299 Chapter 299: Breakthrough

Amidst the cosmic turmoil, Kaelar's vision blurred as exhaustion began to overwhelm him. His celestial warrior stood unwavering, but he could feel the reserves of his own energy dwindling rapidly. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer in this titanic struggle. With each passing moment, the darkness of Tornit's "Void's Embrace" threatened to creep closer.

As despair threatened to take hold, Kaelar felt a sudden warmth on his shoulder. Startled, he turned his gaze to find Althea, with a serene smile. Her eyes radiated with a gentle, reassuring light, a beacon of hope in the midst of chaos.

A serene smile graced Althea's face, her eyes filled with a quiet determination. "Let me help you," she said, her voice a steady anchor in the midst of the chaotic clash.


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