322 Chapter 322: Resting Floor

Before the gathered crowd could comprehend the unfolding events, an intense white light erupted, engulfing them in blinding brilliance. As vision slowly returned, the first to recover their sight were the three demons – Cryonex, Vexoria, and Xal'Thar.

Witnessing the absence of the human array master, Cryonex seethed with fury, his voice echoing with menace, "Aaahhhh, how dare you run! Just you wait till I get my hands on you!"

Vexoria, her gaze focused, remarked, "Those must be the two Soul Strengthening humans."

Xal'Thar, the strategist of the trio, weighed the odds. "This complicates matters. With a 7-star array master on the human side, we should report this to Lord Cambion."

However, Cryonex, unwilling to let the offenders escape, interjected, "You two go first. I'll vent my anger on these humans." His eyes gleamed with malice as he prepared to unleash his demonic wrath.


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