1 Chapter 1: Rare corpse

On the outskirts of the Land of Fire, in the forest, a recent battle had just subsided, leaving the area around the open space a little messy. 

Several ninjas, wearing masks and Anbu costumes, silently turned and left. Amidst the aftermath, there lay a corpse that was still warm.

"Natsu, deal with it," the leading captain said in a low voice, passing by Uchiha Natsu. The other team members followed suit, but Kakashi, who was about the same height as Uchiha Natsu, paused for a while. The eyes beneath his mask scrutinized Uchiha Natsu, and then he turned and left silently.

Uchiha Natsu sighed, raised his hand to straighten his mask, and then came to the corpse. This corpse is an S-rank rebel, one of the targets of this mission, and it took a lot of effort to deal with him just now. Of course, the process has nothing to do with Uchiha Natsu.

Looking at the corpse, Uchiha Natsu could not help but think of his past. He is a Reincarnated person, from Earth. He thought that those who crossed over into the Uchiha clan would soar into the sky in the future and be extremely talented. Unexpectedly, reality slapped him hard.

He entered school at the age of five, and in the first year, he felt what it meant to be "good-for-nothing." No matter the test, he could compete with Uchiha Obito for the tail of the crane. Most of the time, Obito couldn't compete with him. In the eyes of outsiders, the two gradually became the shame of Uchiha.

The original ambitions gradually faded away with time, and in the end, only the powerlessness of fate remained. The last straw that broke was when Natsu Uchiha's parents died in battle when he was eight years old. What's even more outrageous—I don't know if it's because of the incompatibility of souls or some other reason—is that the deaths of both parents failed to allow him to open the Uchiha clan's blood inheritance limit—Sharingan. This also made Uchiha Natsu understand how useless he is.

And a person like him who has no talent happened to be born in the war-torn era, just in time for the third Ninja World War. If you are not careful, you will die on the battlefield. All kinds of experiences made Uchiha Natsu completely wear off the edges and sharpness and become cautious.

To save his life, when he graduated, Uchiha Natsu immediately signed up for the medical department that almost no one cares about and was assigned to the even more unpopular corpse disposal class, planning to run away until the night of the genocide. In this way, he has been ridiculed by the clan for several years. But Uchiha Natsu did not take these ridicules seriously.

Looking at these clansmen, it was as if he was seeing corpses all over the place on the night of the clan extermination. After all, the winner is the one who survives to the end. A few days ago, Konoha had just experienced the Nine-Tails incident; the village was severely damaged, and there was a severe shortage of manpower. In addition, Konoha's high-level officials strictly inspected the village and found many "criminal" ninjas. This also caused many ninjas to defect.

This time, because none of the Anbu squads chasing the rebellious ninja were very good at handling corpses, Uchiha Natsu was temporarily transferred in and forced to act as a follow-up person. For this reason, the Third Hokage also specially promoted him from Genin to Chunin. After all, in name, Genin cannot participate in this kind of mission. Or, in my case, should I call it a special Chunin?

In the entire five-member team, the captain and Kakashi are Jonin, and the other two members are special Jonin. Uchiha Natsu is a Chunin who does not deserve the title. Therefore, the degree of danger here can be imagined, and it is possible to lose one's life at any time.

However, because he is too weak, the captain orders him to stay away during the battle, and he will be responsible for finishing after the battle is over. Withdrawing his thoughts, Uchiha Natsu squatted down, preparing to use a special medical ninjutsu to destroy the corpse.

Suddenly, Uchiha Natsu felt dazed for a while. When he came back to his senses, he found a building that looked like a shop in his mind. With the "da da" sound of typing on the keyboard, a bunch of words appeared on the screen.

[The host has detected a rare corpse for the first time, and the corpse recovery system has been activated.]

[ Please touch the corpse to facilitate system recovery and identification.]

 "Corpse recovery system? Is this a golden finger that is more than ten years late?"

Suddenly there was a long-lost throbbing in his heart. Uchiha Natsu stretched out his hand and pressed the corpse's foot cautiously. "Shua!" The corpse in front of him suddenly turned into dust and dissipated, and the door of the shop in his mind opened.

The corpse appeared in his mind out of thin air and was sent into the door by a force. The door was then closed, and after a while, the sound of keyboard tapping sounded again. and the system displayed: 

[Corpse scores 62 points; credit rating bonus points: 0 points; total score: 62 points.]

[ successfully recovered and obtained the trade item: Blood Successor Inspiration.]

[ Function: stimulate the blood inheritance power in the host and improve physical fitness. Please choose to collect or discard by yourself.]

Uchiha Natsu hesitated for a moment and then tried to think in his mind: [Receive].

 The next moment, Uchiha Natsu felt a force spreading from his body. At the same time, his eyes felt a little hot, and his vision seemed to be covered with a red film.

When he came to the side of the puddle, he lowered his head and could see that his pupils had turned blood red, and two black tomoes were lying next to each pupil.

Two Tomoe Sharingan! "The system is real!" Uchiha Natsu was overjoyed.

 Now, everything in his sight has become quite different from before; his observation ability has been greatly improved, and the amount of chakra in his body has also increased by a large margin. 

It is 100% sure that he has indeed awakened Sharingan. It seems that there is no unparalleled road, and Uchiha Natsu, who has been worried for so many years, finally has a chance to survive.

"Hey, let's go after finishing the process; there are two more targets." A somewhat indifferent boy's voice sounded, and Kakashi did not know when he came behind him. 

"Oh, good." Natsu Uchiha closed the Sharingan calmly, then turned and walked towards the team, thinking secretly in his heart. This system is very secretive in the mind, and the process of disposing of the corpse looks like a special decomposition jutsu. Therefore, even if it is seen when the corpse is recovered, it can be interpreted as a kind of ninjutsu.

The corpses that were supposed to be destroyed can be recycled and traded, which is undoubtedly a timely help for Uchiha Natsu, who was born for the corpse disposal class. Today, there are a total of three targets: two S-ranks and one A-rank, and the first S-rank has just been solved. 

The remaining two—one of them is Jonin, and the exchange items should not be worse than Blood Succession—and the other is Special Jonin, which is not much worse after all. Uchiha Natsu is now looking forward to it. Kakashi fell behind, and glanced at the original position of the corpse, with a surprise flashing in his eyes. Then she turned around and followed behind Uchiha Natsu.

The whole team arrived, and the captain, "Jackal," just put away the map, and the five of them set off again. The team began to shuttle on many tree trunks, heading towards the border of the Land of Fire. The captain and two other team members walked in front, and the fourth was Uchiha Natsu. While Kakashi was at the rear, it was also to protect him and the logistics staff. 

This made Uchiha Natsu a little relieved; after all, the enemy likes to pick soft persimmons first. It didn't take long for the team's speed to drop. According to the predicted route, they have already approached the area that another A-level rebel must pass through to escape.

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