2 I've Hit the Jackpot!

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"I've hit the jackpot!"

Wang Hao had thought that he was going to become food for the zombies one minute, and the next second, at this critical moment, he had actually activated the Zombie King Evolution System.

The even more surprising thing was that all the zombies that had been making their way toward him earlier had suddenly all stopped coming after this system had popped up.

It was as if these zombies no longer felt that Wang Hao was their prey. They had tilted their heads and looked at him for a bit before completely ignoring him.

"This system of mine is incredible. The zombies aren't trying to bite me anymore?"

Wang Hao watched as all the zombies walked away from him, and he felt an indescribable joy in his heart.

At this moment, a scene that looked like a screengrab from a game appeared in Wang Hao's mind, and there was a profile picture of a character as well.

The profile picture of this character looked exactly like Wang Hao, and, to his surprise, there was even a full description of this character's attributes:

Name: Wang Hao

Form: Human Form (Can transform to Zombie Form)

Level: Level 1 (0/1,000)

Defense: 43

Attack: 48

Speed: 55

(The average human has 100 points per attribute.)

Talent: Bloody Massacre, Kill Humans, or Zombie Evolution. Each increase in level will unlock a new talent.

"Zombie King Evolution System? But I'm a human, and it actually allows me to transform into a zombie. Can I also revert to being a human again?" Wang Hao asked aloud in a puzzled voice as he looked at his attributes as shown in the system.

The system replied, "This system is built according to your requirements, so you can revert to your Human Form at any time."

"That's amazing! Turn me into a zombie."

After Wang Hao said these words out loud, he was terrified to find that his vision was slowly becoming blurry and, at the same time, his sense of hearing and smell had become incredibly sensitive.

His ears could hear the rustling of grass in the wind, and he could even make out the sounds of people speaking inside the dormitories.

What surprised Wang Hao even more was that he could feel an energy that was as powerful as a bomb within his body. He felt as if he had become superhuman and would be able to smash through walls with one punch.

"Have I really become a zombie?"

Wang Hao opened his mouth and tried to speak, only to find that he could only make those terrifying groans and growls that only zombies made.

He raised his arms and brought them up to his eyes. He saw that both his arms had become even thicker than Arnold Schwarzenegger's, his skin was blood-red in color, and his fingers now had slightly curved razor-sharp nails.

"I've seriously turned into a zombie!"

Wang Hao was so stunned by all of this. He looked at the information in his mind again and noticed that there had been some changes in the details:

Name: Wang Hao

Form: Zombie Form (Can transform to Human Form)

Level: Level 1 (0/1,000)

Defense: 430

Attack: 480

Speed: 180

Talent: Bloody Massacre, Kill Humans, or Zombie Evolution. Each increase in level will unlock a new talent.

"A zombie's defense and attack levels are so high?" Wang Hao couldn't help but exclaim when he looked at these new stats.

After that, he looked at a zombie that happened to walk past him.

A new piece of information appeared in his mind:

Normal Zombie: Level 1 (Killing it will award you 10 XP)

Defense: 58

Attack: 230

Speed: 69

Wang Hao didn't expect to be able to view the attributes of other zombies. This ability was amazing, and it would help him avoid a lot of danger.

After that, Wang Hao didn't hesitate. He reached out and grabbed the head of this zombie that had happened to wander past him.


The zombie's head instantly exploded when Wang Hao's hand grabbed it, and it slowly collapsed onto the ground.

"This level of attack is really not bad. It felt as if I was just grabbing a piece of tofu."

Wang Hao looked at his hands and was particularly pleased with them. He felt sure he would definitely be able to defeat Li Dong in a fight right now.

But it was still going to be very dangerous if he used his current strength to try and defeat Li Dong.

So Wang Hao decided that he would increase his abilities first before doing anything else. Then he'd return to kill Li Dong and catch hold of that Xu Xin to teach her a lesson…

Wang Hao didn't intend to kill Xu Xin easily. That would be letting her off the hook without making her pay for what she had done.

"Revert to Human Form." Wang Hao muttered this to himself.

In an instant, his body had gone back to its original human form. Wang Hao looked down and checked himself all over, and an excited look could be seen in his eyes.

"Does this Zombie King Evolution System mean that I can kill zombies and humans continuously as a zombie in order to evolve? What will my final evolved state look like?"

Wang Hao was becoming even more excited as he thought about all this. He felt as if he was going to become the king of the Apocalyptic world.

"Turn into a zombie!"

Wang Hao gave another command and waited to turn into a zombie before going nearer to the zombies who were wandering around near him.

He discovered that his body strength had increased a little after killing that zombie earlier.

Since killing zombies and humans was able to increase his strength, he wasn't going to hesitate any longer.



Wang Hao grabbed two random zombies' heads and made them explode on the spot, but he felt that his hands were too short, so he picked up a wooden bat from the ground and charged toward other zombies.

These zombies had no intelligence and didn't know how to dodge an attack, so it was very easy for Wang Hao to kill them.

In less than 20 minutes, Wang Hao had already finished off more than 50 zombies, and his attributes had gone up significantly. His vision had also improved tremendously, and his surroundings looked much clearer than before.

But it wasn't so easy to go up in levels in this system. He had killed so many zombies already, but the system had remained silent.

"Revert to Human Form."

Wang Hao finally stopped after killing more than 80 zombies.

He'd stopped because he realized that he was hungry. Even though he was in Zombie Form, he would still feel hungry.

So Wang Hao decided to find something to eat and then continue his zombie massacre after he'd had his fill.

Wang Hao walked through the armies of wandering zombies and reached the supermarket near the school.

Sunshine Supermarket.

The moment he walked in, Wang Hao saw a zombie sprawled on the floor, whose legs had been broken.

Wang Hao looked at the white dress that the zombie was wearing and knew that this zombie on the floor had once been the female owner of this supermarket. He couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

The lady boss of this supermarket had been still quite young, with a voluptuous figure, fair skin, and long black hair that reached her shoulders. When she smiled, it made one feel especially warm inside.

But now, she had become an ice-cold corpse, though she continued to watch over the supermarket.


Wang Hao looked at the growling zombie version of the lady boss as she continued to groan and growl aimlessly, then he walked forward and ended her life.

That was the only thing he could do for this lady boss who had once been so elegant and charming.

After he'd made sure the lady boss had stopped moving, Wang Hao looked toward the shelves filled with ready-to-eat food.

He hadn't really eaten in a few days, and he couldn't endure it anymore. He marched up to the shelves, ripped open the package of some sausages, and stuffed them into his mouth.

After one sausage made it to his stomach, the feeling of hunger decreased by quite a bit.

Just then, a zombie walked past outside the door of the supermarket, but it completely ignored Wang Hao.

Wang Hao was now sure that, regardless of whether he was in zombie or human form, none of these zombies were going to attack him anymore.

"This is the sort of Apocalypse I want. It'll be great if I could find a woman too."

Wang Hao picked up a meal-replacement drink and gulped down the bottle's contents. He was in an excellent mood as he thought about how he could use his current abilities to walk around freely and dominate the Apocalyptic world and obtain countless women for himself.

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