I Created A Dungeon In A Cultivation World

Argon got Isekaid to another world, and also got a system that can help him build a dungeon in a cultivation world, where people can get amazing treasures inside. And for our mc to get enough resources for upgrading the dungeon he also needs to kill the people that will enter his dungeon to get soul coins that will help him upgrade the dungeon. In a world where cultivation is the key to power and strength. Argon has the power to create dungeons - underground labyrinths filled with powerful monsters and valuable treasures. Using his unique abilities, Argon creates a dungeon in the heart of an unknown forest, hoping to attract powerful cultivators and increase his own strength. But as his dungeon grows in size and power, the top powerhouses in the world realized the danger of the dungeon, since the dungeon would pour out unknown monsters that will wreak havoc in the world. To survive in this new world, Argon must use all his cunning and strength to navigate the treacherous world of cultivation and defend his dungeon from those who seek to destroy it. ------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/rRznGw45WS

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Chapter 27: Disaster For Humans (part 2)

As the battle raged on, the number of goblin riders dwindled, and they met their demise. Well, not a true death, as they would eventually resurrect.

"AAAHHH!" Elder Gong cried out in pain as the wolf tore his right arm apart.

The Hobgoblin rider mercilessly swung its club at his head. Elder Gong, who was already on the brink of death, couldn't evade the attack. He could only gaze at the oncoming club with pleading eyes.


Elder Gong's head exploded like a watermelon.

Fax and Elder Lee, who were valiantly defending against the relentless onslaught of hobgoblin riders, witnessed Elder Gong's fate and shuddered in horror.

However, suddenly, the three hobgoblin riders ceased their attack. The fighting around them had come to an end as all the goblin riders perished.

Yet, the humans were not elated by their victory, for more than half of their camp had fallen in battle.

The three hobgoblins turned around and departed, their mission already accomplished. Although they harbored no fear of dying here and killing more humans, their orders were to eliminate only half of them, and they had exceeded that quota.

Fax and Elder Lee made no attempt to halt the hobgoblins. On the contrary, they wished for their departure to hasten.

Once the hobgoblins were gone, their legs gave way, and the two men sat down on the ground, completely exhausted. Their bodies bore numerous broken bones and cuts, an unfamiliar experience for them. After all, in Waydale City, they had been top powerhouses, rendering others powerless before them.


Argon gazed at the four thousand soul coins in the system with excitement. Nearly two thousand lives had been lost in that battle, making it natural for him to acquire such a substantial amount of soul coins.

"I can finally acquire a body... System, assist me in constructing a body!"

[Ding: Requirements of 1,000 soul coins fulfilled.

Please select your body.

Human: Though considered the weakest race, humans possess the greatest potential among all races.

Dragon: A divine beast with unparalleled strength, immense resistance to skills, and a formidable divine presence. A creature at the pinnacle of the food chain.

Demon: A denizen of hell, a bloodthirsty creature possessing strength rivaling that of dragons.

Nine-Tailed Fox: A divine beast that manipulates illusions, the darling of Heaven and Earth, a captivating creature capable of ensnaring hearts with its beauty...]

"What kind of body should I choose?"


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