3 Female Dormitory

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Wang Hao continued to drink the meal-replacement drink, and he also took several biscuits, Snickers bars, beef sausages, and other random food from the shelves at his whim.

Once he had finished eating, he pulled out a pack of expensive cigarettes from behind the cash register, lit one up, and enjoyed a smoke.

This was the most expensive brand of cigarettes that the store sold, and one pack cost about 20 bucks. That had been enough money to last him an entire week before the Apocalypse.

In the past, he had had to scrimp and save just to have enough money to buy cigarettes that only cost five bucks.

But in the Apocalypse, everything was different. As long as you saw it and wanted it, you could have it for free.

Wang Hao ate and drank his fill, then opened his backpack and filled it up with biscuits, sausages, drinks, and cigarettes.

After he left the supermarket, he looked at all the wandering zombies that continued to mill around outside and started thinking, "When I went to the female dormitory with Li Dong that day, we only went through the first floor and didn't dare to head upstairs. I wonder if there are any more girls upstairs."

Wang Hao figured that since these zombies weren't interested in biting him, and he had the ability to transform into a zombie at any time, he could try going into the female dormitory to take a look. If he was lucky, he might run into one of the school belles or something.

But Wang Hao was in no hurry to get there. Instead, he transformed into a zombie again and picked up his wooden bat to continue his killing spree.

Even though the zombies didn't bite him, his constitution as a human was simply too poor. Killing zombies was a laborious job, and his body couldn't hold up for very long, so he had no choice but to transform himself into a zombie.

It was noontime and the hottest time of day, so there were fewer zombies wandering about. After more than ten minutes, Wang Hao had only killed some 20-odd zombies.


Just then, the mechanical voice in his head started speaking again:

"Congratulations on reaching Level 2. Your Defense, Attack, and Speed levels have increased. Also, you now have the chance to draw an additional Talent. Would you like to draw one now?"

"Draw an additional talent? Of course! Draw it! Draw one now!" said Wang Hao with great anticipation.

DING! "Congratulations on drawing the Talent, Zombie Bomb."

"Zombie Bomb? What does that do? Can you elaborate?" asked Wang Hao questioningly.

"Zombie Bomb: A controllable Zombie will appear after use. Effect lasts for ten minutes. Every time you kill a zombie or human, you will get a 10 percent chance of obtaining one Zombie Bomb."

"Hmm…this sounds pretty good. If I can control a zombie, then I can get a number of things done while ensuring my own safety."

Wang Hao was rather satisfied with the Talent that he had drawn, but felt that the duration of this effect was a bit short. But that was enough for him to do a number of things.

After that, Wang Hao took a look at the attributes in his head and saw that there was now a huge change:

Name: Wang Hao

Form: Zombie Form (Can transform to Human Form)

Level: Level 2 (0/10,000)

Defense: 530

Attack: 580

Speed: 280

Talent: Bloody Massacre, Kill Humans, or Zombie Evolution. Each increase in level will unlock a new talent.

Zombie Bomb: A controllable Zombie will appear after use. Effect lasts for ten minutes. Increase in level can increase the duration of the effect.

Wang Hao looked at the increase in his attributes and got very excited. After all, ordinary humans only had 100 points in these attributes, but he had already managed to become five times more formidable than an ordinary human. This was crazy.

"Let me see how much stronger I've actually become."

Wang Hao looked around him and wanted to find a heavy object to test his strength, but there wasn't anything suitable around him at all. So he just randomly grabbed a zombie and flung it.


The zombie flew beautifully through the air more than ten yards away.

"Oh my god…becoming a zombie has made me too incredible, hasn't it!"

Wang Hao was stunned for several moments. Thanks to years of watching too much porn, his body had remained weak and skinny, and he had a lot of difficulty trying to carry a person, never mind throwing a human ten yards away.

But things had changed now. With the ability to become a zombie, he was now even scarier than a weightlifter.

Right now, Wang Hao was confident that unless he was surrounded by a group of humans with knives, nobody would be a match for him in a fistfight.

That's right. He was very sure that nobody in his school would be a match for him anymore.

"Now I can hop over to take a look at the female dormitory."

Wang Hao reverted to human form and headed to the female dormitory with the wooden bat in his hand.

The main gates of the female dormitory were wide open, so Wang Hao walked right in.

He had gone through the first floor before, and the surviving three girls had been rescued by himself and Li Dong.

But Wang Hao still wanted to give it a shot, so he decided to search the place again.

After he'd confirmed that there were no more girls on the first floor, he headed up to the second floor.

The state of the female dormitory was different than the male dormitory because when the Apocalypse had happened, Wang Hao had skipped class and was studying by himself in his own room, so he'd managed to shut the main gates of the male dormitory at the critical moment, but that didn't happen at the female dormitory.

When the Apocalypse happened, there was nobody in the dormitory to shut the main gates, so all the zombies were able to get in.

As a result, many girls had ended up becoming victims of zombie attacks and turned into zombies themselves.


Wang Hao looked at the female zombie wandering about in the corridor and his eyes suddenly widened.

"Isn't that Liu Qianqian? She actually became a zombie?"

This zombie was wearing a short denim skirt and was someone who used to be in the same class as Wang Hao. Because she was pretty, Wang Hao often imagined being with her in his dreams and even wasted an entire box of tissues because of her.

So the prettiest girl in his class had become a zombie so quickly after the Apocalypse hit. What a pity.

Liu Qianqian's hair was a mess, but her skin and figure were the same as they used to be. Her face was void of any color, but it wasn't rotting yet.

But she was a zombie after all, and Wang Hao definitely had no intention of doing anything with a zombie.


Wang Hao swung his bat and knocked the female zombie in front of him to the floor.

After that, Wang Hao continued to search the second floor.

"Hmm? Why is there tape at the back of the glass on this door?"

Wang Hao stopped in front of one of the doors. Every room door in the female dormitory had a small square piece of glass, and the lady in charge of the dormitory would come round to check the rooms via this piece of glass every night.

In the past, nobody would dare to cover up this piece of glass, because if they were discovered, the lady in charge of the dormitory would punish all the girls in the dormitory.

So Wang Hao guessed that someone had plastered this piece of glass after the Apocalypse hit.

"Is there anyone inside? If there's someone inside, open the door," Wang Hao stood in front of the door and called out quietly.


Someone tore away the tape behind the glass of the door after he called out, and an exquisite, gorgeous face appeared.

When the girl inside saw that Wang Hao was standing outside alone with no zombies around him, she immediately opened the door.

"Hurry up and come in, it's very dangerous outside!"

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