I Created A Dungeon In A Cultivation World

Argon got Isekaid to another world, and also got a system that can help him build a dungeon in a cultivation world, where people can get amazing treasures inside. And for our mc to get enough resources for upgrading the dungeon he also needs to kill the people that will enter his dungeon to get soul coins that will help him upgrade the dungeon. In a world where cultivation is the key to power and strength. Argon has the power to create dungeons - underground labyrinths filled with powerful monsters and valuable treasures. Using his unique abilities, Argon creates a dungeon in the heart of an unknown forest, hoping to attract powerful cultivators and increase his own strength. But as his dungeon grows in size and power, the top powerhouses in the world realized the danger of the dungeon, since the dungeon would pour out unknown monsters that will wreak havoc in the world. To survive in this new world, Argon must use all his cunning and strength to navigate the treacherous world of cultivation and defend his dungeon from those who seek to destroy it. ------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/rRznGw45WS

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Chapter 28: Ancestral Dragon

"System, if I choose a dragon, what kind of dragon will I get?" Argon inquired, well aware of the various types of dragons that existed, such as elemental dragons, void dragons, and time dragons, among others.

"In this case, the host will obtain a fire dragon, a dragon with access to all fire element skills. The host can further evolve the fire dragon using soul coins. The ultimate evolution of the dragon race is an Ancestral Dragon, but it requires a substantial amount of soul coins to achieve," the system responded.

"If that's the case, then the dragon race is the best choice among these four options," Argon thoughtfully concluded.

As far as he knew, the Ancestral Dragon had been present since the creation of the universe and was responsible for the existence of the dragon race.

"System, I choose the dragon race," Argon declared.

Shortly after, Argon's surroundings darkened. In the next moment, he found himself once again in the void.

"Not the void again," he remarked, looking around. Suddenly, his brow furrowed as he sensed something in the depths of the pitch-black void. It was indistinct, but he felt its presence.

In the next instant, Argon was frozen in place as he witnessed a massive eye slowly opening before him. It was so colossal that he could see entire galaxies revolving within its pupil. Compared to this eye, Argon was nothing more than a speck of dust.

The eye gazed upon him, and in the following moment, he was overwhelmed by an intense headache.

"AAAHHHH!" Argon cried out, clutching his head in agony. It felt as if his skull was on the verge of shattering.

After a while, the excruciating pain gradually subsided. The experience had been torturous, and if it had continued for even a minute longer, he was certain he would have succumbed to the unbearable agony.

Gasping for breath, Argon opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by trees. He had returned to the dungeon.

"System! What just happened?! What in the world did I experience?!" he exclaimed, his voice filled with frustration and confusion.

"It was the spiritual will of the Ancestral Dragon," the system responded calmly.

"So, that enormous eye belonged to the Ancestral Dragon? How massive must its body be?" Argon pondered, struggling to comprehend the scale of the Ancestral Dragon.

Standing up, he felt a peculiar sensation coursing through his body. Something felt different.

"No way," he murmured.

Argon began to examine his body, slowly realizing the truth. He had transformed into a dragon, a long and serpentine creature with four legs and scales reminiscent of the void, adding an air of mystique to his appearance.

He had become a seventy-foot-long dragon, not overly large for a dragon but certainly far from the size of a human.