1 What a Waste! Why Games Are Played Without Using VR?

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Su Ping was a fan of novels. However, he had no idea that he would go through the process of transmigrating to a parallel world, as it only happened in stories.

A day ago, Su Ping was just a young man who liked staying home and playing games. However, he was now in a world that he was completely unfamiliar with.

Su Ping appeared to have inherited the body of another person in the parallel world who shared the same name as him.

Meanwhile, Su Ping was playing fondly with the equipment in the bedroom. He recognized the equipment at first sight as soon as he arrived in the parallel world.

"Fuck! Isn't it the immersive VR equipment mentioned in Ready Player One?"

"Is it possible that this is a parallel world to Earth? Is the technology here more advanced?"

Su Ping had just tried out the set of equipment, even though he had just tried to play a swimming mini-game.

However, Su Ping was utterly amazed by his short experience.

It was way too realistic!

Su Ping thought he was teleported to the ocean after activating the equipment.

Su Ping could feel the coldness of the water flowing around him as if he was in reality.

"Let's see if there are any more entertaining games here!"

Su Ping started his internet research with the idea in mind.

However, Su Ping was soon dumbfounded. After he had done his research, he found that the most popular games here were the same as the ones from his previous life.

Such as CSGO, a game with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Also, LOL, which was popular too.

CSGO was almost the same as the game he played in his previous life. The only difference was that he used to play the game with the mouse and keyboard, but now he could play it with the motion-sensing VR.

However, the model of the game's map was made crudely, and the degrees of freedom were extremely low. The playing perspectives were fixed during gameplay, and shooting and walking movements were kept stationary.

Su Ping was puzzled and thought, "It's an immersive game, but why can't the players move freely in the game?"

Things were the same when Su Ping played LOL. He had a terrible gaming experience while playing the two games.

After Su Ping tried for a few hours, his excitement had gone. He was utterly disappointed with the games in the parallel world.

Su Ping thought, "What's the difference between an immersive game without degrees of freedom and playing games with a mouse and keyboard?"

"Moreover, the quality of the game's texture is terrible. How will the players here play such a game?"

Su Ping was puzzled and thought, "It's such a waste of good equipment without having high-quality games!"

As an obsessive gamer in Su Ping's previous life, he could not accept such a situation!

Just as Su Ping's thoughts grew more assertive, an emotionless voice sounded in his mind.

"Ding! Master, congratulations on binding to the God-tier game designer system."


Su Ping immediately noticed that it was one of the standard plots in novels. Each transmigrator would have a system and the ability to cheat!

"Ha ha! Now, I have a system too! Thank God for helping me! Also, it's a game designer system, right? System, you know me well. "

"What did you say about your name? God-tier…"

The system came up with such an exaggerated name.

"System, what can you do?"

"Ding! Hello, master. As the gaming industry in our world is the least developed, please utilize the system's power to save the gaming industry in our world!"

"Of all the job sectors, the gaming industry has the lowest status. Even though our world has extremely sophisticated VR equipment, it is primarily used for cloud tourism, online concerts, and other activities."

"Using the most sophisticated and compatible physics engine, your system, I can perfectly convert the memories of master's previous life into game codes, creating the most immersive experience!"

"Master, you don't have to worry. You can perfectly complete the game's production through the game codes as long as you have a bachelor's degree. Good luck!"

After the systems' explanation, Su Ping knew why this world had boring games.

The game development companies here were obsessed with pirated games and Gacha mobile games, which made most gamers disappointed in the games.

The gaming industry became less developed due to the lack of improvements made by game development companies.

Moreover, since other forms of entertainment were even more entertaining than playing games, nobody was willing to pay for games.

When the game development companies couldn't gain profit, they would develop even inferior games, which formed a vicious cycle.

Ten years ago, the development of the gaming industry had been stagnant, and nobody was optimistic about the development of the gaming sector.

"What a pity! With such advanced technology, countless fantastic worlds could have been made!"

Su Ping sighed for a while. Then he suddenly became excited.

"Can the system directly extract my memory and turn it into game codes?"

"Does this mean that, in addition to the games I've played in my previous life, the dramas and movies I've seen can also be made into video games?"

"Does this mean I can produce many Triple-A masterpieces?"

Su Ping had watched too many excellent movies and dramas in his previous life!

Su Ping immediately thought of several movies that could be perfectly adapted into games.

Such as Su Ping's favorite Resident Evil series, the series about Aliens, the series about Outer Space, and the Land of Silence!

He must utilize the system's power since God granted him the ability to have one! He must develop the gaming industry here!

"Let's start with the Resident Evil series! Let the players know what the end of the world is!"

"System, please convert the memories of the Resident Evil series from my previous life into game codes!"

"Got it. Master, please turn on your computer one minute later and enter…"

One minute later, Su Ping opened the folder according to the system's instructions and found out there was a folder named Resident Evil.

Su Ping clicked on the folder, and a series of documents appeared.

"Gosh, it's all done within a minute? It seems that the system is more powerful than I thought!"

Coincidentally, Su Ping was a computer programmer in his previous life. Also, he had a master's degree. It was a piece of cake for him to deal with the codes.

Meanwhile, Su Ping could imagine the rise of the gaming industry led by him!

Since Su Ping had the system, he didn't need the work that the former Su Ping was doing anymore.


How could a transmigrator who had the system's power work for others?

However, as soon as Su Ping sent his resignation message, he received a call with the name "baby."

"Oh my god, this guy has a girlfriend? Both of us were obsessive gamers, but why does he have a girlfriend?"

"Wait, she's my girlfriend now… Why does it feel weird?"

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