I died and woke up in an otome game (BL)

Antonio had a difficult life. and then he died. And then, then the goddess of love and life, Aphrite gave him a new one. This is his story. So volume one is the previous version and volume two is the rewrite. *rewrite is susceptible to differing plot.

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Chapter 64 : Castle's have a great echo

"...Hellooooo?" I yelled into the magically open doors that led into the totally vampiric and dracula-like castle.


Well, silence and the sound of bats screeching.

Maybe it is a vampire's lair.

I hope not.

I should stop making guesses.

I'm jinxing things.

"Master," An eerily familiar voice whispered. The voice was deep and yet, somehow, squeaky, and it seemed to flow with the wind.

Not making any sense? I figured.

I turned around to see...that alien from infinity wars...

No! Wait! He's human! ...I think.

He's dressed as a butler and is doing that quarter bow where it's just your head and upper chest, and his right gloved hand is resting on his left chest...cheek. Yeah. I'm making that a thing. Because it's too flat to be a boob. So, chest cheek. Yeah.

His nose is, quite frankly, the BIGGEST nose I have ever laid my eyes on. And I've seen a lot of noses. His eyes are droopy, yet it's an attractive droopy. He...doesn't have pupils...because it's just black. there's no white in his eyes..no tiny black dot in the middle, not even the shimmer we have from that eye juice that comes out when we cry... injure our eyes. Basically, he has demon eyes.

Yeah, I know. Supernatural vides.

The infinite corridor needs to stop watching N-flix (That's what it's called in this world,)...and other streaming platforms.

His hair is grey, but also white, like...sugar and flour (the opposite of salt and pepper), you can tell it's two different colors, but at the same time, they blend together so well, that you don't mind. It's short, but the bangs are long, like emo two-thousands long.

God, I miss my childhood sometimes.

Anyways, after he muttered, "Master," all creepily and totally stalker-like, I did NOT, I repeat, NOT, scream like a girl. Nope.

I screamed like a banshee.

I've gotten that down, after almost two months of opening random doors.

Enough scares to scar even the Winchester brothers.

God, there are too many external influences. Damn you, N-Flix!

...And other streaming platforms.

"...Uh, m-me?" I said. No, it was not a squeak. I'm not a mouse, Cyanide.

"Come, master...he awaits." This alien-but-human butler dude said and motioned for me to enter the creepily lit castle interiors.

...How can I say no to that?

I mean, sure, I might die, but hey, at least, it would be on Ben's conscience! Yeah.

I take a deep, steadying breath, and I walk, with the gait of a marcher at a funeral in New Orleans, past the giant and scary doors, and into the foyer.

The last thing I see is those giant and scary doors, shutting.

Btw, I updated chapter 17 "gala", so if you want to give that a reread, I (hopefully) made it more endearing, and enjoyable!







Hi. I've been...busy, recently. Went to the DMV, but since I'm about to be an adult, and I'm going on vacation before, during, and after my bday, we just got an ID today, and I'll be getting my permit and driver's license sometime in the next two months...and college... let's not think about that.

This book is progressing, but I'm a little tired of short chaps, and I feel like I need to get more motivated so, starting..AFTER this chapter, I will be aiming for longer chapters with more than a thousand words! Yes, I know, I don't believe it either, but It's the goal and I live to conquer goals, so.

Anyways, spoiler...





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