I Enchanted The Prince

“Please, dance for me one last time…” he implored, his gentle touch caressing her hair as she moved with a beauty that evoked the delicate fluttering of a butterfly amidst a meadow of blossoming flowers. Naria's dancing was a wonder to behold, each step releasing a cloud of butterflies that danced along with her. The dragon prince was captivated by her beauty, talent, and spirit. He loved her with a passion that consumed him, so much so that he forced her to marry him. Naria hoped that her new life as a princess would be a happy escape from her painful past, but it was not to be. Her rival, Miraila who had lost the prince's heart to Naria, was determined to make her life a misery. Every day, Naria endured ridicule and humiliation, feeling alone and trapped. The prince's obsession only made things worse. Naria loved him deeply, but she struggled to reconcile her feelings for him with her desire for freedom. And then, as if her suffering was not enough, new love interest appeared, each one vying for her attention and claiming her as their own. Naria's heart was torn, caught between her love for the dragon prince and her need to be her own person. As the prince disappeared into the distance, Naria knew that she had to make a choice: fight for her love or let him go. But fate was cruel, and before she could decide, tragedy struck, leaving Naria, heartbroken, and forever wondering what might have been. "Be it the light of day or the veil of night, across all epochs and eras, my love, I vow to search and find you, and once again make you mine with a heart that only beats for you…”

Jeri_ · Fantasy
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68 Chs

Beneath The Moonlight: Story Of The Night Flower

"That was weird…"

Naria woke up from a strange dream, her mind still foggy and unclear of what she saw in there, familiar faces telling her to take care but she couldn't remember what they wanted from her.

As she rubbed her eyes and sat up, her golden hair fell in waves around her shoulders, shining in the evening's light like a halo of sunbeams.

Her emerald green eyes, bright and alive, sparkled with curiosity and confusion.

She sighed and stretched, feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders, "it's today…"

Naria was no ordinary girl, but one who had to fight and struggle every day.

Raised in a house of hardship and pain, Naria had learned to dance to support herself and those around her.

And though it was never easy, she had become a breathtaking dancer, moving with a grace and beauty that belied her difficult upbringing, allowing her mysterious power to bloom and hypnotise the audience she was performing by releasing magical butterflies from her body. The hypnosis was so strong that many men were sent to a trans-like stage until the very last butterfly vanished into thin air.

Today was her 18th birthday, a day that should be filled with joy and celebration.

But for Naria, it was a day tinged with sadness and longing.

For she was an orphan in a kingdom that offered her no love or protection.

Raised by an aunt and a cruel so-called "sister, "Naria had only two true friends in that house, two kindred spirits who shared her struggles and gave her hope.

As she got dressed and prepared for the day ahead, Naria closed her eyes and made a wish.

A wish to see her parents, who had been taken from her too soon.

A wish for a life filled with love and happiness, rather than the constant battle she faced.

But as she opened her eyes and looked in the mirror, "It's this bad…" She was looking down on herself, more than anyone else.

Not wanting to leave her room and face her stepbrother, Naria went back and sat still on her bed, biting her nails as her left leg kept shaking unconditionally, "he shouldn't come," her mind was occupied by a serious thought of her childhood bully.

The man who was offering her nothing but physical and mental torture was about to come back home from the military forces, "please, not today!" She squeezed her eyes together, forcing small-like ocean waves wrinkles to form on her forehead, "no-not today..." She stuttered as she whispered to herself.

Biting her lower lip by force, Naria's hand began to shake,

*knock* *knock*

"Naria, everyone is waiting for you!" A gentle voice spoke, but she didn't listen.

She blamed her kind and forgiving character for allowing her to be an easy target for her stepbrother Ace's mischievousness and wrongdoings.

Being bullied by him her whole life, pulled by her hair and pushed down, and getting blamed for everything he had done, she knew it was only her fault.

If only she could stand up for herself, if only she knew how to fight back against his tyranny, if only she had the voice she wished for… she wouldn't be here, surrounded by darkness and left alone.

Her aunt Verna took her when she was a baby, never telling Naria about her parents, lying and avoiding this topic, she forced a young girl to perform dancing ever since she turned sixteen years old.

The old building she was living in stood tall and proud, its facade adorned with intricate carvings and ornate details that spoke of a bygone era. From the outside, it looked like a grand and stately mansion, a place of elegance and sophistication.

But step inside, and a different story unfolded. The interior was shabby and dark, the walls stained and peeling, the floors creaking with every footstep. The grandeur of the outside was but a façade, a mask hiding the true state of the building.

Yet, for those who lived within its walls, the old building was home. It had two floors, each with its purpose and function. The bottom and south sides of the building served as the kitchen and dining hall, where the girls would gather to share meals and talk about their day. The space was humble and utilitarian, but it served its purpose well.

To the east of the building was a space that was reserved for the girls to perform. It was a small and cosy room, but it was where they could express themselves and showcase their talents. They would dance and sing, their voices echoing off the walls as they lost themselves in the music.

The second floor of the building was where the girls stayed, each with her bedroom. The rooms were small and cramped, but they were filled with personal touches and mementoes that made them feel at home. The girls would spend their evenings curled up in their beds, reading or chatting with each other.

Despite its shabby appearance, the old building held a special place in the hearts of those who lived there. It was a place of comfort and safety, a sanctuary from the world outside. And though it may not have been grand or luxurious, it was filled with the warmth and love of those who called it home.

But not for Naria... She hated this place just like the Winter hates the Spring, blooming its flower and forcing the snow to melt, Naria felt like a pretty flower trapped with no sun and forbidden to bloom.

Yet, she was the one to receive the most attention from military men that were done with their duties in the castle, and the royal family's servants, that would come and watch her on their days off.

Naria in Pretto kingdom was like a rare evening Primrose that would bloom at midnight and would close herself early in the dawn.

The rare plant that was not allowed to touch but watched, Naria was the most popular fragrant in the city.

"Hurry up! You have to get ready!"


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