14 Understanding the Situation

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Bao Zigang brought Lin Changqing to see Cheng Lihu and reported the investigation. He emphasized Lin Changqing's contribution.

This made Cheng Lihu very happy. He asked Lin Changqing to call Little Tiger over and interacted with him. He was very satisfied with Lin Changqing and Little Tiger's performance.

Bao Zigang didn't make a slip of the tongue. He took the opportunity to mention the wolfhound from the White Tiger Hall and recommended Lin Changqing to try taming it.

"Now, our White Tiger Hall has a spirit dog with a powerful tracking ability, but Changqing's strength is still a little weak. It's good to let Changqing try to raise that ingrate. That wolfhound has been well fed for a few years. It's very strong, and its strength is not weaker than a martial artist in the Strength Refinement Realm. Changqing, you have to do your best. If you can really tame it, you will have the ability to protect yourself.

"You've worked hard today. Tomorrow morning, I'll bring you to familiarize yourself with the wolfhound. Changqing, continue to stay in the White Tiger Hall for a few more days and accumulate more contributions. You can go back when it's quieter outside.

"The people who attacked you today might be the accomplices of the murderers, or they might be people from other sects and forces. In the future, when you go out, you have to be careful and pay attention to your safety at all times."

Cheng Lihu agreed to let Lin Changqing tame the wolfhound and even gave him some detailed instructions, like an elder showing ardent care for a junior.


Lin Changqing returned to the residence of the White Tiger Hall. There were many new daily necessities and food in the room, and there were no more members of the White Tiger Hall watching him like a prisoner outside the door.

After washing up, Lin Changqing and Little Tiger ate together. His food had always been good. Every meal had fish and meat. The White Tiger Hall did not treat him badly when it came to food.

"From the looks of it, Cheng Lihu doesn't have any ill intentions. He should have a motive, but he hid it very well. The possibility of the murderer's accomplices attacking me today has the lowest possibility. It's unlikely that those people have such shrewd accomplices.

"The other sects and factions have a higher possibility, and the ones with the highest possibility are some of the people in the gang. Who exactly is this Elder Zhao? Getting involved with him is getting myself in trouble.

"Now that I think about it, with Leader Lu's identity, he definitely didn't come to kill my predecessor just to snatch a courtyard to live in. There must be a reason that I don't know yet."

As Lin Changqing ate, he pondered. He connected everything and realized that he seemed to have been involved in a dangerous unknown incident. This matter should be related to Elder Zhao. It involved a lot of people, and no one was someone he could provoke now.

"Cheng Lihu should be protecting me. Other than increasing my strength, I'll temporarily listen to Cheng Lihu's arrangements and lie low for a period of time. As long as I'm strong enough, no matter what happens, I'll have the ability to protect myself."

After Lin Changqing ate, he spent the entire day cultivating in his room. Relying on his powerful spiritual energy perception, he constantly adjusted the details of his cultivation, and his strength improved significantly.


The next morning, Bao Zigang came to look for him personally. Once he met up with Cheng Lihu, he went to a quiet courtyard in White Tiger Hall.

After entering the courtyard, Lin Changqing immediately saw the huge dog chained under the tree in the courtyard.

This huge dog was much larger than Little Tiger. When it sat on the ground, it was taller than ordinary people. This huge dog looked a little like the Kunming Dog in Lin Changqing's impression, but it also had some wolf characteristics. Its fur was smooth and it was as strong as a calf.

When the huge dog saw that someone was coming, it glanced at him indifferently and continued to sit there in a daze.

"This is the wolfhound. Don't look at him like this. He was beaten up by me. This guy is very scary when he's fierce. But don't worry about one thing. After all, it's a dog raised by humans. It won't take the initiative to hurt people. You can stay in this courtyard for a few days and try to get along with it to see if there's any possibility of taming it." Cheng Lihu introduced Lin Changqing to this very scary-looking wolfhound.

"I can give it a try!" Lin Changqing agreed.

"Alright! If you need anything, you can call someone to send it over. Try your best to tame this wolfhound as soon as possible. It'll be a great help to our White Tiger Hall."

Cheng Lihu encouraged Lin Changqing and left with Bao Zigang.

Lin Changqing ignored the wolfhound in the courtyard and went to the room in the courtyard to take a look. He found that all the supplies were complete and there was still a lot of raw meat. It should be prepared for the wolfhound.

Lin Changqing brought Little Tiger around and used his perception to familiarize himself with the situation inside and outside the courtyard. Then, he returned to the courtyard and continued cultivating his cultivation technique and saber techniques.

During lunch and dinner, Lin Changqing fed the wolfhound a piece of raw meat.

Throughout the day, Lin Changqing had been using his perception to observe the situation of the wolfhound. He realized that the wolfhound's intelligence was very high, not weaker than a six or seven-year-old human child.

The dogs' senses were all very strong. The wolfhound also sensed that the Spiritual Hound Little Tiger was extraordinary. It also kept observing Little Tiger.

At night, Lin Changqing, who did not sense any danger from the wolfhound, untied the iron chain of the wolfhound and changed into a leather rope that he took out from his room. He brought the huge wolfhound to his room.

"I know you're smart enough to understand me. Do you want to get out of your current predicament? Be smarter and stronger?"

Lin Changqing began to talk to the wolfhound.

The wolfhound stared at Lin Changqing curiously, as if it really understood Lin Changqing's words.

"Look at Little Tiger. Ten days ago, he was still a stray dog. Now, he has become a spiritual dog. He has become smarter than you, stronger, and has greater potential. After a while, even the strength you're most proud of won't be able to compare to it. I gave him the opportunity to become a spiritual dog. Do you want this opportunity? As long as you nod, I'll give you this opportunity."

Lin Changqing also stared at the wolfhound's human-like eyes and continued.

Seeing that the wolfhound was not cooperating, Lin Changqing stretched out his right hand. A powerful life force appeared in his palm, making the wolfhound instinctively want to approach.

Lin Changqing displayed his magical life force and retracted his hand. The wolfhound looked at Lin Changqing for a long time before nodding gently.

"You're indeed not simple. I will use a magical net to bestow you with spiritual talent. Your body and heart can't resist."

As Lin Changqing spoke, the broken net that had not been used for many days appeared in his hand out of thin air.

The wolfhound keenly sensed that something magical had happened. It chose to believe Lin Changqing's words and relaxed its body and mind, allowing Lin Changqing to place the net on its head.

The net kept getting bigger and bigger, instantly trapping the huge wolfhound.

The wolfhound instinctively wanted to struggle.

"Don't resist! Hold on!" Lin Changqing quickly reminded it.

He did not know if the capture would be successful this time. He could only try his best to get the highly intelligent wolfhound to cooperate with the broken net to increase the success rate of the capture.

When the wolfhound heard Lin Changqing's words, it gave up struggling and resisting. A little spirituality was born in its body, causing its already high intelligence to continue to increase.

The changes in its body made it understand that it had really obtained a huge opportunity from Lin Changqing.

Naturally, the wolfhound treated Lin Changqing as someone more important than its life.

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