Dagon (Stats & Info)

[Name: Dagon]

[Alias(es): Daizen Uchiha]

[Main Race: Human]

[Sub Race: None]

[Main Bloodline: Uchiha Bloodline]

[Second Bloodline: Senju]

[Chakra Affinity: Fire - Wind - Lightning - Water - Earth]

[Kekkei Genkai: EMS - Mokuton (sealed)]

[Gender: Male]

[Age: 70+]

[Status: Alive]

[Occupation: Heir Of Wisteria (Former)]

[Innate Talent (Unique): Boreas]

[Boreas - Boreas is a Unique talent that allows Dagon to create, shape, manipulate, control and become water.]

[EMS Ability: Benzaiten, Susanoo]

[Benzaiten: Create a dome around Dagon that nullify anything it comes into contact with.]

[Summoning Beast: Snakes, Bats]


(Previous Life):

[Wilhelm Von Wisteria (Father)]

[Sixscine Von Earlshide (Mother)] †

[Isaiah Von Wisteria (Half-Brother)]

(Current Life):

[Satoshi Uchiha (Father)] †

[Setsuna Uchiha (Mother)] †

[Mirai Uchiha (Brother)] †

[Akane Uchiha (Lover)]

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