5 Going to Search for a Drugstore

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Half an hour later...

"Boohoo…sob sob…"

Wang Hao looked with wide eyes at Li Mengyao, who was crying away.

He felt very surprised and he asked, "How…how was that your first time? Didn't everyone talk about how your boyfriend was some tall, handsome, rich guy who drove a BMW?"

"Tsk! I let you have your way with me, and you still don't believe what I say? The boy driving the BMW is my older brother. Please just leave me alone."

Li Mengyao was so upset when she heard his question that she wished she could grab a knife and stab a few holes in Wang Hao.

Wang Hao became even more excited when he heard her response. He simply couldn't believe his luck. He had actually managed to get the school belle's virginity.

If this had happened before the Apocalypse, this news would definitely have been enough to rock the school.

"Oh, I see, I get it now…but then again, you're not on the losing end either. I may not be handsome, but that was my first time too, so we're even," said Wang Hao with a smile.

"You…I'm going to ignore you…boohoo…"

Li Mengyao turned her back to Wang Hao and continued to cry.

Wang Hao didn't say anything and reached out to hug her. As he thought about what had happened moments ago, his heart started palpitating again.

Perhaps the process hadn't been too comfortable since both of them were doing it for the first time. But the feeling of conquering the school belle had made him feel so accomplished.

The more Wang Hao thought about this, the more excited he got. After a while, he started getting aroused again. So he flipped onto her again.


Li Mengyao got a terrible shock, because she hadn't expected Wang Hao to go at it again. But, after some hesitation, she didn't resist him in the end.


Three times later, Li Mengyao was really exhausted.


Wang Hao dug out a cigarette from his pants pocket and started puffing away as he leaned against the wall.

Having a cigarette after being satisfied really made him feel mightier than a deity. These wise old sayings were the best.

He looked at the woman sleeping soundly on the bed and felt especially satisfied inside.

He had confessed his love to three girls before, but not a single one had agreed to be his girlfriend. But now, he had ended up having sex with the school belle just like that. My goodness.

And all of this was thanks to the system he had gotten.

"The feeling of having a truly powerful system is great, but…"

Wang Hao suddenly thought of another strange occurrence. He had watched so much porn and wasted so many boxes of tissue, that his body was generally weak and skinny. But now he was surprised that he had been able to last long enough to have sex three times.

Li Mengyao was seriously tired out. She would never have imagined that Wang Hao would have wanted it again and again, or that he would have been able to last so long.


Just then, Wang Hao's stomach started growling.

"It's time I ate something. I've got to go outside and see if there are any supplements for me to take. For the sake of my future happiness, I must not slack off."

Wang Hao felt that he still had some potential. Since he could last for so long while his body was this weak and skinny, he would become even more formidable if he worked out.

So he decided as well as taking supplements, he was going to work out also.

Wang Hao opened his backpack and pulled out some sausages and biscuits, ripped them open, and started eating.

"What are you doing?"

While he was eating, Li Mengyao woke up.

"I'm eating. I'm sure you're hungrier than I am, right?"

Wang Hao passed Li Mengyao some biscuits, chocolates, and Rice Krispies.

Li Mengyao was starving again after their three rounds of sex, and she really didn't care about her image anymore. She just gobbled down the food in huge mouthfuls after ripping the packaging apart.

She didn't look very elegant when she ate, but Wang Hao enjoyed watching her eat anyway.

"I finally understand what the phrase about how watching beautiful things is as good as a meal. It's feels amazing to just watch a pretty girl eat."

After finishing a bottle of a meal-replacement drink, Wang Hao said, "I'm going out for a while."

"Where are you going?" asked Li Mengyao anxiously. She was afraid that Wang Hao would abandon her after he had had his way with her.

"I don't have much food left, so I need to go out and get some more," said Wang Hao with a smile.

"What? You want to go out? But there are so many zombies out there. It's very dangerous." Li Mengyao started to get worried.

"I don't have a choice. We'll eventually finish all the food I have here. If I don't take the risk and get more food, both of us will die here," said Wang Hao.


"All right now, enough. Since you've become my woman, I'll continue to take care of you," said Wang Hao.

"When do you intend to go out?" asked Li Mengyao.

"In a while, I guess. For now, let's go again…" said Wang Hao as he grabbed the blanket.

"Are you nuts? Again?" Li Mengyao had already gone through three rounds with him and had just woken up still exhausted, but he wanted to go again? She was getting a little scared now.

"Heh, heh…don't be scared, I'll be very gentle this time."

With that, Wang Hao pulled the blanket aside and pounced on her.


Half an hour later, Wang Hao took his backpack and walked out of the dormitory.

There were a lot of zombies milling about the corridors of the dormitory, but Wang Hao didn't kill them off.

Wang Hao felt that since these zombies didn't bite him and could serve as a layer of security for the dormitory, it would be a waste to kill them.

When he reached the first floor, he saw that it was getting dark, and there were more and more zombies appearing. Wang Hao made a run toward the school gates.

Wang Hao found a taser inside the security room next to the gates and took it with him.

This thing wasn't enough to electrocute a zombie, but it was made from metal after all, so it could be used for bashing zombie brains.

Once Wang Hao stepped out of the school, he transformed into a zombie and started to kill zombies with the taser as he walked around.

When he reached one of the utility poles by the road, Wang Hao stopped.

He noticed that an electric scooter was lying next to the utility pole with a headless corpse right next to it.

"Even though I've become much stronger after taking on the form of a zombie, it's troublesome to carry so many things. With an electric scooter, I can ferry things around."

With that in mind, Wang Hao reverted to his human form and picked up the electric scooter.

He saw that the keys were still in the scooter's ignition, so he sat on the seat and turned the engine on.

"It still has some charge…this should last for a while."

Wang Hao rode the scooter through the growing crowd of zombies and soon arrived at a drugstore.

He stopped the scooter and went into the drugstore.

Wang Hao spotted the Chinese herbs that were good for his virility, like velvet antlers, dried bull penises, and ginseng, and stuffed them into his bag. After that, he found some flu meds, antibiotics, vitamins, and other pills like that.

Just when he was about to leave the drugstore, he stopped again.

"This stuff should be useful, right? We're in the Apocalypse now, so if a woman got pregnant, it could become very troublesome."

Wang Hao hesitated for a while, then reached out to grab a few boxes of condoms that were displayed at the counter…

He walked out of the drugstore and threw his backpack onto the scooter before setting off again. He also wanted to see if he could find a place that sold knives, because both his wooden bat and taser were just too slow for killing zombies.

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