I Created A Dungeon In A Cultivation World

Argon got Isekaid to another world, and also got a system that can help him build a dungeon in a cultivation world, where people can get amazing treasures inside. And for our mc to get enough resources for upgrading the dungeon he also needs to kill the people that will enter his dungeon to get soul coins that will help him upgrade the dungeon. In a world where cultivation is the key to power and strength. Argon has the power to create dungeons - underground labyrinths filled with powerful monsters and valuable treasures. Using his unique abilities, Argon creates a dungeon in the heart of an unknown forest, hoping to attract powerful cultivators and increase his own strength. But as his dungeon grows in size and power, the top powerhouses in the world realized the danger of the dungeon, since the dungeon would pour out unknown monsters that will wreak havoc in the world. To survive in this new world, Argon must use all his cunning and strength to navigate the treacherous world of cultivation and defend his dungeon from those who seek to destroy it. ------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/rRznGw45WS

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420 Chs

Chapter 31: Subordinate Gacha

[Reminder to the host: There is a new subordinate gacha section in the system. The host should check it out immediately.]

Argon promptly opened the system and discovered the new subordinate gacha section.

"System, could you provide more details about this subordinate gacha?" he inquired.

[In this section, you can obtain a random subordinate by paying 5000 soul coins. The higher your cultivation, the more expensive it becomes. Additionally, the subordinates you acquire can only have a cultivation realm one level higher than your own...]

[For instance, with your current Qi Gathering cultivation, if you're fortunate enough, you may receive a Golden Core Realm subordinate. Moreover, each subordinate is extraordinary. Those in the same realm can easily defeat an ordinary cultivator, and some are even capable of battling opponents in higher realms.]

"That sounds promising, but..." Argon glanced at his remaining soul coins and let out a wry smile.

"System, I wish to try it immediately, but I only have 3300 soul coins left," he sighed. Being poor truly presented challenges.

[Since it's your first time using it, the system will offer you a discount. You can pay 2000 soul coins for the first attempt.]

"Really?! System, when did you become so generous to me? You've always been cold and sassy," Argon remarked jokingly.

[If you doubt my sincerity, I can rescind the offer right away.]

"Wait, system! I was just kidding. Why so serious? Hehe..."


Argon wiped the sweat from his forehead. 'I shouldn't provoke the system anymore,' he thought.

To be honest, the system was only distant when he first arrived. However, its attitude had improved as he progressed in building the dungeon.

With that in mind, Argon accessed the subordinate gacha and clicked the draw button, which cost him 2000 soul coins.

In the next moment, a large transparent screen appeared before him. Pictures of creatures swiftly materialized on the screen, rotating in succession. Argon even recognized a few familiar beings.

Gradually, the rotation began to decelerate. Now, Argon could clearly see the images, although only the middle card was visible.

Among them were some unfamiliar creatures. However, there were also recognizable beings such as dragons, angels, and demons. He even spotted humanoid figures, including monkey-like monsters resembling the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal Sun Wukong.

Argon's heart skipped a beat when he glimpsed a dragon in one of the pictures. For a moment, he believed he had struck the jackpot, and his heart almost ceased to beat. However, the card swiftly changed, nearly causing him to curse the system.