185 Chapter 185: I'll Block It For You 

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In front of the Tianyun Clan, the wind and clouds changed.

There were lots of powerful demons hidden among the clouds. 

He could tell from their peculiar appearances, which would occasionally be revealed, that most of the demons were extraordinary. 

"Xia Xishuang, you killed the Essence Soul realm powerhouses of my clan. I can't let this go so easily. If you can defeat me today, the Heavenly Berserk Bear will leave this place overnight," a gigantic, terrifying man who was nearly three meters tall said in a deep voice while standing in front of the clan. 

Although he deliberately lowered his voice, he was still shockingly loud. 

Looking at the Heavenly Berserk Bear and the demons that were about to move in the air, Xia Xishuang slowly walked out of the great array of Tianyun Clan. 

At this moment, her face was a little pale and her injuries had obviously yet to heal. 


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