326 Chapter 326: Floor 3 Monsters Descended (part 1)

Xal'Thar, his characteristic growl replaced by an uneasy silence, stared wide-eyed at the expanding crack. "This... this force transcends our understanding. It's as if the very fabric of reality is unraveling," he muttered, his demonic pride momentarily shattered.

As the spatial rift widened, revealing an expanse that seemed to defy the boundaries of the mortal realm, an immense eye, vast as a universe, manifested within the breach. It stared down upon the battlefield, an omniscient gaze that made everyone, demons and humans alike, feel like insignificant ants before an incomprehensible giant.

Althea, despite her mastery over light, felt a shiver down her spine. "This eye... it's as if the cosmos itself is watching us. We are but fleeting specks in its gaze."

Kaelar, still struggling against the unseen force, forced out words filled with trepidation. "Are we witnessing the divine or something far beyond the reaches of our realm?"


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