160 Tell It To the Police

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"Xing Shu, I wasn't thinking about the donations. You're too sensitive." Xing Linlin pretended to be aggrieved as she lowered her head and supported Wu Minxia like a victim. However, everyone had just seen the spreadsheets and could not empathize with Xing Linlin's current performance. But, Xing Linlin had indeed made the donations—she was a kind person…

Xing Shu said, "Xing Linlin, save your energy and tell it to the police. Whatever grievances you have."

Xing Linlin felt like she was hallucinating. Police? What police?

Amid the confusion, a voice emanated from the door. A few police officers walked in and stood in front of Xing Linlin, "Xing Linlin, please come with us."

Xing Linlin's eyes widened and she took a step back in disbelief. Why? Why were the police looking for her? She quickly calmed down and forced a smile. "Officer, is there a misunderstanding?"


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