I Developed The Zombie Apocalypse And Netizens Went Crazy With Excitement

# ZOMBIE # GAME Su Ping transmigrated to a parallel world and became the CEO of a gaming company which was on the brink of bankruptcy. The local gaming industry was in a recession. Even though his gaming company possessed top VR technology, the management only pushed for low-quality productions. The company had yet to produce any masterpiece. As such, Su Ping became a game designer. In order to increase the fame of his company, he thought of replicating the Resident Evil series that he experienced in his previous life. He recreated the series based on his memory and designed the Zombie Apocalypse series. Unfortunately, at this point, everyone was persuading him to switch jobs. Even his girlfriend broke up with him. Su Ping insisted on designing the game and he worked day and night. At the same time, another company, which was a giant in the gaming industry, announced that they would also be unleashing a game about the apocalypse. The company even invested a huge sum of money for advertising. Finally, one day, both games were released. Everyone rushed to try out Next Day Apocalypse produced by the famous company, but they left the game feeling disappointed and requested for a refund. On the other hand, even though only less than 10 people played Su Ping’s game, they were completely immersed in the gaming experience. A streamer even praised it publicly. Su Ping’s game gained overnight success. On the very first day it was released, it surpassed Next Day Apocalypse, which had spent millions in advertising, in terms of sales. Players were drawn to Su Ping’s game due to the mysterious and dangerous virus T, the unpredictable monsters and the nerve-wrecking plot. Countless people were scared witless. When the valiant Alice was introduced in the game, all players went crazy in excitement. Her performance in the game made her the first virtual idol to have fans worldwide. When everyone believed that this would become a classic of a generation and that it was impossible for anything else to surpass it, Su Ping released Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, Aliens and other series.

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Everyone Is Live Streaming Apocalypse Tomorrow

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[Damn! The host started a live stream? Is the host's account being hacked?]

[Why is the host live streaming at this time today? I had just arrived at the company and was about to take a break. I didn't expect Old Tom to be live streaming!]

[Did the sun rise from the West today? All of you want to be government officials, don't you?]

[When did the streamers become hardworking? Or am I dreaming now?]

Most of the viewers joined the live streaming room unbelievingly since the time streamers started their live streaming was strange.

The live-streaming industry was in chaos when viewers saw the person in the live stream was indeed the streamer they had subscribed to.

The streamers just realized the popularity of Zombie Apocalypse yesterday. After knowing the situation, they immediately downloaded the game during the night to play it in their live streams the following day. They had to compete for traffic in playing Zombie Apocalypse!

That was the only reason the streamers started to live stream early in the morning!

Otherwise, they couldn't gain more popularity once other streamers had played Zombie Apocalypse.

Nobody would like to watch the game plot several times in a row and not get tired of it.

Some streamers who had started their live streams even provoked Zombie Apocalypse, saying it was a marketing scam yesterday.

They also chose to start their live streaming in the morning.

"Dear viewers, I've finished downloading the Zombie Apocalypse you requested last night. I, Old Tom, will try playing the game to see whether the game is as impressive as you mentioned!"

"You guys must have been cheated by the water army. However, I'm here to tell you that the game is a scam! It's just used to increase popularity and traffic!"

"Guys, have a look. I'm entering the game now!"

The host clicked open Zombie Apocalypse after he finished his words.

However, after watching the opening scene of the game's plot, the host, who had just claimed that Zombie Apocalypse was a scam, was shocked by the situation.

"What? Are my eyes working properly just now? Is this really a free game?"

"Wait, the game's plot is just a CG movie clip. Hehe! Do you think you can scheme me with such a small trick? Mr. Game Producer, your cheating skills aren't good enough."

Meanwhile, the live stream room was filled with provoking comments. Some viewers were trying to prod the host to continue the game immediately.

"I, Old Tom, have never been scared by any horror game. The game producer thinks he could scare me with such a game, huh? If the game does, I'll eat my VR equipment during my live stream!"

Ten minutes later, the host's shrill shout and the viewers' delighted comments filled the live stream room.

"Aah! Don't come over!"

"Please don't bite me! Fuck! It hurts! Stop biting me! Aah! I'm going to become a zombie!"

The game failed.

The host was kicked out of the game because his agitation raised the VR system's alert level.

[Pfft, haha! Where did the boastful guy go? Why can't I find him?]

[Old Tom, are you trying to make us die of laughter? What makes you confident to say that no horror game has ever scared you?]

[Host, I suggest you go back to the factory. It's too embarrassing. If I were you, I would immediately turn off the live stream due to the shame!] 

[Is there anything else you want to say? So, Zombie Apocalypse isn't a scam, right?]

After a long while, Old Tom finally recovered from his shock.

Old Tom looked at Zombie Apocalypse's game icon unbelievably, and his eyes popped out of his head.

He couldn't believe that such an impressive game existed in the world.

Worldwide gamers have been suffering from trashy games for a long time!

Finally, it was almost afternoon. Meanwhile, the major live-streaming platforms around the world were streaming the streamers' shrill shouts.

Even streamers who didn't belong to the gaming streaming industry joined in on the experience of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Even dance industry streamers stopped streaming their dances and opened the Zombie Apocalypse one by one. However, they were tortured by the zombies in the end.

Every streamer would do their best to compete with the Zombie Apocalypse traffic.

They all posted an announcement in their live stream moves, hoping their subscribers would join their live stream and watch them play Zombie Apocalypse.

Last night, one of the popular streamers, Wesley, who had tens of millions of fans on the live-streaming platforms, officially started his live stream and played Zombie Apocalypse.

"Haha! Brothers, I've been watching other streamers live-stream this game today. It doesn't seem to be scary."

"Your streamer, I, will show you how the game is played. Please enjoy my spirited performance! I'll kill all the zombies!"

Wesley had been known for being a boastful person.

Hence, the comments mocked him as soon as he finished speaking.

[It will be deemed a success if the host refrains from urinating in his underwear out of fear.]

[Only go offline if you clear the game today!]

[What are you waiting for? Hurry up and enter the game!]

"Alright, alright. Everyone, please calm down. The game is about to start."

Initially, Wesley wasn't aware of the horror of the game. He even laughed as he commented on the quality of the game's texture.

"Brothers, please look carefully. The scene is detailed, indeed. Although I'm not scared, I'm going to the game for 80 points."

"Wow! This house is big! I wish I could have such a big house in real life!"

Soon, Wesley was shocked by the sudden appearance of the Special Forces, and he stopped smiling.

However, Wesley was able to be calm at the moment.

As Wesley reached the Laser Hallway, looking at the laser beam coming at him, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Aah! Don't kill me! My meat will stink if it's cooked!"

"Aah! Don't!"

The game failed.

Wesley couldn't find a way to avoid being cut by the laser beam while panicking. As expected, his body was cut in half, and the game ended.

Fortunately, the game would save automatically every once in a while. Under the insulting remarks of the viewers, Wesley loaded the stored data and resumed the game to demonstrate his strength.

[Haha! Such a weak guy!]

[As a female host, Angelica can clear the game in one try. Why is Wesley so weak?]

[I can eat three big bowls of rice for today's dinner while watching the host's live stream!]

Wesley's happiness didn't last long, even though he had completed the Laser Hallway Challenge.

As the elevator door opened, numerous zombies suddenly appeared and dragged Wesley, who was standing outside, into the elevator.

With a heartbreaking cry, Wesley was kicked out of the game due to agitation.

At the moment, Wesley was no longer as relaxed as he was at the start. He even wanted to go offline in shame.