think you can trust all that!"

Although this giant tiger was shocking, he did not believe that it was a creature from folklore. He only considered it a rather rare species of fierce tiger.

Xu Yan did not argue; he knew his father would not believe it.

Nor would the others believe that this is something out of folklore.

The Protectors carried the Crimson-eyed Tiger into the slaughterhouse. After speaking to his mother for a moment, Xu Yan went to the slaughterhouse himself to skin the tiger.

"The Crimson-eyed Tiger is indeed the king of tigers, ordinary people holding sharp knives probably won't be able to pierce its skin!"

Xu Yan sighed with emotion.

Pharmacist Pan came and was also in awe when he saw such a large tiger.

At Xu Yan's request, he picked dozens of precious tonifying medicinal ingredients, mostly precious drugs that replenish Qi and blood, from the Xu Family's medicinal store. These were used to brew nourishing medicine with the Crimson-eyed Tiger's flesh and blood, mixed with its bones.

Xu Junhe casually walked over, glanced at the nearly processed tiger corpse, and casually said, "Pharmacist Pan, please take good care of the tiger's whip."

Pharmacist Pan hurriedly put on a smiling face and nodded. "Master, don't worry. Using the king tiger's whip, half of it will be brewed into tiger king wine, and the other half will be used with precious medicines to prepare a large yang elixir. Even in old age, it will not diminish one's virility!"

Xu Junhe nodded in satisfaction and said, "Hmm, Pharmacist Pan, just ask for any precious medicine you need."

Xu Yan couldn't help but chime in: "Father, this tiger king's whip, I also need..."

He had planned to offer it to his master.

Xu Junhe glared at him and scolded: "Do you think your father needs it? Your grandfather is getting old and busy with work, he needs this nourishing medicine.

"Doesn't your grandpa dote on you so much, don't you know how to show some filial piety?"

Xu Yan opened his mouth but eventually had to accept his father's decision on the handling of the tiger king's whip.

"Considering my master's Cultivation Realm, he wouldn't care about the tiger king's whip, and besides, this thing is not very elegant, what if my master doesn't like it, wouldn't it be a bad thing?"

Thinking this way, Xu Yan felt that it would be more practical to give the tiger skin to his master.


Xu Junhe left only after putting his son in his place.

Pharmacist Pan followed him and inquired, "Master, are you sure you don't need it? I was originally planning to use the tiger king's whip to prepare a slightly weaker potion, more suitable for people your age."

Xu Junhe patted Pharmacist Pan's shoulder and said, "Old Pan, although I don't need it, I can give it to others. Some peers of my age in the business might need it, so just go ahead with your plan."

Pharmacist Pan looked at him suspiciously, but he didn't probe any further, and nodded, "Understood, I know what to do!"

That night, Xu Mansion was filled with jubilation. The lady of the house was in high spirits, gave out a reward, and even held a banquet. The servants were high-spirited and had a marvelous feast.

Their foolish young master had finally returned after a month away.

And he brought back a giant tiger, supposedly the king of tigers!

Inside the Xu Family's living quarters, they boiled the king tiger's meat. Xu Junhe and his wife each ate a small bowl, and they couldn't eat any more.

Xu Yan alone ate most of the pot of the King Tiger's meat.

The remaining portions were given as rewards to a few top-level Protectors in the house.

These Protectors were all first-rate experts in the martial world, all hired by Xu Junhe from various martial arts factions.

Now, these martial experts were no longer in Xu Yan's eyes.

He deemed them too weak.

He could kill one with a single punch.

Of course, he had a good relationship with them, having learned martial arts from them when he was a child.

After eating the tiger meat, Xu Yan returned to his residence. Without his permission, no one was allowed to enter.

This was where he trained.

After his last return, he made some renovations and added a secret room.

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