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I Experienced an SSS Encryption

Little Brother Langya

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If done well this could be a really good novel but at the same time it could end up really crap. id like to see which one itll be just so i dont miss out on reading it if its done good


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I do not recommend this novel. The first 4 chapters he writes exam papers while every teacher gives some random immature comments, the next 15 chapters those papers circulate on the internet and everyone gives random comments again. Yes that's right, this happens for 15 chapters. This is the worst pacing i have ever seen


At first (3 chapter) this seems interesting but later it because Meh 😑 This is not that good novel. MC seems hypocrite. Not worth your money.


Looking gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


This feels like someone translated a chineese book, and swapped all names and places into american. If this book was a person, it would be a chineese tourist in america, carrying an american/chineese dictionary and wearing an I <3 NY t-shirt.


as expected they are changing the name deliberately, and truthfully it's pretty stupid just let it remain the same as it is.[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


How did a novel like this get on Webnovel? Like for real, this novels original plot was literally full of nationalism and racism to America, the general gist of the plot is that "America feels the mc is too smart, and because the mc is super nationalistic he refuses americas invitation so "evil america" attempts to sabatoge the mc but oh no the mc won't be defeated so he magically comes up with good technology instantly defeating america.


The author is not a true master of increasing word count endless foreshadowing, but this work could be an attempt at a doctorate. He literally repeaters the same thing over and over.


this book was not completed it has no ending it's more like just dropped ... translator should be ashamed. , . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Novel with fun consept and lot of face slaping. Sadly its writen over the top and reading it makes you feel the need to lower IQ. I really would like to read novel with same concept but not a target audience of elementary schooler. To sum it up I am sadly disapointed...


this book is good, but the translation is trash, the novel is about a chinese man in china taking the national high school exam, his name is lin yi, the chinese exam is different from the SAT ( SAT is MCQ) but the translator trying so hard to make it seem american, which ruined the story completely.


this thing got picked? the editors must be high as a kite. not to mention this is basically a fanfic of the novel and not a translation. since it changes the settings and characters.


This novel has too much wish fulfillment. Jumping from high-school level knowledge to college professor level in all subjects with max stats completely takes any meaningful development out of the story. I learned that the setting of this novel is supposed to be China not America. That removes any stars I would have had for translation quality. The American setting is ridiculous as the actual content doesn't match up with the supposed American setting. I recommend reading "Advanced Scholars Technological System" instead if you are interesting in a system based learning novel that slowly progresses into advanced technology instead of handing everything to the MC.


This novel is stupid. Everything seems more Asian than American even though it's based in America. Lots of inconsistencies. The ending was too abrupt. it just ended with "He got a First class merit but no one knew because it was confidential." ??? what kind of ending was that? they just rounded up an entire arc in TWO paragraphs and said "ya we done with this story".???? Problems with this story are listed here. 1) Asian culture in an American setting. eg. Calling people aunts and uncles and also calling others brother or sister (Americans just call people-besides parents and grandparents- by their names regardless of age) Also, terms like Qi etc were used often. 2) Repetition 3) There's no flow. No connection between different arcs. 4) the balance of gaining points or rewards is tilted. MC did nothing besides reading and all reading materials was provided on a silver platter (including confidential info) 5) Everyone just trusted him without hesitation for no actual reason. He just said "Believe me." and they'd just do. 5) The anti gravity arc was simply just cut out. the majority of the book was of him "reaching for the stars". Instead of working on it after making a whole research laboratory, he just did some side quests and the book ended. 6) What about Atlantis??? there was a whole civilization dying there and you just left for the side quests. Was making a submarine so important? Just to showoff to the Russians? 7) MC has no remorse. He just bombed a whole area in Mexico. 8) Lots of white supremacy and unfounded nationalism. After all that happened IRL to America, (BLM, police aggression, etc) this whole book just triggered me. 9) Terrible writing and grammar. Why so many exclamation marks? 10) I don't even know what the MC looks like. I read the entire book and no mention of his eye or hair colour. 11) Time periods was unrealistic. it takes time to draft up something whether digitally or by hand (at least a week or more) yet he just finished building a whole new working submarine in 2 weeks and also got it tested and all. (bro. who is the one designing and labelling the stuff? -_-) 12) He just forgets people he made promises to. What happened to that guy who found his talent? His friends? Mavis or whatever her name was? what about the researchers in the labs? Those professors he poached? I'm done writing .


The Base concept of the novel has a decent line for the story. The troubles Start with the Author's lack of knowledge about the location written about. He makes the setting in the United States but doesn't have the back ground for the things talked about. The SAT exam is a multiple choice test taken for college entrance. This test is scored with a numerical grade without any letters of A+ through F. The grading is not done by teachers but is scanned by machine. The scores are not announced publicly but are either mailed or E-mailed to the participants. wechat is not used by mainstream populace. While I will give the author props for writing this, I hope you take the criticism of checking the details about your content better.


Did anyone find the raw, even with chinese title+author's name and other novel ............................................................


Seriously what's with that ending?!??...................................................................................................................


I don't see why so many people dislike this story. Maybe my taste in light novels is weird, maybe my criticizing side is lenient, but I've enjoyed this story very much. Its a shame there's only 40 chapters.