3 Host, Can You Go Faster?

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Soon, Angelica noticed the chaos in the comment section and immediately responded.

"Dear viewers, I think you've misunderstood me. I was going to play Zombie Apocalypse, so I'm downloading the right game."

The live stream was filled with even more dissatisfied comments as soon as Angelica explained the situation.

[What? Are you kidding me? You're going to play such a trashy game?]

[Zombie Apocalypse? What the heck is that? It sounds like some kind of trashy game with an exaggerated name.]

[That's right. Host, please change to another game. If you insist on not playing Apocalypse Tomorrow, I'll watch another streamer's live stream and unsubscribe you!]

[Guys, let's go and watch another streamer's live stream! It's boring here! The host just wants to earn money!]

As Angelica saw a decrease in the number of views, she didn't expect such a situation would happen.

However, Angelica had to keep her word since she had received Su Ping's money.

Fortunately, many rational fans continued watching the live stream, and some were curious about Zombie Apocalypse.

Therefore, many people chose to continue watching the live stream.

Angelica quickly put on her equipment and said with a smile.

"The game has started. Dear viewers, please watch carefully. I heard from the producer that it's a scary game!"

The comment section was filled with disapproved comments.

[Geez, the game is terrifying? I can imagine how boring this game will be.]

[I agree. Horror games are just about dark backgrounds and monsters suddenly appearing to scare people. There's no plot or anything special. Also, the fighting segment will be boring.]

[Sigh, I don't understand why the host wants to play such a game. It's a waste of time!]

[It's normal since she wants to earn money.]

Angelica ignored the comments. In the blink of an eye, she entered the game.

However, the game didn't start immediately. Instead, it began to show an animation of the story's plot.

Angelica thought, "How could a small workshop create a CG animation for a game?"

"Wait, why is everything in the animation seem so real?"

The plot of the animation was the opening scene of Resident Evil season one. Angelica saw a man operating a robotic arm to collect some metal cans in an underground laboratory.

The animation explained the background of the game to the players. At the same time, it revealed some information so the players could get hints while playing in the next stage. Thus, it could increase the player's game experience.

[Damn! The game looks interesting! Although I'm confused by the plot's animation, the graphics look real!]

[I agree. It feels like I'm really in this place. It's like watching a movie!]

[I remembered that a person produced Zombie Apocalypse all by himself. Am I right? Isn't the quality too high?]

The high-quality opening scene animation immediately turned the mood in the comment section.

In this era, people could use VR to watch live streams to experience everything on the internet immersively.

Finally, the plot's animation ended. Later, the character Alice, played by Angelica, just woke up in the bathroom's bathtub.

She was alone in the bathroom. The white curtain separated the bathtub from the outside world.

Alice shivered when she touched the cold bathtub.

"It's so cold!"

Meanwhile, some viewers noticed that Angelica wasn't in a fixed perspective.

The viewers also noticed that Angelica could turn her head around to look in any direction and even control her body to do different actions!

It was completely different from the other games, where the characters' movements were kept stationary.

[Oh my God! It's a story-driven game where the characters can move freely?]

[I don't think there's any game produced by the Storm Gaming Company that provides such high degrees of freedom, right?]

[Thank god I didn't leave just now! I believe that it might not be inferior to Apocalypse Tomorrow!]

Angelica left the bathroom and found a red dress on the bed. Then, she put on the dress. Meanwhile, Angelica realized that she was in a mansion. It seemed like the mansion wasn't located in the city since it was quiet all around.

Based on her experience, Angelica started to search every room in the mansion to get more hints.

A black shadow suddenly passed as Angelica walked around the mansion. The gust of cold wind made her shiver.

However, when Angelica turned around, she realized nobody was behind her. There was just a corridor behind her.

[Ha ha! This game seems like reality. I think Angelica is almost scared to death!]

[Although the game looks easy to play, the atmosphere is creepy indeed!]

Angelica kept encouraging herself to continue searching for hints.

Angelica saw a note and a photo of Alice and a boy who seemed to be her boyfriend.

As Angelica entered the living room, a pair of hands suddenly reached out and hugged her.

Before Angelica understood the situation, the glass beside the wall suddenly shattered.

A group of Special Forces in their uniforms descended from the sky and immediately surrounded them.

Angelica thought, "What happened? Isn't it a horror game?"

"What's going on? It's a murder mystery game?"

The situation dumbfounded Angelica. She could only raise her hands obediently while facing the guns.

Meanwhile, one of the Special Forces took off his mask. He was the captain of the team.

Angelica was clueless while facing the captain's questions. All she could do was claim that she had lost her memory and ask the Special Forces not to kill her.

The captain stopped asking questions. Instead, he and his team members brought Alice and the man who attacked Alice to the mansion's basement.

There was a railway that led to an unknown place.

After getting on the train, the captain explained the situation to Alice.

Angelica and the live stream room viewers just realized that the game's plot was so complicated that the background story needed to be explained!

[So Alice, the character the host is playing, really has amnesia? Is she the staff member of this mansion?]

[The Umbrella Corporation? The name sounds peculiar.]

[It seems like the mansion is just a spot for beginners. It's meant for people to familiarize themselves with the background and plot.]

[According to my gaming experience, The Hive must be the key to the game!]

[Why aren't there any zombies yet? I want to see zombies!]

Meanwhile, no one was urging the host to play another game in the comment section.

The high-quality scenes from Zombie Apocalypse attracted new viewers who'd just joined the live stream room to continue watching.

As the viewers who'd watched the live stream from the beginning explained the situation, they were soon immersed in the Zombie Apocalypse.

There were even viewers urging Angelica to drive the train faster so that they could enter The Hive to start the next stage of the plot.

Angelica had a rough idea of the situation in The Hive after talking with the Special Forces on the train.

Angelica's live stream became the unique live stream of the day. She was the only streamer who didn't play Apocalypse Tomorrow during her live stream.

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