2 The Open Beta Test of the Zombie Apocalypse Racketeers the Storm Gaming Company?

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Although the girl was now Su Ping's girlfriend, Su Ping didn't intend to become a cuckold. Hence, he only treated the girl as a stranger.

However, Su Ping had to put on an act to prevent others from noticing his abnormality.

As soon as Su Ping picked up the call, he could hear his girlfriend questioning him.

"Did something happen to you? Your boss just told me you resigned and asked me to find out what happened."

"What the heck had happened?"

Su Ping assumed the former Su Ping must have filled in his girlfriend's phone number as the emergency contact.

Therefore, Su Ping told his girlfriend about his plan to join the gaming industry and produce games.

When Su Ping finished speaking, his girlfriend immediately objected to his plans.

"Are you nuts? You quit a job with a monthly salary of more than 10,000 Yuan in order to pursue game development?"

"You're just a computer programmer. What kind of games can you produce? Moreover, no one wants to work in the gaming industry. Are you crazy?!"

"Hurry up! Go and explain the situation to your boss. Don't lose your job!"

Just as the system described, the gaming industry was despised by the public.

The situation was completely different from his previous life, where the gaming industry was at the peak of its development and profited from all sorts of Gacha mobile games.

After all, there wasn't any VR equipment in his previous life. Hence, mobile games became popular.

Su Ping immediately explained, "I'm serious. I've made my decision after careful consideration."

"I've already thought about the game I'm going to produce. Trust me! I'll create a high-quality game and make a lot of money!"

Although Su Ping tried his best to explain the situation, people still deeply misunderstood the gaming industry.

His girlfriend immediately expressed her thoughts.

"I don't care! If you insist on quitting your job to play games, don't contact me anymore!"

"Su Ping, we are no longer young. I have to consider my future!"

Su Ping didn't respond to his girlfriend's strong objection.

His soul was totally unrelated to the woman on the phone. Since his girlfriend was unwilling to believe him, he didn't intend to become a cuckold.

As a result, they broke up without any hesitation.

Soon, Su Ping forgot about the woman after he hung up the phone.

Later, Su Ping received more calls from his friends and family. Everyone was trying to persuade him. However, he wouldn't change his mind, of course.

Su Ping believed that they would understand him in the future!

To save money, Su Ping had to stay at home and work non-stop to deal with the codes given by the system.

Su Ping had to turn the codes into a game!

After a month of hard work, on the 32nd afternoon of the transmigration to the parallel world...

Su Ping put down the mouse in relief. When he saw the game icon his work had resulted in, he couldn't help but smile.

"Finally! It's done! I'll call you the Zombie Apocalypse!"

The Zombie Apocalypse had many icons. It could be classified from version 1 to version 6. The game's plot corresponded to the first through sixth seasons of the Resident Evil series.

Su Ping planned to release the six games separately. After all, each game could be considered an independent plot.

Moreover, Su Ping could gauge the market's response by releasing the game's first version. If the reaction was terrible, he could still improve the other versions in time to avoid paying a terrible price.

However, while Su Ping was working on the Zombie Apocalypse game, one of the leading game development companies, Storm Gaming Company, was promoting its new game on the internet.

It was a zombie open-world game called Apocalypse Tomorrow.

The theme of Apocalypse Tomorrow was to let players survive in the apocalyptic world. By establishing colonies and purchasing more robust equipment, players could survive longer.

During the publicity, the game was known as the hope of the gaming industry. It was said to have hundreds of millions of Yuan of investments and was a high-quality game that could change the market structure of the gaming industry!

The announcement received an enthusiastic response. Most people were looking forward to the official open beta of Apocalypse Tomorrow.

Even an account of the beta test server could be sold for hundreds of Yuan!

Su Ping started looking for a way to promote his game the day after it was produced to get more players interested.

However, Su Ping lacked promotion funds. Moreover, most streamers had received orders from the Storm Gaming Company for commercial work.

Since the theme of Su Ping's game overlapped with the theme of Apocalypse Tomorrow, the streamers would definitely decline Su Ping's request.

In the end, Su Ping could only find a streamer named Angelica, who provided relatively low-cost service and hadn't received any orders from the Storm Gaming Company to live stream playing his game.

Fortunately, Angelica was one of the famous streamers. Even though Su Ping could only find a streamer to promote his game, he was enthusiastic.

Moreover, Su Ping emptied his savings account even if he only found one streamer to promote his game.

"I've already wired the money to you. We've made a deal, so please remember to play my game on your live stream!"

Su Ping sent a message to remind her since he was worried.


"Don't worry. I'm a trustworthy person."

"However, I am curious about the situation. Your game seems to overlap highly with Apocalypse Tomorrow. Is this really alright?"

"Besides, Apocalypse Tomorrow and your game's open beta are scheduled for the same day... Please pardon me for saying this, but you might be doomed."

Su Ping answered Angelica's reminder with a smile.

"Ha ha! Thank you for your concern, but I believe all that glitters is not gold, but gold will glitter forever."

"I certainly believe in the impact of your live stream. As long as the game is good enough, you won't have to worry about anyone not playing it!"

After a while, Angelica replied.

"Yes, you're right. I'm more interested in your game now."

Finally, it was time for the open beta test of the game.

Steam was the most prominent gaming platform in the world, and most of the games would be released on the platform.

Since Apocalypse Tomorrow was having its open beta test on the same day, in addition to the impact of its publicity, most of the netizens were discussing the game content.

People were looking forward to the official release of Apocalypse Tomorrow, which caused nobody to notice that a game called Zombie Apocalypse was released.

The number of downloads remained at zero.

During the evening, Angelica turned on her live stream just as usual.

As soon as her live stream started, many viewers commented and asked Angelica whether she wanted to play Apocalypse Tomorrow. The viewers even began to urge her to download the game!

However, when Angelica opened Steam and downloaded the Zombie Apocalypse game, the comments in the live stream became chaotic.

[Host, what are you doing? It isn't Apocalypse Tomorrow. It's Zombie Apocalypse. You downloaded the wrong game!]

[Host, stop downloading. It's disrespectful to other games if you downloaded such a trashy game!]

[Wait, Zombie Apocalypse seems to have its open beta test today.]

[It's so disgusting! How is such a garbage game created by a tiny game development studio trying to racketeer with Apocalypse Tomorrow?]

The live stream was filled with dissatisfied comments.

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