I, Cut down Douluo, without Spirit Skills

Synopsis: Reborn in Holy Spirit Village, nicknamed Ah Man, whose 18 generations of ancestors were born only with zero-Level innate spirit power, awakened green hatchet with Level 3 spirit power. No spirit ring or no spirit bone skills, fights rely on cutting everything flat, if you feel uncomfortable, come and cut me. Also known as "Born as a commoner, the daughter of a rich family fell in love with me" "This man obviously has no spirit skills, why is he so fierce?" PS1: Entering the Spirit Hall, won’t follow Tang San, won't worship the master, and bring his wifu to build his own academy. So If you love Tang San you won't like it. PS2: His advantage or cheat is soul power and Dark Arts of Dark Ones from another world (Feng Shen Ji Manhua), power of Dark Ones complements well as a not-too-powerful cheat (no instant Op, need some growth). PS3: There's no need to read that Manhua, I will add an Auxiliary chapter to introduce the skills and other bits for both your and my convenience; Author will also introduce the cheat skill in chapter 5 and 6. === Author: Stir-Fried Qitian Pepper === *Disclaimer* Other than translation, everything belong to the original creator. If the original creator wants to take it down, pls leave a review below, just found the CN novel and translate it here to increase my vocabulary, English and to earn some coffee change. If you have some extra pocket money, Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/Crazy_Cat. This is where I read it- https://www.69shu.com/txt/44424.htm You can support original author in Chinese site.

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Chapter 1 Ah Man, the most Pitiful child in the Village

["The Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones is full of bravery, I will send you off to meet the previous Grand Marshal."] In the slightly dim bedroom, Hua Manshan leaned against the edge of the bed, looking at his phone in the reflection of the desk lamp, checking the barrage, moving five per second in the 'Feng Shen Ji' Manhua chapter reading space, and tapping the keyboard of his phone, leaving his own footprints on that chapter.

He picked up the coffee on the bedside table and took a sip.

He clicked on the bookmark, opened another window and the "Immortal Cultivation Life Simulator" popped up on the screen.

He had nothing to do, so he decided to play a mini-game that a certain young-looking sexy female anchor was playing.

"The last one, let's sleep after a few clicks."

'Let's play commoner character Gou Daoliu today.'

'Appearance - let's add 7, good and a bit handsome, approachable, not easy to be targeted.' As everybody knows if you are too handsome, it is easy to attract jealousy and be beaten up in the cultivation world, and if you are too ugly, it is easy to be suspected, so the only choice is above-average.

'Luck - add 10, the most important thing in the world of immortal cultivation is luck, you can find treasures wherever you go, and as long as you persevere, you will surely rise.'

"What should I do when there are only 3 points left?" Hua Manshan was silent for a while, the allotted points were only 20 for a free account, which limited his choices.

'Family status - let's add 1, it's okay if you didn't starve to death, after all, you're very lucky. A typical immortal cultivation feature in fantasy novels is Bai Fumei (rich young lady), who is born in a famous family, whenever she meets a male protagonist, she will give resources and skills to him for free. As long as you meet her, you can eat soft and spicy food, and the source of money will come from that.' Hua Manshan nodded slightly, looking satisfied.

"There are two points left, add 1 to the physique, and add the last 1 to intelligence, let's go!" There was a heavy tap with the fingertip.

"Ding, your physique is too low, you were stillborn."

"Fuck!" Hua Manshan abruptly turned around, the power cord on the side of the bed was pulled straight, the coffee cup on the side table suddenly fell, and amidst the flashes of lights, there was a loud bang, the flames blazed, and at the last moment, as his consciousness fell into the darkness, a thought flashed through his mind.

'Luckily, the disc is fried...'

The 300 GB ladies inside it accompanied him to heaven.

That is not quite bad!


South of Nuoding City, Holy Spirit Village.

The rising sun hung diagonally, the horizon glowing warm yellow, and the ground was covered with a tantalising mist that concealed the surrounding not-so-tall houses.

Inside a small wooden house, seven children lined up in order, standing at the front is a young man in a formal style.

"Hiss..." A low, muffled grunt suddenly sounded out, and a small boy among them quickly turned pale and held his head as he grunted muffledly.

"What's going on?" Su Yuntao turned his head, his brows slightly furrowed.

"Big brother, Ah Man is having another headache, he'll be fine later." The small girl with a goose egg face standing beside the little boy responded crisply.

As soon as the words fell, the other children nodded in unison, looking at the boy with eyes filled with pity.

Ah Man, his given name is Lin Manshan, his eighteen generations of ancestors have all used Lin as their family name, cutting wood and making charcoal as their livelihood, and every one of his ancestors has awakened Zero Spirit Strength Wood Cutting Hatchet Martial Soul. If nothing unexpected happens, Ah Man's awakening this time should also be a Wood Cutting Hatchet Martial Soul with zero spirit power, and he has no chance of becoming a Spirit Master.

His father, Lin Qingshan, encountered a spirit beast while chopping wood and perished. When he was found, his body was gnawed down to bones and clothes. His mother, Yang Cuihua, died with her husband. Because they couldn't even put their bodies all together, they could only be burnt into ashes and buried, it was really too tragic.

His grandparents died even earlier.

He is the most pitiful child in the village. He was weak and sickly since childhood and also suffered from dementia. After the death of his parents, he was adopted by the village chief old Jack, two years ago, he fell on his head while walking, although he became a little smarter, but unfortunately, he got a bad headache as well.

However, he is quite cute and talks nicely, so he is on good terms with all of them.

'Tata Tata', the sound of footsteps outside the door grew clear, the shadows extended, and an old man with a child behind him walked in.

The children subconsciously looked over, seeing the boy behind the old man, their eyes instantly revealed a look of dislike.

Compared to Lin Manshan, Tang San was a bit annoying, not only he is skinny and boring, but he also had a cold expression all day long and didn't care about them.

Lin Manshan's headache eased at this time, he also raised his head to look at Tang San, smiled kindly and moved away.

Tang San, known as a Thousand Hands Douluo and other big names, has a motto that if someone gets in his way or if he dislikes someone, they should die, so he doesn't want to mess with him.

After two years of observation, Lin Manshan has determined and as well as sure, this Tang San not only has extreme thoughts but also has a victimisation delusion syndrome.

Two years ago, when he walked and broke his head, the memories of his past life and present life were all plugged into his brain and surged wildly.

He also understood what had happened to him, he should have been travelled to this world and reborn like in a novel.

Unfortunately, there was no golden finger similar to the system, except for the occasional stroke of luck when he goes out and finds a Copper Soul Coin on the path.

There is no golden finger, and his eighteen-generation ancestors are all awakened spirit-less wood-cutting hatchet martial soul. If there is spirit power it's okay, with his more than twenty years of professional bachelor inheritance and keyboard literacy, any random brain cells, can come up with a few interesting ideas to solve the problem.

But without spirit power, he didn't even have the qualifications to be a spirit master, so how could he possibly enjoy his life?

Thinking that he might be a weak chicken all his life in the future, and then thinking that Tang San, who would kill people for slight offence using a thousand different ways right beside him, he inexplicably panicked a little at that moment. The key is, as the village chief Old Jack's family's adopted child, he expected to see Tang San often. Based on the principle of not befriending nor offending, to avoid saying the wrong thing while not paying attention and being shot to death by Tang San with an arrow while walking in a field, he had been keeping a low profile for the past two years.

In addition, there was a reason why he was so flustered. In the entire Holy Spirit Village, nowadays, only Old Jack helped Tang San from time to time. Other families had also helped Tang San when he was young, seeing that Tang San was pitiful having an alcoholic father at home. But after Tang San was four years old, they were all rejected one by one by him, and that's where the problem lies, Tang San rejected everyone, except Old Jack's help.

As a social person who had often suffered from the severe beatings of human society in his previous life, he quickly understood the reason for this.

The issue was mainly in identity.

Simply because the other families in the village were villagers, while Old Jack was the village chief.

Isn't it right for the village chief to shelter the villagers, share their worries, and provide relief to the poor villagers? This is just like what certain netizens in the comment section said in his previous life, that teachers should teach every one of their children to get good grades, and every one of them should be able to go to university. A child fell and hurt in school, that is the school management problem, so complaints were made for compensation, saying that they all paid tuition fees, and they were defending their reasonable rights and interests.

The rightful way to take things for granted.

In addition, the village children actually did not dislike Tang San at first, they are all children of farmers in a small remote village, and not the city family children. And they were all little kids, so where would they get so much thought of hating others? At first, everyone was happy to take the initiative to greet Tang San, but for Tang San, it was unknown whether there was a social barrier, or he couldn't bring himself to talk to little kids and other residents due to his two life experiences, it just turned out like a love affair.

Over time, everyone became estranged.

Perhaps out of a childish mentality, some children occasionally make a gesture of making fun of Tang San's name.

And Tang San's response, which he had heard one afternoon, was particularly memorable, "No matter where you go, there will always exist some people who dislike the poor and love the rich."

Shaking his head and murmuring, just like an adult, he didn't see things from a child's perspective.

"???" It was clearly you, Tang San, who didn't like to talk to them.

At that time, he was walking past the corner and instantly shrunk back when he heard the words.

Just kidding, if Tang San noticed him looking at him like that. He might think that he had spotted something wrong with him, and would find a chance to kill him off.

Like this, he has encountered many incidents.

Eventually concluded, can't afford to mess with him, but I can afford to avoid him; he just hoped that Tang San would hurry up and get out after awakening his martial soul in the future.

In this world, weakness is the original sin... Glancing at Tang San who walked to the end of the queue and lined up, Lin Manshan couldn't help but feel powerless, at the same time, his heart flared up with anticipation, 'Hopefully, my status as a reincarnator will cause a difference in the awakening of my martial soul today.'

There are so many young ladies in Douluo Continent, he is also quite greedy... No, being a male in this world, who doesn't want to achieve something great?

Love is just a harvest in passing... Lin Manshan whispered inwardly, then raised his head and glanced at the young man standing at the forefront of the group, ''If my guess is correct, this should be the rumoured Blind Douluo Master Su Yuntao. Master, I'm counting on you.'

In the middle of his thoughts, Old Jack had already walked up to the youth and bowed respectfully, "Honourable Lord Deacon, I'm troubling you."

"I don't have much time, let's start now." Su Yuntao's expression revealed a tantalising pride as he bowed slightly to return the salute.

"Fine, my lord, thanks for your hard work." Turning around on his crutches, Old Jack had a kind face, "Children, this is Lord Su Yuntao, the deacon of the Spirit Hall from Nuoding City. Next, he will guide you to awaken your own martial souls and open the path to spirit master. You must be good and obedient, and cooperate with Lord Su Yuntao's work, Grandpa expects some of you to become Spirit Masters."

"Alright, alright..."

Although Su Yuntao was secretly happy in his heart, he was also a little impatient, and hurriedly waved his hand, helplessly saying, "Old Jack, you also said these same sentences last year. How can it be so easy to become a spirit master, in the past two days I've already travelled to six villages. Not a single child with spirit power was found, much less a martial soul that can be worth cultivating appeared."

"Yes... Only the inheritors of those big families and clans can easily become a Spirit Master, us ordinary people, it's just too difficult." Old Jack's eyes showed a hint of dimness, sighing while shaking his head and walking out of the house on his crutches.

"Alright, children, stand in a row, one by one." Looking at the children in front of him, Su Yuntao's tone was much softer, once upon a time, he was one of them, and with the help of the older deacon of the Spirit Hall, he awakened a martial soul of his own.

Nowadays, he had inherited the work of his predecessor and had also become a Spirit Hall's inspection deacon.

"Remember, no matter what happens later, don't be afraid..." While saying this, Su Yuntao opened his parcel on a side table and took out two items from it, six ebony round stones, as well as a bright blue crystal ball.

Arranging the six black stones into a hexagonal shape on the ground, he gently waved his hand towards the rightmost side of the group.

"Child, come here. Stand inside, don't be afraid, close your eyes and feel the experience carefully." After saying that, Su Yuntao's eyes suddenly lit up with a ray of cyan light, and under the children's horrified gazes, he let out a low shout.

"Lone wolf, possession."

With this soft shout from Su Yuntao, his body quickly changed, his body quickly bulged, his eyes were eerily green, and the black hair on his head turned grey and quickly grew longer. The ten fingers of his hands poked out sharp claws, and two circles of light rings lit up on the ground in an instant.

One white and one yellow, extremely peculiar.

This is a Beast Martial Soul? It's really like the werewolves in the films of his previous life... Lin Manshan was astonished.

The deacon of the Spirit Hall would come every year, but the Awakening Ceremony was held indoors and the outsiders were not allowed to enter, so he had never seen it before.

"Ah!" The little boy standing inside the hexagon was so scared by this continuous change that he lost his breath and screamed on the spot, spreading his legs and about to run, but was grabbed by Su Yuntao.

"Don't move, I already told you there's no need to be afraid. This is my martial soul, Lone Wolf. If you guys are lucky enough to awaken a martial soul that possesses spirit power later, you will be able to become a spirit master like me in the future and possess comparable abilities."


[The Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones' name is NiTian ErXing (Act Against the Sky) from Feng Shen Ji Manhua.]


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