6 Chapter 6: Amelia! [R-18+]

I hurriedly got on the subway train with other students, mostly girls though. To check the more about game out of curiosity, I thought of how much synchronisation is in this game, and to check that I tried to touch my other hand and it really feel like I was touching my hand in real life, and after that I tried to clench my hand into a fist to feel.

And believe me it was like I was really myself in this VR game, 'I think I read it on game manual that if the player want they can reduce their feeling of touch here in this game and just play it like a game which it was, but with feeling of touch, it is just on another level,' an adult game with feeling of touch, I don't think i need to say how it will.

The subway was full of students, and other people who were going to their respective work, and I was standing behind an office lady, with sexy curves that shouted all just for some attention.

Especially her busty chest, her long black silky hair which goes down straight to her waist, giving more attention to her alluring sexy figure.

She was in a blouse that generously shows her ample breast by her clothes, with an confident aura and like a lady who daily rejects confessions from the boys.

Then from below her waist comes her skirt, which were not too short but at the same time not too long, making her figure even more alluring and sexy, which were not showing too much skin but enough to see her thighs from her skirt, which were smooth and shiny like.

Her face exudes a mature aura, not type of like the college or school girls who are just playful and want to date for fun or just because it is the norm, but a mature face with mature lady charm.

Then I thought of something, and my mind stuck on the game skill I received as a bonus from devs(developers) and I thought maybe it was a very good chance to use that skill on her.

so, it was decided that, " I will use my skill for the first time here," I muttered under my breath.

The supposed skill should give information about the target and her status and maybe more information, from what it says in effect in the skill.

I used my [Lustrous Eyes] on the lady who stood before me. As soon as I did all the information the lady came in front of me in the form of a status window.

[Name: Amelia

Age: 27

Height: 175 cm Weight: 63.5 kg

Boobs: I cup

Sensitive Area: Boobs, Nipples, Belly Button, Ear, Pussy

Sexual Status: Horny, Virgin

Sexual Preference: Dominating and manipulating younger men than her

Status: Dissatisfaction from Overwork, Sexually frustrated]

"It is really a useful skill," I muttered to myself upon seeing the skill, it really worked perfectly and as it is an adult game it specifically shows if the target is virgin or not, and their other sexual status.

I was perfectly behind her and seeing in status that she was sexually frustrated, just aroused me even more in the situation, making me more excited.

After a few seconds more people lodged in the train making it more crowded, and her firmly perfect ass was now brushing against me.

Just by her ass doing her work by brushing against me, was enough to make me excited and erect my cock inside my pants as the bulge began to show on my pants, as it was now touching her ass with my pants.

I couldn't control myself as my hand began to go towards her ass, and finally touching it, and after that I directed my hand towards her short skirt and thighs, and got in her tight stocking over her thighs.

The lady named Amelia already noticed my hand which was on her thighs and was getting in her stocking. She didn't realized it before because of the crowd that her asses were touching a cock of a person who was standing behind her.

Only after that she trembled a little as she grabbed my wrist at her thighs by bending just a little bit from her position as it more aroused and touched my cock.

'Am I being molested in the train?' It wasn't her first time in a situation like this, she has been in a situation many more times, where she gets molested by the person in the subway train as they touch her assed thinking that she wouldn't notice.

But their all plans fall on themselves, as she makes sure that they won't do it again to anyone, and now just someone hits her nerve. She was already tired from overworking and she was frustrated and now someone was taking advantage of her in this crowd.

'Should I just scream?' She thought as she tightened her grip towards the molester, but she got no response, some molesters after being discovered just take their hand back and try somewhere else, but there were some who didn't and do even if they were discovered.

And she thought it was being the latter, she tried to sway away the molester's hand, but my hand didn't budge, and now she was terrified that the hand wasn't being retracted going somewhere else.

After being discovered I didn't panic, and put more strength in my hand as she wasn't able to even put my hand away from her thighs, and now she was being scared a little bit as she began to tremble.

Then she was about to scream but I went towards her ear and whispered in a hushed tone, "Shhhh," her body got goosebumps and the current ran through her body.

I directed my hand towards her under the skirt, she was being quiet as she trembled a little bit after I whispered in her ear.

'Well, let's make things more interesting.'


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