8 Can You Get Me Something to eat?

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"On this basis, as long as I choose some harmless magic to teach people, it will not cause any harm!"

"General Godwin, what do you think?"

In the holographic image, General Godwin's face was filled with shock and doubt.

If it was as Charlot said, only teaching people the simplest and safest magic, then it might be workable.

But the problem was, what could the government gain from this process?

"Mr. Charlot, please forgive my bluntness. The government has no obligation to help you promote magic."

"If your private magic class has a negative impact on the social order, then we will punish and judge you according to the law!"

"Mr. Charlot, do you understand what I mean?", General Godwin stared at Charlot.

Charlot smiled slightly. Naturally, he understood what the government meant.

They wanted to use both kindness and power. They wanted benefits!

This was very simple!

"I understand what General means."

Charlot nodded, he said, "So, if the government helps me promote, endorse, or allow me to establish an organization similar to a college, then I can teach certain spells that are powerful enough to those who, after my judgment, will not cause harm to society!"

"And these are the things you need the most!"

"You mean, you want the government to help you prove the existence of magic, and even help you set up a 'Magic University'?", General Godwin asked hesitantly.

"That's right!"

"In this way, magic will return to human society in the most gentle way!"

"Moreover, the government will also train enough talents in this process!"

"Even if there are uncontrollable situations in the future, I can help to deal with them. Perhaps by that time, the government will have trained enough talents!"

"This is my sincere idea!"

Charlot replied firmly with a confident smile on his face.

From a certain perspective, this was a win-win situation!

He could spread magic and obtained faith points and believers

The government could train talents, strengthened the strength of the people, and obtained a powerful helper like himself.

People gained strength, their bodies became healthier, their lifespans increased, and countless talents would appear.

Charlot did not believe that the government's think tank could not figure out this was a win-win situation!

The only thing he had to worry about was that some of the higher-ups would stubbornly believe that magic was dangerous and should be controlled by the government.

In that case, Charlot would stubbornly fight against these stubborn people to the end!

He summoned his system in his mind.

[ Host: Charlot ]

[ Faith point: 260,414]

[ Number of believers: 315 (number of believers required for the next level: 5000) ]

[ Level: Junior sorcerer ]

[ spells: Flame spell (noobie-level), Ice elf (beginner-level), Morning glow spell (beginner-level), Body cleansing spell (beginner-level)]

The increase in faith points was terrifying. In just a few hours, it had increased by more than ten times.

However, the number of believers still did not increase much.

This was because the videos that were spread by the nursing home's caretakers, the elders, and the children's teachers had caused a huge reaction on the internet!

Although the government had banned some rumors, in this country, speech was free. Even the government did not have the right to delete all the videos!

And those who saw these videos were starting to doubt the existence of magic!

Even if they were still on the fence, in the end, they would still provide Charlot with a certain amount of faith points. However, the faith points were relatively small, and they were unable to become believers.

The new believers were basically the families of the children, teachers, and caretakers.

The road to gaining magic believers was still far away, but the faith points had accumulated to a certain amount, so he could use it to exchange for some things!

First of all, it was an item for self-protection!

Charlot chose to exchange for the most basic forbidden spell. This could be used for self-protection, and secondly, it could also be used to intimidate others!

[ Froststorm (basic forbidden spell scroll): 210,000 faith points ]

The effect of [ Froststorm ] was that a super-large-scale storm would be brewing within a five-mile radius around the caster!

Moreover, such a violent storm would cause a freezing-cold temperature of-40 to-50 degrees!

At the same time, countless wind blades, ice blades, and tornadoes would wreak havoc in the storm!

From a certain perspective, the instant destruction of the [ Froststorm ] might even be comparable to a missile.

However, it could last for a full two hours!

Within two hours, the storm would continue, the wind blades and ice blades would continue, with the freezing coldness that could freeze people to death!

It could be said that with a forbidden spell, it could almost destroy an entire city!

Next, Charlot exchanged for five teleportation scrolls. Their effect was to randomly teleport Charlot to a safe place 20 kilometers away.

And it was not expensive!

[ Teleportation scroll (basic, range 20 kilometers): 3000 faith points ]

Apart from self-protection, the system could also exchange for things that could improve one's physical fitness or prolong one's life.

But Charlot did not plan to exchange for these low-level items for the time being.

He planned to directly exchange for all kinds of bloodlines and physiques that were worth hundreds of millions or even billions when his faith points accumulated to a certain level!

[ Body of six-winged angel: 300 million ]

[ The bloodline of the ancient god: Titan : 800 million ]

[ Ancient demonic dragon body: 1.9 billion ]

Charlot even saw the "True god bloodline of the twelve-winged angel", which was worth 750 billion...

It could only be said that the most painful thing in life was to see something good and then not be able to afford it...

After exchanging for the teleportation scrolls, Charlot exchanged for a few more one-time defense scrolls. The defense was not strong, but it could still block the ordinary bullets or cold weapons.

The main reason was that they were very cheap and only cost 500 faith points.

After exchanging for all of them, it only took Charlot less than three minutes.

On the other side, General Godwin gave his own answer.

"Mr. Charlot, we have recorded your request and plan in detail."

"For the sake of your safety and the safety of the others, we may need you to stay close to the Palmeira Nursing Home for the time being. We will send an army to protect your safety."

Although it was said to be protection, it was actually the vigilance and surveillance mean to watch over him. Charlot already had a premonition about this.

He nodded and said, "No problem. However, please give me an answer as soon as possible!"

Charlot's answer was neither servile nor overbearing because he had nothing to lose!

At the very worst, the government and him would turn against each other. If the government wanted to use force, Charlot would let the government know just how terrifying a sorcerer was!

He only hoped that there wouldn't be those high-ranking officials who were impatient to try!


General Godwin nodded and turned off the holographic image.

Presumably, even General Godwin wouldn't be able to make the decision on his own with the agreement between him and Charlot.

In the room, the leader of the men in black was standing facing Charlot.

After General Godwin turned off the holographic image, he walked over and saluted him with military standard.

"Mr. Charlot, from now on, the five of us will be your personal guards!"

"You can call me No.1. They are No.2 to No.5!"

"Don't you have names?", Charlot asked in confusion.

"Yes! But when we joined the USSS, our past was no longer important!", No. 1 answered meticulously.

"Well, then..."

Charlot stretched and felt his stomach growling crazily. After working for a whole afternoon and an entire afternoon, he had only eaten one loaf of bread.

"Can you make me something to eat? I'm very hungry!"

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