11 This Test Paper Is Related To the Future of National Science and Technology!

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This verified information has already attracted the attention of the Department of Defense, and even the FBI was paying attention to this matter.

The most important thing now was to find him! Find the student who wrote this body refining technique!

They had to let him participate in the major reform of the military as soon as possible.

Just as Thomas was waiting for the report, the guard changed the topic. "General, we found something else in this investigation!"

Then, the guard took out another piece of information and handed it to Thomas.

Thomas immediately took it and began to read it carefully.

"There are other things in the test paper? Fuel, engine, and an indecipherable Morse code? What is this student doing? Is he trying to be Aristotle?" Thomas looked at the information in his hand. He was secretly surprised. This student should have brought him too many surprises!

The information looked messy and did not look like an expert's manuscript that contained wisdom at all. Instead, it looked more like the casual doodling of preschool children!

But when he knew that the same body refining technique from before had been proven to be true, he did not dare to make a conclusion recklessly.

Could these things on the test paper be true?

The thoughts in his mind came out crazily. He even felt that he had gone crazy! However, as long as there was a slight chance, he wouldn't give up! He shouted at the guard, "Go and find a researcher to verify the authenticity of these materials... No, there aren't enough researchers in the base. Go and call the professors from the nearby universities. Come on! Come on! Hurry!"

The last few quick words were practically shouted out.

How could the guard not understand the gravity of the situation? He ran out without even making the customary salute.

Thomas was left alone in his office, flipping through the documents in his hands.

After a long time, he put down the paper and looked out of the window.

"There's a storm coming all over the world, and this time I won't miss it..."


Inside the base research institute.

A group of middle-aged men with more or less sparse hair were sitting on either side of the conference table.

They were either researchers on a military base or professors at a university in a nearby city.

Today it was because of an order from General Thomas.

A lot of people are still doing experiments when they were forcibly brought over. They asked what was the matter, but only get the word 'confidential'.

Thomas, the person-in-charge of the base, had not seen them yet, so they could only begin to discuss what the matter would be when they were summoned this time.

"Why did General Thomas call all of us here? I'm still conducting experiments! Also, how come this conference room has all kinds of majors? I see meteorology, and I also see dynamics and machinery? What are they doing?" an old man in a white coat asked.

A professor with a hairstyle that looked like he was studying mathematics said, "Yeah, they didn't say anything. Besides, all the majors are here. I'm a cryptographer. Is this the rocket that NASA summoned us to decipher the Russian Army?" 

"They called us here in such an emergency. I don't think it's the Russian Army's rocket, but the Russian Army's missile!"

"...It can't be?"


Just as all the professors were guessing, the door to the meeting room opened.

Thomas walked in quickly with a thick stack of documents in the hands of the guards behind him.

"I've called all of you here this time because of a major matter. It concerns our military, as well as a major matter in your current research field!"

These words immediately made all the researchers' faces turn serious.

It concerns the military? And also their research field?

"General Thomas, are you joking? Everyone here is a top talent in every field. I really don't know what kind of discovery would be related to all of us? Unless it's the revival of Einstein, or Oppenheimer restarting the Manhattan Project!" a professor in a suit asked with a serious expression.

Thomas said with a serious expression, "Professor Hans, I can assure you that there is something very important that has brought you here." Then, Thomas changed the topic. "You will know what has happened after you read the information that I have brought!"

All the researchers in the room sat separately according to their research fields. Thomas asked the guards to distribute different information according to their research fields.

All the researchers were shocked by Thomas' words. They took the materials and began to read them.

When all the researchers took the research materials and examined them carefully, Thomas was also waiting anxiously at the side.

At this moment, Professor Hans pointed at the materials in front of him and exclaimed to Thomas, "...Who wrote this?"

Such a sound suddenly appeared in the quiet meeting room, and Thomas immediately looked in the direction of the sound.

Thomas was afraid that it would affect the surrounding professors who were looking at the information, so he suppressed his curiosity and said in a low voice, "Professor Hans, did you find anything?"

Professor Hans was focused on the direction of Morse code decryption. He was a special personnel who belonged to the Black Room of the United States and belonged to the military. He was dedicated to the direction of military password decryption.

In Professor Hans's hand was the summary of the 'Morse code suspected' information.

"Thomas, where did you get this information?" Professor Hans asked in disbelief. Before Thomas could answer, he said excitedly, "This information looks like simple Morse code, but I can't decipher the information even after using all the known decryption methods... I want to know where this person is. There might be a new type of cipher in it."

"This document is beyond my expectations! But I can tell that it's not written blindly! Although there aren't many patterns in it, it's still very obvious!" Professor Hans stared at the document. His expression was very excited, and even his beard curled up a little. He looked like he had seen something he loved and couldn't put it down.

Seeing Hans holding the document in his hand, Thomas' expression changed.

He quickly asked, "Really?"

Professor Hans was a student of Professor Turing, and he had a lot of say in cipher decoding.

This sentence was very believable from his mouth.


Before Thomas could be happy for a while, there was another exclamation.

He turned his head and saw a chemistry professor staring at the thing in his hand.

Thomas immediately squeezed to the side of the professor and asked, "What's wrong? Did you find anything?"

He found that the professor was holding the information of the 'New fuel chemical synthesis'.

Could it be...

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