189 Chapter 189: Junior Clan Master!

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"Clan Master, what do you mean by that?"

Chen Chen's heart skipped a beat but his gaze was calm. 

The other people in the Demon Clan also reacted to his words and questioned.

"Clan Master, why did you call Junior Clan Master Chen Chen? Although the two states are small, the world is big, there is nothing too strange about the existence of two elites!" 

"Yes, Clan Master, if I remember correctly, when Junior Clan Master came to the Demon Clan, Chen Chen had also appeared in the Tianyun Clan..."

Zhou Shan, who was behind Zhou Renlong, also couldn't help but interject.

Zhou Renlong was still smiling at his words, though his smile was full of derision. 

"What about the other times? Like today, for example. Zhang Chen suddenly left, and Chen Chen from the Tianyun Clan defeated the demon elites one after another." 

"If we pursue further, it'd be the time when Chen Chen appeared at the front line while Zhang Chen vanished." 


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