8 The Young Girl in the Shop

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"There's someone upstairs? Is it a human or a zombie?"

Wang Hao looked at the wooden ceiling above his head. He knew that most shops didn't have a space to sleep in, so clever shop owners would often use wooden boards to partition the shop and create a room at the top.

But after hearing that Dong Dong above his head, there was no other noise.

However, now that Wang Hao had become a zombie, his sense of hearing was very different from before. He listened very carefully, and he could hear the very quiet sound of breathing.

"So there's a human hiding upstairs?"

Wang Hao was curious, so he found a flashlight in the shop and started to go up the wooden ladder.

There was a heavy curtain at the end of the wooden ladder, and Wang Hao reverted to his human form at this point.


Wang Hao pushed back the heavy curtain and shone his flashlight into the room behind the curtain, where he saw a young girl wearing an oversized shirt hiding in a corner of the room.

Right now, this young girl was staring at him with jet-black eyes, and she was holding a hammer in her hand.

Wang Hao was sure that if he went any closer to her, the young girl was going to whack his head with that hammer.

The young girl probably hadn't seen sunlight in a long time, so her face was very pale. It had been a long time since she'd combed her hair as well, so it was also quite messy.

But despite all that, Wang Hao could tell that this young girl was very pretty. She had jet-black hair, a sharp nose, and a face that looked like a porcelain doll. Her features could be described as exquisite, and she was definitely going to grow up to become a great beauty.

"What a beautiful Lolita!" Wang Hao said that to himself, then he asked the young girl, "Are you the daughter of the boss of this shop?"

"Uh, huh."

The young girl stared intently at Wang Hao and nodded slightly.

"Then where are your mum and dad?" asked Wang Hao.

The young girl didn't say anything and just looked warily at Wang Hao. After a moment of hesitation, she stretched her arm out and pointed outside of the door.

"You haven't eaten in a long time, have you?" asked Wang Hao.

The young girl shook her head, then reached out to poke at a plastic bag that was next to her, as she said, "I still have some dried rations here."

Wang Hao knew that dried rations usually referred to dehydrated wheat products, which, as long as it was stored in a dry place, could last for at least two weeks or more.

But Wang Hao felt bad knowing that a 12- or 13-year-old girl had been only eating this sort of food every single day.

"You're now at an age where your body needs to grow and develop, so how can you just eat just this?"

Wang Hao took a couple of sausages from his bag and held them out to the young girl.

"I can't take these from you. Daddy and Mummy said that I shouldn't take things from strangers," said the young girl as she shook her head.

"But your Daddy and Mummy have been gone for so many days already. If they come back and find that you've starved to death, they'll be very heartbroken," said Wang Hao.

The young girl thought about this for a while before finally reaching out to take the sausages from Wang Hao. After that, she tore the packaging apart and started gobbling the food down.

In no time, the young girl had finished both sausages and was still smacking her lips because she wanted more.

The Apocalypse had hit for so many days already. After eating these completely tasteless wheat crackers for so many days in a row, she was probably so sick of the taste by now.

Now that she had the chance to eat some sausages, it was like getting the chance to eat some sort of delicacy.

"All right now, you wait here for me, and I'll go get you some more food."

With that, Wang Hao drew the heavy curtain again and left the shop.

He found another shop that sold food and stuffed all the biscuits, sausages, chocolates, pickled vegetables, bread, and drinks into his backpack.

When he returned, Wang Hao took out some of the sausages, chocolates, bread, and drinks and passed them to the young girl.

"I'll leave all these with you, and I'll come by to visit you whenever I have time."

After saying that, Wang Hao drew the heavy curtain again and left the shop.

The young girl watched Wang Hao leave and scratched her head a little puzzledly as she mumbled to herself, "This big brother is pretty nice. He actually gave me so much food. He seems like a good person."


After Wang Hao left the shop, he hopped onto his electric scooter and headed back to the school.

He parked below the female dormitory, slung his backpack and his bag with all his food on his back, and went back upstairs.


When he reached the third floor, Wang Hao saw that there were two female zombies banging against Li Mengyao's dormitory room door.

"I'd better kill them. Otherwise, they could easily dash into the room when she opens the door."

Wang Hao hesitated for a moment before picking up his machete and finishing off the two zombies.


Wang Hao exhaled deeply. His body was still too skinny and weak. He had carried so many things up three flights of stairs and then had to kill two zombies, so that took quite a lot of energy out of him.

After that, Wang Hao knocked on the room door and called out, "Wifey, I'm back!"

Li Mengyao was curled up on the bed with a blanket over her head because the sound of the zombies outside banging against her door had been simply terrifying. Once she heard Wang Hao's voice, she didn't even bother putting on her shoes and jumped right out of bed.

"Hurry up and come in!"

Li Mengyao opened the door and dragged Wang Hao in before slamming the door shut again.

Her eyes were wide as she asked, "There are so many zombies outside, didn't you run into any danger?"

Wang Hao saw how anxious Li Mengyao was and laughed as he said, "If I ran into any danger, I wouldn't be back here now. Were you frightened by the zombies outside just now?"

"Uh, huh. Not too long after you left, they somehow managed to find my room and started banging on the door. I nearly died from fright," whimpered Li Mengyao unhappily.

"Those zombies have a really good sense of smell. The next time I go out, I'd better shut the main gates of the dormitory. That way, you won't have any zombies coming in anymore."

After saying that, Wang Hao placed the backpack on the floor and started walking toward the bathroom.

When he'd reached the door of the bathroom, he turned back to look at Li Mengyao.

He said, "I went out for so long, and now I'm covered in sweat, so I need to take a bath. Why don't you come in and help scrub my back?"

"What? Is that really okay?" Li Mengyao's cheeks turned red when she'd heard what he said.

"You're my woman now, which also makes you my wife. What's wrong with helping me to scrub my back?" asked Wang Hao.

"Okay then." Li Mengyao reluctantly nodded.

"Good. Change into something else. It would be best if you could wear a pair of black lacy stockings. I like those." After Wang Hao said that, he took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom.

"Why is this fellow so dirty-minded?" Li Mengyao made a face. She felt a little embarrassed having to wear something like that, but to make Wang Hao happy, she still managed to dig out a pair of black stockings and wore them.

"Don't tell me…don't tell me you want to do it again?" Li Mengyao was rather speechless.

"Wifey, don't worry, it's the last time today," said Wang Hao with a smile.

She didn't understand Wang Hao at all and had no idea why he liked having sex so much. They had already done it three times today, and he wanted to have sex again. She really didn't understand what was so good about doing this.

But when she saw how Wang Hao's eyes kept looking at her body greedily and couldn't stop touching her legs, she felt inexplicable happiness in her heart.

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